Sunday, 7 April 2019

Friends With Benefits- Worth The Risk?

By, Tharanie Rajendran

There has been many cinematic approach towards the idea of Friends with Benefits (FwB). My first encounter was the version starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis and I simply brushed it off labeling it the “American Way of Living” and when Mani Ratnam painted a way more artistic picture of FwB with OK Kanmani, I was like, “Wow, that’s brave for catering that to the Indian market” thinking that it doesn’t happen here, around me. 4 years later, having moved to a bustling city and experiencing life in the most rawest way possible, I was like “Huh, it DOES happen”. 

Reality kicks in, whether you like it or not. And not every FwB story ends like how Will Gluck or Mani Ratnam portrayed it to be. Flash news, life is not a rom-com! And to all you people that are heading towards the idea of FwB in hopes that it will play out liked one of those rom-coms, take a seat. Let’s discuss this. 

To those who are following Sukesh on IG (IG Handle: Boggler Blogger), he stirred this conversation and basically made me write this as we have strong opposing views on this matter. Although so many views poured his way, I’m so glad most perception on FwB are on my side (YAY! Tharanie 1- Sukesh 0). 

Ok let me play out the cards here without prejudice. The best way FwB was put in the screen, at least for me, it was through How I Met Your Mother, Season 4, Episode 12- Benefits. Of course it takes, a different turn but the moral of the episode as storied by Ted Mosby, is that, “this could ruin your friendship” "and someone always winds up getting hurt”. 

Because, let’s face it, we all know someone, could be your friend or your friend’s friend who tried this FwB and grew feelings and the other party possibly ended this occasional “meet up” and you’re forced to listen to the saga of badmouthing from the top to bottom, during your every thanni trip to Bangsar (been there, heard that). 

 There was an amazing argument about an anonymous IG follower who said: 

“People get into FwB to avoid insecurities of their own, like the fear of commitment, lack of trust and the fear of losing the their loved one. So over a long period of time, the insecurities will only get worse resulting in switching partners and increased doubts and insecurities. Similar to any other addictive behaviour, this also revolved around denial and not facing one’s fears”.

Another contradicting view also came my way through the IG reply was when another anonymous person replied saying:

“FwB is a bold act. You are ready to feed your needs and capable enough to ignore your basic human feelings and perceptions of others. It is not just sex, that would be prostitution, but with FwB you need a connection, just that this agreement is pre-decided for a short term and nothing is to sustain. Of course the idea of changing sexual partners regularly comes with many risks, like STDs and whatever not. It’s risky too, with betrayals and heartbreaks.”

There was another two more opinion which I found it to be very well said as as the follows:

"It should happen without consideration. Don't think much. If the soul needs it, yes it is."

"No to FwB because I'm someone who respects any bond. And a bond, whatever it may be, has to be something that puts a smile on my face when I think about it someday. If one is befriending someone for benefits, he/she isn't a friend in the first place. I'm one who treasures my people, I don't wanna benefit out of them, If anything, all I want to give and receive is love, with due respect."

This 4 opinions were the real standout of me among the numerous responds that was received. which then brings me to the following questions that I have:

1.What leads to FwB? Is it his or her body type that find it “tap-able” or you like the person, as a person but you are not ready for anything serious. Because, the second category is the most I heard about. 

2.Sex alone is actually the benefit? Or is it the in-between moments where it feels like you’re in a relationship is the actual benefit? Because it feels like it’s the beautiful "butterfly-in-your-stomach" period when the start of a relationship, but it is not. You are also free to do whatever you want after your time together. That’s the arrangement, right?

3.Where do you draw a line with finding a connection for a FwB partner and getting in a relationship because you see a potential “the one” in them? Because not every love story ends up as love-at-first-sight because it is love is just as complicated.

My question number 3 was also then answered by another anonymous person: 
“I started my ‘date’ with my husband via a FwB relationship” 

And so that is the proof of rom-com can actually happen. But that’s not always the case, is it? There also comes another questions for those who went from FwB to marriage. Is marriage the goal and does it actually promises a happily ever after? Or was it a decision made because there’s a pressure for “marriage” by the elders at home and you have a certain attachment with this person that you are casually seeing and decide to work it from there? That isn’t love, is it? 

FwB, as per many of those who replied thought that it revolves purely around sexual desires and not a genuine intention. When some see it as a way to “release some steam” others see it as an opportunity to eventually build this into something more solid and long lasting. The cups are in front of you, and the choice will forever be yours. And one thing guaranteed, no judgement from us, from Boggler Blogger!

If you have a view that is different to what is written here, we would love to here it!

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Biryani Man turns to Mr Family Man!

By, Tharanie Rajendran

We all know Praveen Kumar as the Biryani Man. Close enough to Batman being named after his weakness, Praveen was very well known for much-relatable weakness (at least for me) THE LOVE FOR BIRYANI!

I remember him linking veg briyani to the a far relative advising you, oh how accurate! Also, our common hate for Upma made me his fan. I'm so happy that this Kanchipuram "boy" (sort of) is going international with his new show and we swear we cannot be more excited to welcome Praveen Kumar to Malaysia for his new stand up-special "Mr Family Man" on 30th March 2019 at PJ Live Arts Centre!

This 37-year-old family man is all set to bring his real life experience from his wife and his cute little daughter on a full flashed 85-minutes show. To those who have watched his "36 Vayadhinile" he discusses a portion of his experience with his daughter, and I remember I was laughing like a retarded seal in my office cubicle (during lunch, don't judge me!).

“Much of it is from my personal experience. For instance, I will talk about what I did when a rat entered our kitchen or what happened when I took my wife for shopping. That will make it relatable to everyone,” said Praveen Kumar.

We can guarantee that this show is family friendly, as Praveen consciously avoids profanities and I genuinely believe that makes him one of his kind in this show biz. It has definitely granted Praveen with a signature brand that does not rely on creating a shock value, and positions him as a unique entertainer.

“I make sure that my shows are clean comedies. Adult jokes don’t excite me anymore. And since I want families to enjoy my shows, I steer clear of anything that can embarrass parents and children in each other’s company,” he says.

‘Mr. Family Man’ is a stand-up comedy show for the whole family to enjoy. Tickets are on sale online at with tickets starting as low as RM 90. Praveen Kumar’s Mr. Family Man is presented by Selangor & Federal Territory Malayalee Association (SFTMA), organized by Phoenix PR, and sponsored by Shaiba Vision.

Detailed prices are as per below:

For more info, visit, and stay tuned for the latest updates on the show.

Monday, 31 December 2018

The 2018 Suki Awards- A Dedication To Malaysian Tamil Films

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It’s that time of the year again and The Annual Suki Awards is back for it’s 3rd Edition. The Suki Awards is a small effort from my side to reflect on all the Tamil films that I watched in that year and come up with my own nominations for each category and its winner. However this year around I am going to dedicate it on just Malaysian Tamil Films that I have watched in 2018

In the 3rd Edition, there are going to be 8 categories. This year’s Suki Awards will see the following categories. 

Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Song
Best Music Director
Best Director
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Film

In total there were 8 Malaysian Tamil Films released in 2018 but I have only watch 7 of them. The one I missed was Neeyum Naanum thus I would not put Neeyum Naanum in any of the categories as it would be unfair to evaluate them without having watched them.

Below are the list of Malaysian Tamil Films I have watched in 2018

Now let’s kick start the event today with the very first category, The Best Supporting Actress. And the nominees are:

Sara Baskin in Ghora
Bagya Arivukarasu in Sughamaai Subbulakshmi
Hemaji in Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey

All three talented actress provided 3 very different type of performances and it was a though to pick up a winner. Sara was fantastic with her subtle evilness, Bagaya as the over possessive girlfriend and Hemaji as the cute naughty little sister you would want to have.

However a winner needs to be pick and the 2018 Suki Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress goes to Hemaji!!!! 

Moving to next award, it is for The Best Supporting Actor. This was indeed a very tough category for me to pick my 3 nominees and a couple of actors who did give excellence performances had to be omitted out as there is only 3 nominees

The nominees for The Best Supporting Actor are:

Kuben Mahadevan In Sughamaai Subbulakshmi
Mugen Rao MGR In Ghora
Yuvaraj Krishnasamy in Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey

All 3 actors had huge and vital scope in their respective films and they all brought out various emotions out of their characters through out the film journey. However my winner for The Best Supporting Actor goes to Kuben Mahadevan for SSL.

The scene by the beach with Saresh after "Anni" passes away is the one that makes the difference for me thus Kuben wins it

It is time for some music and now we have the award for The Best Song award. 2018 was a great musical year and we were blessed with too many amazing songs. It was almost impossible to pick just 3 songs as the nominees. I had to hear back all the songs a countless number of times and here are the nominees of The Suki Awards Best Song:

Aasai Kerthanai from Sughamaai Subbulakshmi
Theeya Vazhiyile from Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey
Valikkirathey from Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey

I think this is the one category I am most indecisive about. Everytime I hear the songs, my favourite pick changes. I sometime feel it is a crime that Vedigundu Pasange songs doesn't make into the list. Yet a winner needs to be selected and for me it is Theeya Vazhiyile that wins the Best Song of the Suki Awards 2018. Enjoyed the heaviness of the song and the dark shade it gives plus the strong vocal.

Moving on now is time for The Best Music Director Award. The Best Song Award is given for the judgement of one song only while The Best Music Director Award is to be judge upon the completeness of the overall album and the BGM of the film.
The nominees are:

Vivek-Mervin for Vedigundu Pasange
Ztish for Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey
Shameshan Mani Maren & Neroshen  for Sughamaai Subbulakshmi

Once again, this was indeed a tough decision to make. Every music director gave something very special and memorable in these films but there can only be 1 winner. The 2018 Suki Awards for The Best Music Director goes to…… Shameshan Mani Maren & Neroshan for Sughamaai Subbulakshmi

Having done with the music portion of the awards, lets turn our attention back to the film side of the awards. Next up is the best director award.  Ant the nominees are:

Karthik Shamalan for Sughamaai Subbulakshmi
Devendran Arunasalam for Ghora
Dr. Vimala Perumal for Vedigundu Pasange

The winner of the 2017 Suki Awards for Best Director goes to Dr. Vimala Perumal. Completing the Pasange trilogy was an amazing feat and having the film to breach the 1 million Ringgit Box Office Collection Mark was a real success. Enjoyed how clean the film was and surely Dr. Vimala Perumal is a worthy winner.

Now moving the main event of the award show. It is time for The Best Actress Award. 2018 has been a fantastic year as more films are being designed in a manner where the heroine has a vital scope to play in the film and have a say in the story. Now here is the nomination for The Best Actress Award.

Punitah Shanmugam  In Sughamaai Subbulakshmi
Yasmin Nadiah In Ghora
Sangeetha Krishnasamy In Vedigundu Pasange

It is great to see more films giving heroine proper scope and importance in a film and these actress have all pulled their weight and did justice to the roles given. Picking the winner in this category was  not a tough decision for me although the nominations were strong. The Winner of The 2018 Suki Award Best Actress goes to Punitah Shanmugam.

I was massively impressed by her performance in SSL and knew for a long time that this is going to be her year in the Suki Awards. Bold, strong and stunning was her performance and thus she is the winner

Into the final 2 awards of the show and now is time for the Best Actor Award. The nominees are.

Denes Kumar In Vedigundu Pasange
Saresh D'Seven  In Sughamaai Subbulakshmi
Kabil Ganesan In Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey

3 actors playing 3 different characters in 3 films which were unique in their own way. It wasn’t easy to compare one actor’s performance to the other. The 3 of them were truly amazing in the films they acted. And here it is, the winner of the final award as The Best Actor in The Suki Award goes to Saresh D'Seven for his brilliant performance in Sughamaai Subbulakshmi

Now it’s the main event and the final award. It's  time for the Best Film Award in the 3rd Annual Suki Awards. The quality of films this year has been excellent and here are my top 3 nominations:

Sughamaai Subbulakshmi
Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey
Sughamaai Subbulakshmi

I love a film takes me through a journey. I want to travel with the story and feel like one of the character. I should feel the pain and joy the characters throughout the film and when the film comes to end I would want to be able to reflect back at what had just happen and connect it to my life.

From that it was Sughamaai Subbulakshmi which allowed me to do so and thus it is The Winner of The 2018 Suki Awards 2018 Best Film.

Congratulations to all the winners of The 2018 Suki Awards. It is my great pleasure to do this and see you guys back again in The 2019 Suki Awards next year.

Here you go, an award for the winners :P

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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

The Return of SA: I Was Not Ready Da

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If you love Tamil stand up comedy, then I will never buy it if you have never once watched Aravind SA’s Lungi Dance explanation on YouTube and went on laughing and clapping like a retarded seal.

You know this man is so funny when he received 7.9 IMDB rating for his first tour titled “ Madrasi Da” in this niche market.  With the fame gained, SA is now known as the most recognisable Chennai comedian around the globe, and has returned to Malaysia with a whole new ball game called “I Was Not Ready Da”.

With “I  Was Not Ready Da” Aravind SA takes a satirical look at his unplanned success, from becoming a stand-up comic to ending up on Amazon Prime, a journey that he claims he wasn’t ready for.

“When I first started off, I didn’t expect to be who I am today with a show on Amazon and tours across the globe. I was not ready for it and that’s what the show is all about,” said Aravind SA.

Malaysian event promoter, Phoenix PR, teams up with SA for the 2nd time after “Madrasi Da” and are excited to bring his 2nd special, “ I Was Not Ready Da” to SA’s Malaysian fans.

“The atmosphere at his ‘Madrasi Da’ show in January 2018 was something that I had never experienced before. It felt more like a rock concert. SA’s shows are a high-octane affair and the laughter never stops from ‘hello’ to ‘goodnight’. ‘I Was Not Ready Da’ has already shattered the records of its predecessor and the 27th of January is going to be a special night of non-stop comedy, said Vinodh Menon, CEO of Phoenix PR.

 Don’t forget to make your calendar for the return of Aravind SA with his 2nd stand up special, “I Was Not Ready Da” at PJ Live Arts on the 27th of January 2019 as the tickets are from as low as RM90 per ticket. You know that’s a great deal for a night that’s going to be filled with laugh-till-your-stomach-aches.

Who doesn't want to kick of 2019 with a good laugh? Lesser than 30 days away, you should already be clicking the link ( ) to grab the tickets to Aravind SA’s ‘I Was Not Ready Da’before it’s gone!

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Monday, 3 December 2018


Holla people of Northern Malaysia. How is your weekend looking like? Are you looking for the perfect plan for this weekend? We may just have the right thing in store for you. December is month of celebration and Deepavali vibes is still not over yet for us.

And is not only us who are feeling this but even the students of UniMAP too are still feeling the Deepavali vibes strongly! That is why these amazing bunch of students from UniMAP are putting together one hell of show for you this Saturday on the 8th of December 2019 from 7pm to 12am at Dewan ILMU UniMAP, Pauh called DEEPA NAKSHATRA ’18

Boggler Blogger was able to catch up with Narresh Gnanaprakasam, a 20 year old Mechatronics Engineering student from UniMAP, who is also the President for the Deepa Nakshatra ’18 Event to understand further why people like YOU & ME should attend The Deepa Nakshatra ‘18

All the university students and public are cordially invited to our BIGGEST cultural Deepavali night event of the year, Deepa Nakshatra ‘18. This will be a great stressbuster for your hectic weekdays.

Students will get the chance to socialize and create a network with other students by joining this event as well and for the public this is a chance to blow off some steam watching some amazing performance at such a low price.

Also people will be able to understand further the meaning behind the festival of light. So what are you waiting for, grab those tickets and enjoy a night full of lights, joy and entertainment.

That was just a little teaser to why they think you should attend this event. Now I am going to give you 5 reasons which you can’t turn down and just have to attend this colorful show this weekend. Are you ready? Here you go.

1.     Mugen Rao.

How many of you here are a fan of Mugen Rao put your hands up! (I’m literally putting my hands up while typing this lol!). Mugen Rao is an individual who needs no further introduction.

He is such a big hit among the people for his vocals. The talented singer who is a heartthrob among the ladies will be performing specially for you at Deepa Nakshatra’ 18.

Fresh from the his success from Ghora and now Kl to KK, Mugen Rao will be on stage this Saturday to sing his heart out just for you. Get your tickets quickly and you’ll be able to see the man himself up close and personal.

He is going to be performing a few songs and I surely hope he does sing my personal favorite “Pogiren”.

2.     The Host- Hema Ji & James

The ever whacky and chatty duo Hema Ji & James are going to be your host for the night. This duo has been rocking all over the country, hosting events & wedding and it surely an added attraction to have this pair to host Deepa Nakshatra’ 18.

Hema Ji & James have been stealing the lime light recently is drama called “Ilamai Itho Itho” and now we will get the chance to see the pair up on stage entertaining you with their humor approach of hosting.

P/s: I hope that we would be able to hear some of Hema Ji's Ilamai Itho Itho "British English" this Saturday

Fun Fact: Hema Ji and Mugen Rao are currently the host of an Astro Travelogue show called “KL to KK”.

If you are a fan of them, then this is another reason why you should be here this Saturday 8th of December 2018 from 7pm to 12 am.

3.     Stage Play by UniMAP Students

How many of you knows the real story behind Deepavali. To be honest I am not the most clear about the story revolving the festive of light. Afraid not, the talented students of UniMAP are coming together to put on a stage play on showing us the untold story of Deepavali.

4.     King & Queen of the Night

A Deepavali themed event has to be colorful. And I am sure if you are attending such an event, you would want to come in looking as sharp and stunning as possible.

With the King & Queen honoree up for grabs in Deepa Nakshatra ’18, this is all the more reasons you need you to bring out those fancy colorful shinny clothes you have in your wardrobe.

I am sure all of you would have gotten some fancy new outfit for Deepavali and now here is your chance to put it on parade in this glorious event.

I think I would be in red for this event, what about you?

5.     Various Performances

Apart from Mugen Rao set on being the star of the night, the organizing committee of Deepa Nakshatra’18 has lined up an amazing number of performance just for you to blow of some steam this Saturday away from a hectic week.

There are going to be various performance at Deepa Nakshatra’18 ranging from Urumi Melam to rapping, jamming, singing and of cause dancing.

To make it all the more worthwhile you can get all this experience with a ticket price of just RM 10. RM 10 for so much entertainment and joy in one night. Now that’s value for money.

Apart from these 5 reasons I have given you, another reason why I think YOU should attend this event is to give the students organizing this huge event a success that they deserve.

Having been a student before in my life who was part of committee that had organize these kind of event, I truly understand the challenge that these students have to go through to pull this off while balancing their classes and studies.

With so much of effort going in from the team of 45 people, I would love to see this event become a bigger success than they would have ever hoped for.

Also to make this event go larger than life, some amazing souls have steeped in to sponsor the students of UniMAP in order to have a wonderful Deepa Nakshatra '18. Huge shout out to Minvera and Sena for stepping up to support these students in their event.

Minverva needs no further introduction, they are like the number one perfume brand in Malaysia who are heavily endorsed by a huge number of local celebrities and also Sena who are well known for their hair care treatments!

Top: Minerva; Bottom: Sena

And the sponsorship support doesn't just stop there. The Gift Lab has graciously sponsored the souvenir's for the VIP, Sound Visual 8009 Production who have came in as some of the equipment sponsor and Dr. Hari who has generously been supporting the students of UniMAP over time. This time around he has sponsored the food for this event. needs no further introduction, they are like the number one perfume brand in Malaysia who are heavily endorsed by a huge number of local celebrities and also Sena who are well known for their hair care treatments!

Finally, of cause none other than Hemaji Events who has been at the heart of this event along with the students supporting in terms of event coordination and sponsorship management. Thank you to all these wonderful souls for coming together and ensuring that Deepa Nakshatra '18 gets to be one of the biggest event UniMAP will ever see.

Shall you are interested to attend this event or purchase the tickets below are the contact details.

I repeat, the ticket is just RM 10!

See you this Saturday. Datang, jangan tak datang yea!

Ms.Thiviya (0146024385)
Mr. Kiru (0104569808)
Mr. Shoben (0162509791)
Mr. Baldwin (0149451581)