Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Tinder Vazhi Orru Cantippu

It is almost 3.45 p.m. The date was supposed to be at 3.30 p.m. Aadya has been at the coffeehouse waiting for her date to be there since 3.15 p.m. Aadya is a 27 year old strong independent woman. She is a bold and confident woman who has very high self-esteem and a very successful one in the corporate world. Aadya identifies her as a feminist.

How can one not be punctual on a date? I shouldn’t have said yes to the date. This is just a waste of time. If he isn’t here in 5 minutes I am leaving.” Said Aadya in a WhatsApp text to her close friend Varun.

Relax Aadya. He will be there I’m sure. Maybe he ran into some traffic. He seemed like a nice guy over text Aadya. Give him the benefit of the doubt.” Replied Varun to Aadya over Whatsapp.

Whatever Varun. 5 minutes or I am out. Alright 15 more minutes tops and I am out.” Replied Aadya to Varun.

As she replied Varun’s text and kept the phone on the table while taking a sip out of her coffee, a young dashing man approaches her table and speaks to her.

That’s a very nice purple dress Aadya. Hi I’m Aanand, the guy from Tinder.” Said Aanand as he lent his hand to greet her.

There he was Aanand, the young 29 year old guy who is Aadya’s date. He certainly did look dashing in the red shirt tucked into his jeans with his sleeves folded halfway to his arm and with a classic full beard. Upon shacking his hand, Aadya certainly did feel that Aanand was confident man himself. With that her frustration about Aanand begun to subside.

Have a seat Aanand and let me call the waiter for you.” Said Aadya to Aanand.

Sure.” Said Aanand.

Hi sir welcome to Three Little Birds. Here is our menu. What would you like to have?” Greeted the waiter towards Aanand.

I heard your hot chocolate is good. I’ll have one of that please. And Aadya what would you like to have. Ah I see you have ordered your drink.” Said Aanand as he realized Aadya has already had her drink.

You can’t blame a girl for ordering a drink first when her date is late right.” Said Aadya cheekily.

Well first let me apologize for being late. That was bad on me. I had to run to the hospital real quick while I was on the way here.” Said Aanand apologetically.

Hospital? Why what’s wrong? Owh yeah you are a doctor right Aanand?” Said Aadya towards Aanand in hesitation and concern.

Yes Aadya. I am a doctor. Yeap everything is good. I am going on a 10 days leave starting tomorrow and they just needed my opinion on something before I’m on leave.” Said Aanand to Aadya.

That’s nice. On leave huh? Travelling anywhere Aanand?” Asked Aadya.

Yes yes I will be travelling. Actually I am quite much a traveler to be honest. I am flying over for a week long back packing trip across Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Flying off tomorrow.” Said Aanand in excitement towards Aadya.

That’s cool. I don’t really fancy travelling that much though. I don’t know why but I never felt the excitement about travelling. I am always just so occupied with work, I hardly find time to do anything else.” Said Aadya to Aanand.

Owh you should try it Aadya. It is amazing. You should travel solo. It is so liberating. A woman like you will surely love. It will help you rediscover yourself away from work.” Encouraged Aanand towards Aadya.

It does sound interesting Aanand. I guess it something I might consider in the future.” Nodded Aadya.

Hi sir, here is your hot chocolate.” Greeted the waiter while handing over the hot chocolate towards Aanand.

Thank you!” said Aanand to the waiter.

Hot chocolate in a coffeehouse eh Aanand.” Asked Aadya towards Aanand.

Well yeah I am not really a coffee person actually Aadya. Never really liked the taste of it. Despite being a doctor I am very much a sweet tooth person and love chocolates much.” Said Aanand with a smile speaking about chocolates towards Aadya.

Haha you must really love chocolates don’t you Aanand.” Asked Aadya.

Owh yes chocolates is love haha. Chocolate bars, cakes, cookies, drinks or anything. If there is chocolate in it, I am all up for it.” Said Aanand excitedly.

I don’t really like them actually. I am a coffee person. I like it strong and raw. Owh the aroma from the coffee early morning is one of the best smell to wake up. I could go on a coffee spree all day long.” Said Aadya.

That is interesting. I tried it a few times but nah I just can’t haha. So Aadya what brings you Tinder?” Asked Aanand.

There was silence around the coffee table.

Well Aanand, I am not looking for anything to be honest at the moment. Maybe a couple of dates but nothing more. Not into relationships or anything. Actually it was my friend Varun who insisted I got on Tinder so that I would actually meet people and not be stuck in at work." Explained Aadya.

How about you Aanand. Why are you on Tinder?” asked Aadya.

Well my job makes me spend many hours at the hospital, treating people and so on. The only human interaction I get is work and that’s why I came on Tinder. Looking for some dates and companionship.” Said Aanand.

Companionship as in relationship or something physical like a hook up?” Asked Aadya curiously.

Honestly a little of both. With the way things are going on in my life, I am very much open to both. But it should happen on its own not something I would seek for. If it happens, it happens. If not I am fine. It will be nice meeting people always.” Explained Aadya.

Well that’s very honest of bold of you to say that. We are very opposite people Aanand. From beverage to travelling to dating and relationship we are extremely contrasting.” Said Aadya.

Yeah that’s true and I like that Aadya. It is always nice meeting someone different. It challenges your thought process. It is really fun talking to you Aadya but I got to leave now. I have another appointment now. Need to pick up some photography gears before I travel tomorrow.” Said Aanand.

Ah you are into photography as well? Well yeah sure Aanand. You go ahead. Have a safe trip!” Greeted Aadya.

There is a lot more to me Aadya, perhaps on the second date I can tell you more.” Said Aanand with a smile as he stood up to leave.

We shall see if there is a second date Aanand. I will text you alright. Take care Aanand. Bye.” Said Aadya.

The pair of them shacked hands and Aanand walked out of the coffee shop and headed back.

The date is over Varun. He just left.” Said the text from Aadya to Varun as she took a bite of her cookie.

So how did it go? Is there a second date?” Replied Varun.


-To be continued-

Sunday, 16 September 2018

8 Things You Missed By NOT Attending MOJO’s MILFF 2018

Last week, this time, I was still mesmerized on how amazing MOJO Project’s MILFF 2018 was. It wouldn’t have been easy, coordinating so many big names and giving each a length of slot they deserve and to do all of this whilst the other 3 shows they had previously this year. Was MILFF the best of them all? No, because each was individually fantastic. But was this lit? DEFINITELY YES! Join us as we countdown the top 8 things you’ve missed by not being there, experiencing one of the greatest show put together in Malaysia!

1. The Opening Act: PU4LYF Adding The Malaysian Flavor

PU4LYF did justice to the stage that was shared with other international artistes and gave the crowd what they wanted to listen, whilst adding the Malaysian colours to their performance.  I loved the concept PU4LYF used for this show. They would start off by singing a Kollywood song and then mash it up and blend it with an Original PU4LYF song or A Malaysian Classic Tamil song. That’s right  PU4LYF performed Malaysian classics like Kokorogiri, Akkamaage and Jagat songs with ease! The end of their slot literally set the stage on fire when Santhesh sang Amalina and the entire team sang Vai-Lapalam. Huge shoutout of DJ Ruckes on the deck, the guy was amazing by hyping the crowd up with some amazing mixing.

2.  Aalaporan Thamizhan

You know Aalaporan Tamizhan is set to be sang when you see the names of Sathyaprakash & Pooja on the performers list for MILFF 2018 and although I have heard them performing this exact piece on the television over a bunch of times, the goosebumps when they performed live was real! Being a huge Vijay fan myself, this was a very special moment for me as there was an emotional bond with this song, and it was evident among the crowd with it being one of the most cheered songs that night.

3   3. Rajhesh Vaidhya

Rajhesh Vaidhya- the maestro of Veenai walked on the stage and pushed up the energy level, which went skyrocketing when Sathyaprakash sang along his veenai tunes for Enggeyum Eppothum. Some music will leave you speechless and the experience, you will carry it forever. The one moment I’ll never forget was when the great man was dazzling us with some Veenai magic, he suddenly blended in Metallica’s Enter Sandman’s tune. That led to roaring cheers from the crowd and myself. 

This was one of a kind of music and performance. Another favourite was Thendral Vanthe Theendum. Raja sir’s magic was captured to perfection and I didn’t know veenai, such a traditional instrument could lead such a musical act. His gig end on a high, not just figuratively but literally as well by him lifting his Veenai high up in the hair with one hand as a sign his gig is done. Pure music madness

4      4. Anuradha Sriram’s Duet With Sasi The Don

Although a big portion of Sasi The Don’s performance couldn’t keep up with the energy and atmosphere created by Rajesh Vidhya, when Anurdha Sriram started their duet, ABCD from Sasi The Don’s new album, the crowd got back up! Although, one thing I would’ve done differently is that I would’ve swapped this slot with PU4LYF’s opening slot because when PU4LYF was performing, many was still arriving and they did not get the recognition they deserve.

5    5. Sean Roldan’s Medley

It was definitely a privilege to watch this man create music live, on stage at MILFF 2018. Sean has always been unique and his medley from Power Paandi was highly appreciated by the crowd. He is the very few that can make fantastic music and can sing well and I really enjoyed Kannaana Kanne from Naanum Rowdy Dhaan. Sean Roldan also had a very different concept because most of the words uttered while he was on stage were using a recorded video.

6      6. Leon James Unplugged Verratama Veraturiye

I have been a huge fan on Leon James since I watched KO 2 & his Kanne Kanne for Madras 7UP Gig and it literally connected to me so much when he performed Verratama Veraturiye. I would consider this as an impromptu performance as it was a filler for the technical fault that was happening on stage. But, Leon being him, the filler was gold and definitely touched the hearts of many with the melodious tune.

7     7. Andrea’s Shape Of You & Urvasi

Who knew? Who knew that they are going to walk in MILFF 2018 and hear Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You? Nobody! It was a fantastic surprise as no one saw it coming. The Mashup between Shape Of You & Urvasi Urvasi was a thing of pure genius  and Andrea’s stage performance surely needs credits because she constantly knew how to manage the pulse of the audience. 

Andrea also proved her versatility with a classic, Vaa Vaa Pakkam Vaa, a 90’s hit, Shakalaka Baby, an upbeat latest song, Hey Mama Trouser Kalendechi and her most successful song in her singing career, Who’s the Hero? Another goosebump moment is when Andrea achieved the high portion at the end of Who’s The Hero. It was simply WOW!

     8. Benny Dayal

The final act of the night was highly energetic, Benny Dayal. It was high octane energy from the moment till the very end from Benny. He kept changing caps throughout his gig and they looked super cool!  Let me tell you another thing, THIS MAN CAN DANCE, WHILE SINGING! I have no idea how he manages his breathing. 

His performance started with Taxi Taxi and then it was Kanire from Dil Se. The fans where almost losing their voice screaming and cheering at this point. Songs like Usulampetti Pen Kutty, ChikkuBukku, Pettai Rap, Aathangara Marame, Anthe Arabic Kadaloram and Guleba definitely justified his presence to be the grand closing act. It was mesmerizing and another moment I would treasure forever!

Overall, MILFF 2018 was fantastic and definitely value for the money. And it’s a wrap for MOJO this year. The pressure is on MOJO now as I have no idea how are they going to outdo this amazing concert next year *hint hint ARR live,please!*

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Decoding Sheezay

In a couple of days’ time, Mojo Project’s MILFF 2018 is set to happen. September 8th is a date not to be missed by all music lovers in Malaysia, as one the biggest concerts is set to come to life. Happening from 5.00 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. at Starxpo Centre, KWC Fashion Mall in KL, MILFF (short for Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival) will see a great line up of top class musicians set to entertain Malaysians with a variety of music.

Talented musicians such as Andrea Jeremiah, Benny Dayal, Sean Roldan, veenai maestro Rajhesh Vaidhya and many more is set to entertain the crowd for more than six hours. Those who had attended the last two MILFFs in 2016 and 2017 knows well enough that MILFF 2018 is going to raise the bar of excellence up.

Despite being a real fanboy of Andrea, one of the biggest reason that I am very excited about MILFF 2018 is because one of my favourite Malaysian record label, PU4LYF is will share the main stage with the Indian stars.

I am a firm believer that our musicians are just as good as any other musicians in the world and as much as it is amazing to watch musicians from India perform live for us, I have always wanted to see a Malaysian base group get a full slot in a major gig like MILFF. Looks like 2018 is a lucky year indeed as that dream is set to happen with PU4LYF at MILFF 2018.

With less than a week to go to this grand show, I had a chance to catch up with a member of PU4LYF. He is none other than Sheezay. Sheezay is well known and established as a rapper and is well known among his fans for hit songs “Saage Poren”, “Vai Lapalam” and “Bayappadaathey” from Acham Thavir.

I had the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions and below is a transcript of our interview. Happy reading!

Sukesh: How did you get yourself into singing as a career? It is said that you started performing from an age of 8. Is that true?

Sheezay: My first stage performance was when I was eight, and back then I didn't know that I could actually sing. The claps and praises that I got from my teachers and friends at the end of my performance were something I didn’t expect, and I clearly remember one of my teacher’s saying that I should sing more in future.

I never anticipated that one day I would become a full time musician because I had no idea how things worked in this industry back then. The only thing that I had in my mind was that I wanted to succeed and make my parents proud.

Fast forward years later, and here I am today! A lot of people fail because they give importance to fame first, they don’t put in the work. For me fame is just an empty bubble, I’m more into winning.

Sukesh: I think it is great to see that you are passionate about winning. What was the song that first gave you a breakthrough and made you well known with the Malaysian audience?”

Sheezay: I would say Gettho Disco from Rabbit and Friends 1 and Rockaboy from Kambathu Rapper.”

Sukesh: “You have sung for both Kollywood and Malaysian Film. What is the difference from both these experience?”

Sheezay: “The only challenge that we would face singing for a Kollywood movie is that sometimes you wouldn’t know which actor you will be laying your vocals for. That’s what happened on my experience for my collaboration with GV Prakash, I had limited information and all I knew was I would be doing dance song, only after the final changes on the lyrics I knew it was for Vijay’s Thalaiva.

Local movies are relatively easier to work on because the director or the composers knows what they actually want and if there’s any amendments needs to be done, it can be done immediately.”

Sukesh: “Vijay fans out there reading this is surely going to love the fact that you have landed your voice for him before. What genre of song do you feel best suits you and are you open to experiment with different genres?”

Sheezay: “I love rap music, and yes I have done few songs on different genres like Rock, POP and so on. I usually don’t limit myself to the genera of music  usually saturated with and plus music trend changes every 6 months, so as a musician I believe that you have to also adapt to the changes accordingly to enhance our learning in this field.”

Sukesh: “It’s been a long wait for us to see a Malaysian band get a full slot in MILFF, and this year PU4LYF are having a gig here. What can we anticipate from you guys?”

Sheezay: “I can assure you that this will be something really Unique. We are going all out. Come & witness that.”

Sukesh: “What is next for Sheezay after MILFF 2018?”

Sheezay: “Another single featuring Rabbit.Mac for my next album Kambathu Rapper 2 and I’ve also signed for a movie and the shoot is on progress. So that's new on my side.”

Sukesh: “What makes MILFF 2018 a special event not to be missed?”

Sheezay: “MILFF 2018 is one of the biggest and greatest event because they put together so many talented and well known musicians under one roof to give the best treat for the music lovers. There is nothing like this and there will be no other like it. It's a must experience for every music maniacs out there. No minus one, No miming and everything is live!!”

I came out of the interview feeling more thrilled than before and can’t wait to watch PU4LYF and all those other top musicians to perform live in front of us this Saturday, 8th September 2018 from 5.00 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. at Starxpo Centre, KWC Fashion Mall in KL. Trust me this is one concert not to be miss!!!! See you there!

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Under The Spot Light: Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey (TPT)

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After the success of Geethaiyin Radhai (GR), Director Shalini Balasundaram is back with her second directional venture with Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey (TPT). With GR being a huge success in the box office, expectations were running high on Shalini’s TPT. With the GR combo of Shalni-Ztish teaming up once again for TPT, expectations were high on this film. Here is my review of the film

Story Review

Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey, the tittle itself gives away that TPT is going to be a film themed around theft. The first thing that impressed me about TPT was the depth of its content. Shalini touches upon two types of theft in this film. First being the theft we all know about, involving money and jewelry. Let it be snatch thief, robbery or blackmailing, Shalini had all of it covered in TPT.

The second type of theft that gets spoken about in this movie is love theft. It speaks about how one individual courts another individual’s girlfriend who is not the happiest of person in a relationship.Those two were the obvious themes that stands out in the film. 

There was another interesting layer in the film that caught my attention in the film. It touches upon parenting. TPT shows on how parenting has an influence on how a child grows up to be. How the hero and villain behaves in the film were largely influenced by the upbringing of their parents and this serves out as great message and reminder on parents watching this film to be more responsible on how they raise their children.

TPT is a film that is challenging to summarize its story into a one liner as you could see from above the depth of the film. It is a story that happens over a couple of years. It has two story tracks going on this film and how it crosses over and reaches the climax is what TPT about.

The first track is about the love theft that happens between Saresh, Shalini and Irfun with Yuvaraj, Hemaji & Manjula who are all a part of this storyline. The second track is about crime theft that happens in the life of Kabil and his circle and the relationship between his father and him.

In terms of story, TPT wins big time. It had such a good and strong story and had all the different kind emotions wrapped in it. Love, comedy, fear, emotions, heartbreak and everything, TPT has the complete package wrapped in 2 hours 20 minutes for your viewing.

Rating: 3.7/5.0

Director Review
Shalini Balasundaram

First of all big congratulations to Shalini on your second theatrical film. It is good to see you have followed up with another film post the success of GR. Having watch both GR and TPT, I can say that you have improved so much.

It is good to see that you have taken the criticism you received from GR and put that to work in TPT. I have seen significant improvements in TPT but it is still not up to par for me just yet. Noticed many moments where the camera was shaky. It felt that there were many hand held shots and that was disturbing for me.

Also I picked up a few conti mistakes in the film, whereby in there wasn’t consistency in the cast in one scene but different shots. That was a little disappointing for me too. This mistakes happened in GR too but in TPT it was surely lesser and that is a welcomed improvement.

However the biggest disappoint for me in this film was the screenplay and the type of scenes selection. As fantastic of a story you had, I didn’t feel the film did full justice to deliver the full potential of the story.

I feel that if you were to narrate to me the story of TPT to me, it would be even more powerful and amazing, but when I watched it on screen, something along the way seemed to have gone missing and reduced the impact of what the film could have delivered.

I felt with a neater, trimmer and better scene arrangement, TPT could have been so much more impactful to the audience. As much as story was the strength of TPT, it also worked against your way as you seemed to have far too much of a content that you tried to deliver.

On the positive note, one of my favourite thing in the movie is the interval block. I loved the treat you gave for the interval block. I don’t remember a film which had so much going on in the interval block with such a mix of emotions. I was laughing, fearful and anticipating for things to happen all at the same time. Brilliant work there Shalini.

You are going strength to strength and improving with every movie Shalini and it is no doubt that as long you keep working on improvements from film after film, you will only get better.

Rating: 2.5/5.0

The Cast
Saresh D'Seven

I first watched you in Aasaan where you played a supporting character who was a hacker. Despite the minimal screen time, you made a very lasting impression on me in the terms on how you carried your body language for the character. You molded yourself well into the character and I was impressed.

And when I saw you in SSL, which justified my initial thoughts on you that you are a lead actor material. Now carrying the experience of two films, I could see you have matured into a much better actor in TPT.

Playing the role of Arjun who is an aspiring film maker who is determined to make a difference to the society, you played it very calmly and casually. It felt very natural and real whenever you are on screen. It was like watching someone you know next door. That was very well done with you.

It I were to highlight one thing about your acting, it was the way you acted during the “Valikirathe” song scenes. You nailed it. It was absolutely perfect and that was my favourite portion of the film. The way you reacted to the situation felt so real and painful. That was fantastic.

I am not surprised on how fast you are climbing up the ladder to be my favourite Malaysian actor and I am convinced post TPT, I will not be the only one who is going to be saying that.

Rating: 3.5/5.0

Shalini Balasundaram

Second film as a director, second film as a lead actress, which is a remarkable feat. Playing a role of a girl trapped in a way traffic relationship with a guy since schooling days, couple with a determination to do something to change the society, you had a character that two different types of emotions in the film.

You have stepped up from GR and showed more confidence as an actress but I was let down with the way you played the character. It felt like it was more of a character extension of Arthi from GR rather than Amudha. That is an area that needs to be worked on if you are going to continue acting. I would love to see variations from your performance.

Rating: 2.5/5.0


Making his filming debut in TPT, Kabil plays the role of Raja @ Mc Fire who is the main negative lead role of the film. Playing the role of a boy who grew up in a family that encourages crime and theft, he becomes one with a vision to emulate his father in the crime world and become the next big thing.

The way he expressed anger in his scenes were good and was convincing. He carried a certain aura in his performance and looked to dominate the scenes which he was present in. I loved the way the scene which he confronts his father in a shop in Ipoh. Such dominance and control of the scene and that is a joy to watch.

An area which was a could have been a little better for me is that I felt Kabil got himself stuck to the matrix of his character description too much and that meant a little lack of adaptation on how his character should talk and carry himself from scene to scene which was different.

I always feel a character should adapt their characterization from scene to scene and give only what is need instead of giving the total characterization in every scene.

Rating: 3.0/5.0

Yuvaraj Krishnasamy

Just like how the gods Krishna was close to Arjun, Yuvaraj who plays the character of Krishna is the best friend of Arjun. Playing the humor relief of the film, it is safe to say that Yuvaraj is going to be an actor that the people are going to love much and find themselves very connected to.

Krishna is more than just a character for me. He was a representative of the audience in the film. Wherever you feel something was not right, Krishna would voice that, where ever you feel sad, Krishna will cry for you. Such was the character written by Shalini and credit to her for that and credit to Yuvaraj for the convincing execution.

A good comical actor doesn’t always follow the script and needs to have the ability to improvise scenes and that was very clear that you were able to do so in your performance. That is why I believed your character would be well loved by the audience.

Rating: 3.3/5.0

Hemalata Gnanaprakasam @ Hemaji

After Saresh’s performance, my next favourite performer in the film was without a doubt Hemaji. Despite the limited on screen time you had, you did justice to your character every time you appeared on screen.

I believe you are too making your debut in this film as Sanjana, but the way you performed doesn’t seem to show that. You looked like someone with bags of experience and very calm and natural on screen.

There were two moments of yours in the film which made a lasting impression on me. The first being the part where you mentioned that Arjun loves Amudha in front of everyone in the hall. I burst out laughing for that scene. A comedy that worked so well while you delivered it very casual. Just like how any normal person would pull a prank on another person.

Second was being the way you acted at the interval block. You were very tied down in the scene and had limited space to perform but how you utilized your eyes to convey all the emotions needed to make a strong impact on the audience is one that should be applauded. I firmly believe that is the moment you would have stolen the audience heart away.

For a character that is so pivotal to what TPT was all about, I was very much disappointed with the limited screen time Sanjana had. I felt more moments should have been built around Sanjana and things could have been more impactful considering the importance of your character brings to the film.

Rating: 3.5/5.0

Irfan Zaini & Ramkumar Ravichandran

Irfan comes in more of a small character but a very important person in the story line between Arjun and Amudha. Irfan as Science Stream Karthik as mentioned by Shalini in the trailer is the love interest of Amudha in TPT. He plays the role of a very driven and successful businessman who as a result of that loses the emotional loving side of him.

As mentioned despite it being very minimal he was very convincing every time he appeared and does justice to his selection. He brought out the rich classy businessman look with ease.

How Krishna is to Arjun, which is how Ram Kumar is to Raja. He is the villain best friend has a similar feel as to what Krishna is. He plays the role of a very humorous theft and was someone who impressed me very much with his body language and variations in emotions and voice tone. This is another character you will love despite it being a negative one.

Rating: 3.0/5.0

Manjula Joseph & P.Jegan

Manjula and Jegan plays two very contrasting parents to two very contrasting sons. Manjula is the sweet loving mum which you wished you had and believes at the right parent’s upbringing is what determines the attitude of the children’s future. You will love her for how lovely and sweet she was in the film.

Jegan however is a father who is an ex criminal and is trying to make up for lost time. He knew that because he was criminal is why his son today is being a criminal. He is willing to go the distance and sacrifice everything he has to bring his son back to the right path. He plays the role with so much of conviction and is something that will stay in your mind.

Rating: 3.2/5.0
The Music

What a talent this man is. As strong the story was in the film, Ztish’s music was equally a pivotal strength to TPT. With TPT he goes on to show that there is so much variety in his music and he is just not a heart break song expert.

Theeya Vazhiyile is my personal favourite track from the movie and I loved how it was used in the film too. There are 5 tracks in the film and each song were equally good. Kudos to Ztish for stepping up his game treating us with a musical brilliance in TPT.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Final Verdict: Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey Is Going To Steal Away The Box Office

Final Rating: 3.2/5.0

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