Friday, 30 March 2018

Under The Spot Light: KL Special Force

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KL Special Force was the first ever Malay film I ever watched in the cinemas in the 28 years of my life. Well what inspired me to do so was something that happened 2 weeks ago when I watched Lee Chong Wei in cinemas.

I entered the wrong cinema hall and end up watching the opening scene of KL Special Force before releasing that it was not Lee Chong Wei. I dashed out of the cinema hall before heading to the right hall to watch Lee Chong Wei.

However, the opening scene of KL Special force impressed me so much that I decided that I had to watch this film in cinemas before it is removed although it will be in Malay. Language is not a barrier in films and this is something I had to watch.

KL Special Force was released on 8th March 2018 and it stars Dato Rosyam Nor, Syamsul Yusof & Fattah Amin. The film was directed by Syafiq Yusof.

Story Review

KL Special Force is one of the most engaging and racy film you will watch. The amount of plot twist and turns that takes place in the film will mess with your mind so much. Whenever you think you know what is going to happen, the story takes a turn or twist in a way you wouldn’t expect.

If I were to summarize the film into a one liner, KL Special force is a film about a group of police task force attempting to bring down a group of bank robbers. Where the film stands out for is the multiple layers and theme that is written into this films.

The first layer is about the police trying to catch the robbers. The second layer is about how a heavily pressured cop deals tries to cop with the demands of being a father and husband. The third layer is about exploring the dynamics between having a hot headed young cop teaming up with an experienced calm cop and the misunderstanding in it. There is also another layer which explores the motives of the robbers as well.

When you look this way, the film seems so clouded yet when you watch the film it is so easy to follow the story. Credit to the story writer of film for designing such a wonder story. It was a pleasure to be watch this story on the big screen

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Director Review
Syafiq Yusof

The first time I came across the name of Syafiq Yusof was when I saw the trailer of Desolasi. For those who haven’t watch it, do check out the trailer of Desolasi and be prepared to get your mind blown with it.

I never had the chance to watch Desolasi in cinemas, but I managed to catch KL Special Forces and you continued to impress me further. As mentioned about, the story of the film was amazing, and it was something I truly enjoyed throughout.

The Director: Syafiq Yusof

Another huge credit to the director and his team should be in the area of cinematography. The way the action sequence and chase sequence were choreograph, and shot was amazing. The camera movement and shots of many of scenes were fantastic.

The film does some very good visual storytelling. The scene and emotions of the actors speaks to loud even if there are no dialogues in it. It is just brilliant visual storytelling and once again credit to the director and the DOP team.

Another area which impressed me, so much was in the area of sound detailing. Let it be the gun shoots and things exploding and breaking, it was done with so much detailing. The panning of the car engine sound reducing as it leaves the scene was also done with full of detailing. It is wonderful to see so much effort put into these areas.

The director also deserves credit for extracting quality performance from his cast and also ensure that the editing was done very neatly and ensured that the film remained racy and engaging despite it is an emotional family scene.

An area of the film which I felt let down was the blood splattering vfx in the film. It will that it was just a splash of red colour appearing and disappearing without leaving a stain on the shirts of the victim.

The second part is I felt was there was enough back story given to the rest of the bank robbers crew. I felt there was a little love story brewing there but the bank robbers’ characters don’t get the full chance to explore the depth of their characters scope. It results in them being more then an added weight to make up the numbers rather than contributing to the scope of the film.

Rating: 4.2/5.0

The Cast
Dato Rosyam Nor

The first time I ever watch Dato Rosyam Nor in cinemas was when I watch Kabali. The man was heavily under utilized in the film. You could spot the glimpse of his talent in there but there was enough screen time for him

The second time I saw him acting was in Lee Chong Wei and I was very impressed with his performance as Misbun. You know that he is a talented actor and now with KL Special Force, he has surely sealed a reputation in my mind that he is such a terrific performer.

There are many scenes in this film which he will take your breath away with his performance. Two scenes in this film was my favourite. First is when he screams to his wife during his daughter’s birthday party about how he nearly died that afternoon and how do you expect him to be happy. That switch of emotions from being mentally disturbed to being aggressive and angry was just wow.

The second scene is when he begs to the Ashraff character to spare his family’s life and in return takes his life. The way he begs and break down was amazing. He has always been this tough hard-hitting cop who goes all out but switches when it comes to family was a great joy. It was a pleasure to watch you act.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Syamsul Yusof

He plays the role of Ashraff whos is also the leader of Geng Anarkis. I’m not sure why the symbol of Geng Anarkis looks like the symbol from Avengers but that should be least of your concerns because when you see the way Syamsul Yusof plays his role, you might just root him to win.

I loved his character design in the film. It reminded me a little about how the Joker was in The Dark Knight. His smartness, cunningness and the way he manipulates people. There is a moment in the film which reminds me of how The Joker tries to convert Harvey Dent into becoming Two- Face.

Syamsul Yusof delivers his character in his own way and this will be one of the best villain you will see on screen. It is almost you can even beat him. Even at the end you wouldn’t know if he actually won or lost.

I loved how he balanced the emotions involved with his character. Let it be when he is calm, aggressive or emotional he adapts his characters emotions and thought process well into those moments which makes his character such a strong figure in the film.

I always believe the stronger the villain, the greater the hero looks like and the power play between the hero and villain is a great explain of this philosophy.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Fattah Amin

Fattah Amin plays the role of Zulkifli who is a young cool hot-headed cop who initially doesn’t get along with Roslan (played by Dato Rosyam Nor). He is shown as somebody who thinks that he is very smart and eventually does more harm than good.

Fattah Amin physically looks very suitable for the role as he looks well built and composed to play the role and delivers well when he needs to explore a romantic but disturbed by work state of mind with his fiancee.

I particularly enjoyed his performance in the climax scenes and justifies well why he is given the nod for the role

Rating: 3.3/5.0

Final Verdict: A Thrill Ride That Glues You To The Edge Of Your Seats. 

Final Rating: 4.2/5.0

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Monday, 19 March 2018

Group Call: Malaysian Short Film That Will Scale Great Heights

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With every passing moment, the quality of our Malaysian film makers seems to be scaling to newer, greater heights. Most recently Sughamaai Subbulakshmi, directed by our very own Karthik Shamalan has been nominated for the Norway Tamil Film Festival for the best director award and his lead heroine, Punitah Shanmugam, bagged the best actress award.

Another proud milestone to notify is that not only our feature film makers were selected in this film festival, but two of our shortfilm makers, Viknish Lokarag Asokan & Madan who film Thiruvin Mangai and Mudhal Padayal were also award winners in this film festival. This definitely shows how  our film makers are on par with other international film makers out there.

Another short film that caught my eyes recently was Group Call. I was one of the few lucky people who could watch this short film on the big screen during Cinefest 3, before it was released online on YouTube recently

When the film came to an end, I only had one thing to say. Wow!! Just WOW!!!!. This film was a class of its own. Hats off to the director and writer of this film for coming up with something out of the box and very futuristic, in many ways.


This short film is about hypnosis over a telephone call. It answers all the what, why and how that comes in your mind surrounding this core plot of the film and that makes the film more engaging, from the start till the end. 

Big shoutout to the VFX team of the film. It was so well done. Let it be the pen movement, the futuristic tab or brain reader. It was well done and placed in the film in terms of where it was needed. Credit to the VFX team again.

The sound design in the film was another aspect that needs to be applauded. It creates so much curiosity and intensity which keeps you engage throughout the film. The intensity of the phone call or the sound surrounding the character was so well designed. Sound was such a big strength to the film.

Coming to the part which awed about me the most was the writing of the film and how well things were kept. I loved the fact on how the writer and director ensured that on normal calls we could hear both sides of the conversation while if it's a call from Group Call to distract away unwanted people we only hear a one sided conversation Absolutely loved that touch from the writer and director Watch those parts closely and I believe you will get it.

However, one big question remains unanswered for me was the way the film ended. It drove me nuts to try and understand what does this ending means and what happens next. I really hope the director and writer would explain to me this after reading my write up.

Without a doubt Group Call has been one of the best or maybe even the best short film I have watched in a very long time and thank you to the director for bringing in together a team of wonderful talent and extracting everything that was needed to make this short film a huge success!

You can now watch the film in the link below

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Another weekend another stand-up comedy show. Isn’t that just amazing. First of all, let’s give a huge shout out to Phoenix PR for coming up with stand-up comedy shows on back to back weekends. Having said that, on 17th March 2018 which is this coming Saturday, Phoenix PR is set to amaze us again with another stand-up comedy show

This time it is going to be a show from Sahil Shah who is set to bring the kid out of him in this show called “Childish Behaviour”. Sahil Shah has performed over 900 shows worldwide, including performances in New York, Dubai, London, Singapore, and now for the very first time, he is coming to Malaysia.

He describes himself as a 3-year-old stuck in a 26-year old’s body and boy, and he is right! Sahil does not hold back on the foolishness in this one, as he derives this special from the immaturity, the silliness, and pointlessness of things around him and his innate ability of making stupid faces and silly sounds to make anyone laugh.

Audience members can expect to be taken on a hilarious walk down memory lane with relatable ‘Indian Mom’ jokes, and how it is to grow up in the 90s with a rather careful and eye-opening analogy of the cartoons watched.

“Every time a customer buys a ticket to a Phoenix PR stand-up comedy show, they are booking a seat at a show that is unique to the ones before it. Sahil Shah is one of the most exciting names to come out of India in recent years. His energy and stage-presence are something that Malaysian audiences will find very entertaining, and most importantly, incredibly funny,” said Vinodh Menon, CEO of Phoenix PR.

For this one, Sahil asks audiences to leave their adult worries at home and enjoy the ride. Tickets are on sale at AirAsia Red Tix at with EARLY BIRD prices at RM 110 (Bronze), RM  120 (Silver), and RM 130 (Gold) till the 22nd February 2018. For more information, visit the Sahil Shah’s Childish Behaviour Facebook Event Page at

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Karthik Kumar's Blood Chutney Giveaway!

By, Tharanie Rajendran 
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Karthik Kumar is one of South India’s biggest names in the comedy industry is coming to Malaysia for the first time with his third stand up special, Blood Chutney! With a tagline of Main Dish Comedy, Side Dish Blood, the show is comedy catharsis at its best and is born out of his own difficult personal situations.

“Blood Chutney is about the many difficult challenges that have happened around me and myself, and it asks a paramount question, and that is, can we find humour in all of this? This makes Blood Chutney a unique stand-up comedy show that has a lot of comedy that originates from a peculiar space. My goal is to inspire people to laugh at the ‘curve balls’ that life throws at them, and keep moving forward,” said Karthik Kumar.

Tickets to Karthik Kumar’s Blood Chutney are on sale at with tickets starting from RM 120 to watch Karthik Kumar live at The Gardens on 11th March, 2018 !

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