Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Kung Fu Bonda: A Standup Comedy Special For All Ages By Baggy

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2018 started with laughter for Malaysians. On 6th January 2018, Aravind SA performed life in Malaysia and got the crowd high on laughter. During that day, another guy took the stage and showed us a glimpse of how funny he can be. Now he is all set to have his very own special show for the Malaysian people!

That’s right Bhargav Ramakrishanan or more coolly know as BAGGY is set to tickle your funny bone and take you for a laughter riot. Presenting to you “Kung Fu Bonda- A Stand Up Comic Coming of Age Special” by Baggy. Taking place on 3rd of March at the Gardens Theatre at 8.00 p.m.
After his resounding and questionable success in his 20s, Baggy enters the next decade of his life and with that comes his brand new stand-up solo show.

''I moved out of home. I hosted a show on Vijay TV. I'm building a flat of my own. I filed my taxes. I joined the gym. I quit the gym. I got a girlfriend. I became a little viral. I got a little famous. I got disappointed that I didn't get more famous. I got my hair styled, not cut, mind you, styled. I went shopping for crockery. I was the best man at my best friend's wedding. I am cooking and cleaning and washing and ironing on my own. I ran a marathon. No, I didn't. But I did rejoin the gym? I am planning the bachelor party for another best friend's wedding. Ass****s are all getting married. Basically, I turned 30 and I plan on becoming a comic, quite literally. Living life, one strip at a time and squeezing the joke out of every situation. This cartoon of my existence I can't wait to share with all of you, so get ready,'' said Baggy.

Tickets to Kung Fu Bonda – A Stand Up Comic’s Coming Of Age Special start from as low as RM 30! With the promo code, ‘sweettreat’ you will be able to enjoy 50% discounts on your tickets, so hurry on to http://kungfubonda-8pm.peatix.com and get your tickets to a show that you don’t want to miss.

Wanna see a glimpse of how cool is Baggy, well you can check out the video below to see what he has to say about the "Superhero Dilemma"

See you at the show.

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Friday, 16 February 2018

IsaiFM Musical Festival 2018!!!!

One of the most talked about music festival in Malaysia, IsaiFM's Music Festival 2018 is happening tomorrow, and we can't express how excited we are for it to happen! For the first time ever, we are going to witness star studded celebrities like Oviya, Bigg Boss Snehan and nectar like voices from Masala Coffee and Haricharan. 100% entertainment guaranteed!

Not forgetting Malaysian talents such as Psychomantra and Lock Up are joining hands to make the Music Festival a bigger, and better one! Instrumental geniuses such as Immortal Raaga is also going to be lighting the stage on fire. After all, the more the merrier, right?

This 10 hours of non-stop musical feast is packing up some serious energy for the attendees and to value the attendees' hours of time spent at the music festival, there will be 1 person who is to walk away with a brand-new motorbike for the entry of contest run earlier during the promotional campaign.

Tickets that range from RM 50 to RM455 are limited and is selling super fast! Have you gotten your ticket yet? If not, you may contact Miss Rathippriyah Balsan @ 010-22 1286 or Miss Raynuga Balsan @ 014-660 8659 to purchase your ticket now! Sweetening the deal, we heard there is a special offer going in right now. Why wait when you can an exclusive all rounder music fest for just RM50?

IsaiFM Music Festival 2018 is happening on 17th February 2018 at Starxpo Centre, KWC Fashion Mall. Don’t miss out on this amazing musical festival galore brought to you by IsaiFM.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Kaathirupathum Sugamthan: A Valentine's Day Short Story

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I never really experienced love before. Of cause many times in my life, I have used the term love to associate my feelings to a girl. The first time I used this L word is to a girl without knowing what it really meaning was when I was 15.

Her name was Nisha. She was the most beautiful girl in the class. 8 out of the 20 boys in my class “loved” her. God knows how many in the whole school “loved” her. I was no different. I proposed to her and she said yes, only to break up after 3 months.

At 15, love to me was being with the most beautiful girl in class and to show off to friends that the most beautiful girl in class was indeed my girlfriend. That was what “love” was to me when I was 15.
When I was 19, I was in university. I thought that by being a university student, I was not mature enough to be in a relationship and I had understand what love is. In my first year of university I met Mona. She was my classmate and good friend.

I got comfortable with her and within months of getting to know her, I proposed to her. She said no. She wasn’t planning to fall in love as she felt it was her responsibility to only study while she is in university. I couldn’t accept her reasoning and over time I distanced myself from her. 9 months later I begin hating her when I saw she was dating another person.

At that point of life, I thought that if someone is close and comfortable with me, I was entitled to love them, and they had to love me back. Little did I know about rejection.

 At 25, I met Shalini on Instagram. We started dating shortly after chatting with each other. I was in a very lonely and dark place at time and so was she. After a couple of dates, we proposed to each other and got in a relationship.

Getting in a relationship just because you are lonely is such a toxic step to take. Not only was I feeling lonely, so was Shalini and that is why we were desperate enough to get into a relationship as soon as possible. We pushed on the relationship for nearly 2 years but we both knew that it was toxic and bound to end.

I was in a relationship because I didn’t want to be lonely. Nothing because I was in love or understand what love is. Neither of the girls I “loved” was bad or wrong yet nothing worked out. Why? Because I never understood what love is.

Today I believe love is having someone who is so selfless and filled with love. Being with someone who goes out and beyond to make up your day. In her every word, look and thoughts it must be filled with love and care.

Being in love is being with someone who you know will empower you and be your pillar of strength. The type of person who lights up a house when she walks in. Finally, for me personally she needs to have the smile that makes you go speechless.

Over time what I understood is that in life you got to wait. Good things take time to manifest. Wait and learn from things. Because waiting for the right person is something amazing in beautiful.
Today I am 32 years old, and I am with her finally.

Her name is Lisa, she is a mother of 1. Her being a divorcee from a toxic marriage and me meeting her sparked out a beautiful romance with her.  Lisa had to endure a tough abusive relationship in her past and when she had lost all faith in life, I stepped in. Together we have been empowering each other and we have grown so much together to be successful. My wait for her ended beautifully. Avele kaage kaathirupathum sugamthan.

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Sunday, 11 February 2018

SPB Live in Kuala Lumpur Concert 2018: A Preview on SPB

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Sripathi Panditaradhyula Balasubrahmanyam or fondly know among his fans as S.P. Bala, is set to treat his Malaysian fans into a night of musical galore with the “SPB Live In Kuala Lumpurt Concert”. The grand stage is set on the 4th of August 2018 at Plenary Hall KLCC for this magical music night.

Organized by Raaghav Production, the tickets of this event go on sale from 14th February 2018 onwards and you can get them from Air Asia Red Tix site. The early bird promotion price starts from as low as RM 99 up to RM 1499 depending on the seating areas you choose to purchase.

To make things even more this concert will be an AR Rahman exclusive song composed only concert. Imagine this, the majestic voice of S.P. Bala together with the magical music of A.R. Rahman brought special for you! This is one not to miss.

It is impossible to find an individual who has never loved a S.P. Bala song before. This great man has now been singing for 52 years! It is almost as long as the period Malaysia gained their independence. His debut came in 1966 in a Telugu film and it was only after 3 years he got his breakthrough in the Tamil Industry.

His debut Tamil song was “Eyarkai Ennum Illaya Kanni” in a 1969 hit film “Shanthi Nilayam” starred by Gemini Ganesan. Shortly after that S.P. Bala was selected to sing for another Tamil Industry Legend, M.G.R. However, lady luck did not smile much on S.P. Bala’s side.

He was diagnosed with thyroid shortly after he was selected to sing for M.G.R for “Aadimai Penn”. He was very down that he wouldn’t be able to sing for the Makkal Thilagam due to it. However, M.G.R. was adamant that it is S.P. Bala who must sing that song and even went to the extent of delaying the shoots to give S.P. Bala enough time to recover and sing for him. This are the stuffs legends are made of!

To let you understand what an amazing talent S.P. Bala is, let me tell you about why he is dubbed as the “Song Machine”. S.P Bala is a singer who is well known for his capabilities of recording multiple number of songs in a single day.

I am not talking about 4 or 5 songs a day. On February 8th, 1981, S.P Bala recorded a stunning 21 Kannada songs in Bangalore in just 12 hours. He also has recorded 19 Tamil songs in a single day and 16 songs in Hindi. This must be some sort of record.

When you are called a “Song Machine” I was not surprised to learn that S.P. Bala holds the Guinness World Record for the highest number of songs, for any playback singer with over 40,000 songs in various Indian languages. That’s right 40,000 over songs!

One of my favourtie thing about S.P. Bala is that he has landed his voice numerous times for my favourite actor Rajinikanth. That’s write many of Rajini’s film, the opening songs were usually sung by S.P. Bala and that combination never fails to evoke magic every time.

It is a real blessing to see such a talented artist like S.P. Bala is coming over to Malaysia to perform for us all. You could except hits of S.P Bala- A.R Rahman combination songs such as Kaadhal Rojave, Anjali Anajli and En Kaadhale from Duet to be performed for you. I can’t wait for this show on August 4th and I am sure you can’t wait for it too. So, make you get them!

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Saturday, 10 February 2018

In The Limelight With Datin Sri Shaila V

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One of the most prominent figure in the entertainment industry in Malaysia must be Datin Shaila. I have always wondered why she has drawn a lot of limelight in the industry. Was it because she is associated with a big political figure or is it because of her raw talent as an actress.

This was all before I started to get myself involved with people from the industry. As that begin to happen I started to understand that there is more to Datin Shaila than what I thought before. She started her career in the entertainment industry as an actress in Tamil Film Blockbuster called “Maindhan” in 2014 and followed that up with “Mayangaathey” in 2016.

This year, Datin Shaila will be releasing her debut album entitled “Yenathuyireh” which was produced by her own production company, Shaibha Vision. The said album will have 10 songs in total and it will feature talented musicians, singers, actresses and other professionals in the field.

Datin Shaila’s Instagram handle is @Shaibhavision. When asked about Shaibha Vision, she said:

Shaibha Vision is the production company I started to release my debut album, Yenathuyireh. In 2016, this company produced Mayangathey, one of the highest grossing Malaysian Indian movies in the industry alongside other good movies.

That cleared my doubts on what Shaibha Vision was all about. It is fantastic to see more individuals like this come up with productions companies. I believe an individual with a background in the film industry would be able to spot quality scripts and therefore, produce good films. Looking forward for more from Shaibha Vision.

That got me more curious to understand who Shaila Nair really was. The person behind all the fame and glamour, the person without the “Datin” tittle. Who really Shaila Nair is?

I am a normal Malaysian girl from a humble family who believed in the importance of a strong educational foundation. That is why I am a lawyer by profession and only pursued my passion in the entertainment industry after establishing my career as a corporate lawyer. I am still the same person after my marriage, which is why I continue to have the respect of my family & friends.”

Now it doesn’t surprise me on why Datin Shaila has always been able carry herself in manner which seemed very professional. Her career in law must have molded her to be someone very professional and of class as well. I never knew that Datin Shaila was a lawyer by profession first before she got herself into the entertainment world. 

I genuinely admire people who were brave enough to leave their career behind to pursue their passion but in this case Datin Shaila not only pursued her passion, but she also manages to strike a balance between her career as lawyer and still pursue her passion seriously.  My respect for her doubled upon knowing about this.

Coming back to the cinema related questions, I have always wanted to ask people to understand what is the biggest gap we need to bridge between directors and actors to audience to increase box office collections for films. When I pressed on this question, very modestly, Datin Shaila had this to say,

I believe that the Malaysian Indian movie industry has seen a positive and steady inclination towards better directing, music, acting and even technical excellences. However, it is undeniable that Malaysian audience have a wide-range of options when it comes to movies. 

Therefore, we as an industry should strive to create bigger and better films to be on par with foreign movies. One way to do so would be to produce more movies with a Malaysian appeal, that viewers can relate to, without compromising the quality of the film.

I believe this question can draw many different responses from other individuals in the industry andcan’t wait to hear all their thoughts. Realizing that I was speaking to a very strong and driven woman, I was curious to hear Datin Shaila’s thoughts on whether the Indian cinema is lacking female-centric films, be it India or Malaysia and given the opportunity would she be interested in playing roles like EVT, Aruvi or Taramani?

“I believe that the lack of female centric films as seen in other countries does not happen in Malaysia. We are very open to producing female centric films here in Malaysia and given a good script, I would love to do such roles.

I would always vote yes to have films which offers great scope to male and females as I believe that movies with good characters designs often yields in much more quality films. Speaking about female centric roles, I just had to ask Datin Shaila about her latest single “Pen Azha Vendam” and what inspired her to work on this project.

Pen Azha Vendam, my latest single in the Yenathuyireh album was released on the 5th February 2018.  I wanted to be part of this project because I strongly believe in the message behind the lyrics and the music video that takes a stand against violence against women, especially harassment in the workplace.

The music video was directed by the very talented BGW, a very hardworking person & someone who is very helpful. The song also features Vikadakavi Magen & Aneetra which turned out very well
The very beautiful Subashini Asokan stars in this music video. I would also like to thank all the talented and gorgeous celebrities who appeared for this music video such as Jasmin Michael, Pushpa Narayanan, Olimathi, Shamini (karate), THR Revathi and Sushmeeta Murugon to name a few.

I had a feeling that this music video echoes sentiments of feminism and it prompted me to ask her this final question. Does Datin Shaila consider herself to be a feminist and how does she define feminism.

Yes, I do. Everyone who believes in equality are feminists. For me, feminism means that men and women deserve equal rights, opportunities and rewards. It is important that we are feminists and that we raise the future generation to be feminists because even in 2018, there is still violence and inequality committed & can be seen sadly and now is the time to be the change we want to see in the future.

What a brilliant way to end this interview session and I can’t thank enough Datin Shaila for making some time and conducting this interview session with me. Before I ended the session, I had asked her on who she thought Boggler Blogger should interview next and very promptly she said:

Thila Laxman

So Thila Laxman are you ready to be interviewed by Boggler Blogger?

"Pen Azha Vendam" Music Video was released on 5th February 2018 and you may click the link below to watch it.

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Friday, 9 February 2018

Tales from the Bedroom!!!! One For You To Check Out

Tales from the Bedroom

By Tharanie Rajendran

February, the month of love marks many romantic occasions throughout these 28 days, but no other event in the whole of Malaysia talks about the issues in a relationship like Tales From the Bedroom do!

Wait! That does not mean this is going to be in a serious note! This theater performance is going to bring you into lives of couples and explore relationship stereotypes, bedroom conversations, awkward one night stands and sneaky quickies, like how Tales From the Bedroom do!

Featuring a collection of 10 actors and actresses - Michael Jackman, Ivan Gabriel, Ida Suhaini, Prem Varijakzhan, Aloyah Bakar, Sharmen Balachandran, Rezuriff Zee, Roshini Chandran, Tan Seoh Chen and Lucille Dass the cast of Tales from The Bedroom come from all walks of life & age; Yoga trainer, automative expert, lecturer, medical practitioner, teacher , student, retiree and artist.

Fa Abdul,  the co-founder of Big Nose Productions, a name known well in performing arts industry takes on the mantle of writer & director for Tales from The Bedroom.

Tales from the Bedroom, produced by Big Nose Productions and presented by Penangpac, will be staged at Penang Performing Arts Centre (penangpac), Straits Quay on 9-10 February 2018 @ 8.30pm & 10-11 February 2018 @ 3pm. Tickets are priced at RM35 (RM30 for concessions)

So what are you waiting for? Call penangpac now to book your tickets and celebrate the most romantic time of the year than to hold the hand of the one you love as you laugh your ass off!