Monday, 29 June 2015

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT): Do You Support or Against It.

Today, when I logged in to my Facebook, it was dominated by one news and one news only. It was all about how the supreme court has legalized all same sex marriages in America. It's surely a great victory for the LGBT community who has been fighting for this all these years. And yes, it's America, so there was a huge rippling effect of this news sensation and it has reached our lands too

My Facebook was divided to 3 types of people upon this issue. The first are the one's who are showing support and solidarity over this court decision and supporting the fact that anyone deserves to be with anyone. The second type of people are the one who do not support this decision because of their religious and moral believes. They feel its wrong to allow this decision but they conduct themselves in a proper manner. 

The final group of people are the one I would like to call people with pea brain size.  This is not because they don't support same sex marriage, but the fact they ridicule and insult you because you support the LGBT community. Their thinking is so shallow that they think that if you support LGBT that means you are one of them and you are not straight. Some of the things they say are "Animals are better than humans because they are not homosexual", well hello!!! there are homosexual animals too you idiot! No I am not saying its ok to be homosexual because animals are but showing that how baseless and ridiculous their points are.

The other points raised by them who Malaysians are, "U.S.A legalize same sex marriage, why the hell you celebrating it here in Malaysia for." Again another ridiculous comment. The people who says this are the same people who were demanding for justice for the massacre that is happening in Palestine and Sri Lanka. It's the same people who are demanding for justice on the Yulin Dog eating festival, the same people who were mourning during the 9/11 attacks and earth quakes in China. 

None of these happen in Malaysia too but you were showing your support strongly as well. If that is not wrong, how is it that Malaysian changing their Facebook profile picture to the rainbow coloured picture considered wrong. It's a sign of support and a sense of celebration

Moving on from my ranting about the knucklehead people, I will come the main part of my post, isit ok or not ok to support LGBT. The point I see raised by people who supports the LGBT community are usually saying that it is ok to allow same sex marriage because we should not stop two people who loves each other from getting married. Some are them are born that way and only feel attracted to the same sex. Stopping them from doing so will only cause more physiological damage to them and lead them to have an unhappy depressed life.

They mention that it's not like these people are committing a crime for them to be stopped or punished. It's just two beautiful souls who wants to spend their life together. In the U.S.A we have seen so many high profile same sex couple who are raising children without having an effect on their child's sexual preferences, so why stop them from being happy. After all love conquers all.

Meanwhile those who are against the decision to allow same sex marriage, usually cites religion as their main point to reject this notion. According to them, their religion and holy book does not allow same sex marriages and that should change now. I saw post on saying that Jesus did die on the cross for this and how God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. God intended man to marry woman and woman to marry man only and we should not divert from that.

Another point raised by them is that since now same sex marriage is legal, what happens next when people fight to legalize incest and pedophile. Before this all this 3 were seen under the same light and wrong, but now same sex marriage is allowed, what happens if people wants this two to be legal as well or will they be hypocrites to be against it as previously they said LOVE WINS.

On another note, the link below was shared by someone who has strong religious believes of Christianity and I think if Jesus could communicate with his followers today, these are what he would say. 

If you asked me, I would say both sides makes sense and its a fine line to decide what is wrong and what is right. What maybe right for me does not mean its right for you. There are points which I agree on both sides as well as some which I reject as well. But one thing which I am totally against is the knucklehead type. Overall I am ok with same sex marriage and I don't see it a problem as they are happy being with each other. They can always seek for a divorce if they are unhappy in their relationship like other married couples. Plus with them, there wont be baby dumping cases and adoption rate will rise, so cheers to that.

What are you take on this issue, do you support same sex marriage, are you against it or are you part of the knucklehead.

Friday, 26 June 2015

The Sugar World

Those days, when men wanted the companion of a female, he would usually hire a G.R.O or a prostitute. A G.R.O would usually offer these men company for the night at clubs or events and eventually end the night with them for sex. While a prostitute would just get paid for sex and nothing else.

This two forms of "entertainment" has largely been seen as a taboo among society and people often look down at people who are involved in this kind of activities let be men or women. Fast forward a couple of years, and you will see a change in trend.

There is a new thing going on called a Sugar Daddy. Well for those who don't know what a Sugar Daddy is, it is actually a term used to describe " a rich older man who lavishes money and gifts for a younger woman in return for her company of sexual favour". The woman describe here is called a Sugar Baby.

I know many of you might think that "It's the same as prostitution, men pays woman for sex". If you were to ask this to any Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, they will deny this. Because it's usually not about the sex. Sometimes they do it for the companionship. People who are unhappy and lonely in their life pay to have company. Some do it for the sex.

What makes it really different from G.R.O and Prostitution is that Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby goes on on expensive dates, rich dinners and even on vacation spending time together. The Sugar Baby gets paid on a monthly basis or per meeting basis which could be between a range of RM 1000 - RM 3000 per month.

That is some really big and easy money for the Sugar Baby and perhaps is the strongest reason why more and more Malaysian Girls are willing to be a Sugar Baby. Below is a quote taken from an article by The Star
Rage. *Link to article: Sugar Babies In Malaysia

But this is not the end of this trend, because what you have now going on, especially in Malaysia is the "relationship" between a Sugar Mummy and a Sugar Boy. Yes the same thing but this time elder rich woman paying boys for companion and sex.

I know many of you would choose not to believe this try to ignore the fact this is happening, but trust me this is for real and this trend is starting to creep into Malaysia. And it's not so hard to find a Sugar Mummy thanks to the power of internet.

It's not like you have to be friends with an elder lady and make a move on her on hope she makes you an offer. No! There are websites like "Seeking Arrangement" whereby all you need to do is create a profile and wait for an offer by a Sugar Mummy.

Worse is that, this is also happening via WhatsApp. About a week ago I got a number of person who claims to be an agent who does match making for Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mummy for their Sugar Baby and Sugar Boy. So I decided to text this person and see how the process takes place.

All you have to do is WhatsApp this person and say you are looking for a Sugar Mummy. He/She will collect some basic details of you and send you pictures of Sugar Mummy available around the area you are comfortable with. You pick the Sugar Mummy you like and inform the agent. In return he will contact that Sugar Mummy and show her pictures of you to see if she is interested. If she likes you than there you go you have your own Sugar Mummy. You will need to pay the agent a fee for setting you up and from there on you carry things on with your Sugar Mummy.

As much as you want to deny it, this things are happening and are happening for real. I even manage to spoke to someone who said they are willing to be a sugar baby providing she can find a sugar daddy who pays. So yeah its a culture that is happening around us like it or not.

Which leads to my next point, as a country we are too hung up over petty unimportant and stupid issues like, the need to wear a sarong to cover your legs, Cross in a Muslim populated area or the dress code of a gymnast. Unimportant things like this are making headlines, but serious issues like this are swept under the carpet.

Allowing this culture could lead to alot of damage in the future. They say "youths are the future of the country", so do we want a future whereby its ok to pay for companionship and sex. If actions are not taken now to prevent this from an early age, it could lead to things going wrong. Imagine people like this being parents one day. Would they encourage their kids to the same. What sort of respect will the kids have towards elder people. Would they start seeing elder people and a means to make money via companionship and sex. 

Wake up Malaysian!!! Its time to do something about this kind of things before it becomes a norm

Finally, I have attached a poll on the bottom of this post whereby if you were get paid RM 3000 and above a month, would you consider being a Sugar Baby or a Sugar Boy. You can choose YES or NO. Don't worry nobody will be able to know the identity of the individual who votes so your identity would be protected. The poll is to show how many people in our society today are open to the concept of the SUGAR LIFE

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

In The Limelight: Komalan Nathan

Next on "In The Limelight" we have a friend of mine who I got to know 12 years ago. Over time, we did lose contact before eventually getting in touch again. He is a men who has done a lot of traveling and would be nice to see things from his point of view. Thank you Komalan Nathan for your time.

*Starts Interview*

Question 1
You had to change school a couple of times during your high school time. As a young teenager, how did you find the process of having to start over again in a new environment, settling down and making friends all over again

It was a whole new experience. Bitter and sweet at the same time.  Bitter was the part where I had to leave friends I have known since primary school and move to a new environment. The sweet part is the whole process of making bunch of new friends. In the end I see it as a gain, because I would have not known as many people as I do today if I had not moved as much.  In the end looking at it all again today, I would say making friends as a young teenager was much easier back then compared to today.

Question 2
Your job requires you to travel a lot. Can you tell us a little more about your job and what do you do?

Part of a newly developed subsidiary of the Geismar group in South East Asia based in Singapore. Responsible of managing the sales and marketing in this region. Geismar is one of the pioneers in manufacturing machines for Railway track construction and maintenance. Close to over a 100 years now.

Working from Malaysia, i spend more than 50% of my time abroad, traveling around the South East Asia region in search of new businesses and sales opportunities to be explored. Railways has been and still is the easiest and cost efficient method to transport people and goods across a country or even a few countries. Without railways trade would never be the same. All Developed countries  have extensive railway networks to transport people and cargo as well. 

Working with Geismar, I deal with many government officials from various SEA countries, trade ambassdors, investors, railway network operators. Glad to say the job has given me the chance to see the world more and meet plenty of people who are diverse in almost every aspect. 

In simple terms I’m a salesman who sells pretty expensive equipment across the world

Question 3
Having travel to different countries, in your opinion what is the most significant difference between Malaysia and those countries. Compare the difference for us in terms of the society, nation development and culture.

Well to start with society. We pride our nation as being a multiracial country. But our society in general does not behave like a multiracial society living in unity.   We claim to live as one but unfortunately they harsh truth is we do not practice what we preach. This is the biggest failure of our society in my eyes. 

Development wise. I would say Malaysia has reached maybe 70% of our potential as a developing country. However there is still so much to be done as a nation to be truly an elite country of SEA. Comparing to countries like Thailand and Indonesia we have been blessed with abundance in natural resources. Sadly we have not fully utilized this resources to its full potential for the development of our country. The current state of our economy is a testimony to that. Once again I would say we are doing fine but there is a golden opportunity to do better that we are not taking.

When it comes to culture. Malaysia can claim to boast about our various cultures. I for one love  the various cultures we have. Where else in the world can I have an authentic Malay cuisine for breakfast, a perfect South Indian banana leaf meal for lunch and a full on 7 course Chinese dinner in the same day!

As a nation I would say. We are a sleeping giant of South East Asia who has yet to realise or ignorantly choosing not acknowledge our true potential in the global stage.

Question 4
What is the one thing you would love Malaysians to learn and follow from the things you have seen in foreign countries?

Respect and mannerism. We Malaysians for one lack severely in these departments. Lack of respect in all aspects is the true foe of our society today. When we respect each other for what we are. Only then we would be a nation united.

Question 5
You have been a lifelong Manchester United, and during this time what do you think was the worst moment you have witness and why?

Manchester United will always be an essential part of me. Growing up many of footballing idols played for them. The worst moment would be that 3-1 Champions League final defeat to Barcelona.  I know many would consider that the 6-1 drubbing at home to City is significantly worse to the Barcelona defeat.

To me that defeat hurt the most. Why? Because the Man Utd Squad at that time boasted some of the finest young players in the world Rooney, Ronaldo who were conquering the English League. Manchester United have always been known as dominant force in Europe and domestically. But that final we were outplayed,outclassed and outmatched in almost every department. For a team who have been the strongest in England to go on to the CL finals and lose like that. Totally unacceptable. 

It just showed that Man United were no longer the top dogs in Europe. For a team known for its brilliant attacking play and lightning quick counter attacks we could barely make a decent effort on goal in that game.
Watching that game it was like watching my team chase shadows of greatness.

Question 6
Final question. What will be your advice to young graduates out there who has just started working? What are the right attitude you think they should practice in order to be successful?

I would say work to gain knowledge and not wealth as a young graduate. Start your career with an open mind, walk into the office everyday and make it a point to learn something new.Knowledge gained will never be a waste in my opinion. Secondly do not make your job a daily chore. Learn to enjoy what It has to offer and you may see your career in a different point of view. It’s the simple things which matter at the end of the day.

Lastly as young graduate just remember Rome was not built in a day. It took plenty of years. It’s the same for your careers. Rushing would not get you success. Moving smart will.

 *End Of Interview* 

      Coming up next: An interview with Kavithraa Baskaran

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Yulin Festival 2015, Maybe It's Ok Not To Stop It

One of the current issue that has hit top headlines has been the Yulin Dog Eating Festival. It was good to see many people from different background joining hands together trying to stop this event. A growing number of support can be seen when a petition to stop this festival was put up. You can view and sign this petition if you feel this should be stop in the link below

When I first came to know about this festival, I was filled with rage because I never knew people could do something like this to dogs. Being an animal lover and a owner to a beautiful dog, my heart sank. But after a while, I thought the main reason why I wanted this festival to stop is because I own a dog and it's like family to me. There is such bond between me and dogs. If it was a different animal would I felt the same way as how I do now?

When my parents traveled to China last time, they told me that it's rare to see a dog running freely on the road like how we see in Malaysia. The reason was, the people would catch these dogs and cook them for a meal. So this means eating dogs is something common to them. It is part of their culture and by the looks of it, part of their diet too.

As I grew up, I learned that different countries has different culture which maybe as odd as it sounds like, but it is something they practice. For example, there are tribes who does believe in wearing things to cover up the boy. The whole tribe lives together without any sort of clothes to cover they genitals up. For them its normal but trying doing that in Malaysia, it will cause an uproar. Because the culture here cannot accept men and women walking around naked. In fact you even need to wear a sarong to cover up your shorts if you want to go to hospital

Same concept applies here with the Yulin Festival, perhaps for them its ok to eat dogs, but to me and the many more people its a big no because we see dogs as family and not food. But yet again, I realised those were against the Yulin festival were generally non-Muslims and not Muslims. Well maybe that's how it looked like on my Facebook and that surely doesn't paint the full picture

I do know of Muslims who are against this, but their voice are not as strong as the non-Muslims who I see are trying to stop this festival. The reason is again the connection we have with dogs. Most non-muslims sees this dogs as family while Muslims don't share such bonds with dogs as much as we do. Yet many passionate Muslim animal lovers has stood up to stop this event.

I want you to consider another situation and see if you would make such efforts to protest it. During Hari Raya Aidiladha, many cows are slaughtered and cook before giving out to people. Put the doing charity thing aside and religion aside and money. Just look it from the perspective of human killing animals under some reason. If you find Yulin Festival is wrong, than this is wrong too. If you find this ok, than maybe Yulin Festival isn't too wrong after all. But of cause in the context of religion and culture, slaughtering the cows are acceptable and not wrong. Its the same when Hindu's slaughter's goat under the name of religious prayers. I'm not trying to start a riot here, just trying to make you see things from a different perspective *I am still against Yulin despite all this*. Again this is not put one's religious believe down but just a comparison on what is acceptable and what is not in our culture.

One last thing, you don't necessary need to be a vegetarian to be against this event. That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. It's like telling you need to be a politician to disagree with GST or be a cop if you are unhappy with the crime rates. I think if you are animal lover and want to end this cruelty, you should stand up and do your part. The least you can do is sign that petition on top.

My name is Sukesh Pandian and I am against Yulin Annual Dog Meat Eating Festival

Sunday, 21 June 2015

An Eulogy To Be Read When I'm Gone

Whenever I Google. "Topics to blog about", this topic often comes around. It seems to be famous topic among bloggers. Even recently, my good friend Kugarubaan wrote on this topic and you can view that in the link below

For those who doesn't know what Eulogy means, well according to Wikipedia, an eulogy means "a speech or writing in praise of a person(s) or thing(s), especially one who recently died or retired or as a term of endearment. Eulogies may be given as part of funeral services."

My concept of the eulogy which will be written here is based on a style whereby the person who knows me best reads it as a speech during my funeral. It's a speech whereby based on the life I have/would lived and would love to be remember by forever. When people think of Sukesh Pandian, this is what they should remember.

Dearly beloved,

We are gathered here today to mourn the lose of someone special in our life. I have known Sukesh for many years and I am proud enough to say I know the man the best there is. It's been a privilege to travel in the journey of life with someone like Sukesh, and his demise today is something I am going to carry on for a life time

Knowing Sukesh, he was someone who never likes a sorrow sad occasion. He reminds me a lot of this dialogue from The Series Friends, which goes by as "Hi am Chandler, I make jokes when I am uncomfortable". Well you could replace the name Chandler with Sukesh and there you that is how he is. He likes to joke and kid around when things seems quite and akward.

And that is one his best feature to be honest, because around him you can never feel sad or down. He will find a way to put a smile on you and change your mood. With him around, you automatically become a much more positive person.

To me that is how Sukesh Pandian should be remembered. He is the man who can turn your bad day into your greatest day, he can take someone who is emotionally down and turn them to the happiest person, he can take someone who thinks they are a failure and create a wonderful success story. Above all he shows you the best way to live life is by putting on a smile, and not worrying too much about your problems because its always easier to deal with your problem with a smile instead of a frown.

Many might know Sukesh as the STATS Charger inventor, but I know Sukesh as the guy who changes people life by just talking to them. Thank you.

I dont know what kind of a person I am to you, I may have done some bad and hurt you but end of the day I would love to be remembered as a good guy. We all make mistakes and I apologies for mine. I know this wont be the exact words read at my funeral, but this is the way I aspire to live my life and to be remembered  

Friday, 19 June 2015

Under The Spotlight: Romeo Juliet

As the tittle says, Romeo Juliet is film centered around love, but its not your classic cult film which the lead characters goes against the world to prove their love and become one of the greatest love story of all time. No this is a love story with a modern touch to suit what the director's image of how Men and Women in the current generation perception of love and relationship. I repeat it's the director's view on things and doesn't represent the entire truth.

Story Review

The story is very simple in this film actually. Boy looks for his dream girl to fall in love and get married. He believes he will know who the one is when he meet's her for the very first time (yes love at first sight and he is ready to marry). Meanwhile girl's definition of love and marriage is that the guy has to be good looking and above all MUST BE RICH.

The heroine is air hostess and one day she bumps across the hero in her business class flight and sees him being requested to sit behind someone influential and famous on that flight. Believing he is rich and handsome, she tries to impress him with her looks but that din go to plan.

Later with the help of her friends, they track down the hero and stalks him to see he drives in an expensive car, uses a platinum credit card and drives into a wealthy house (which all doesn't belong to him). Seeing all this, she is convinced that he rich and decides to love him and win his attention

After a sequence of events they fall in love, but the heroine doesn't know that the hero is not rich and when she finds that out, she dumps him. He begs for a chance and she decides to teach him a lesson that money is everything by making him bring her out and spend lavishly. Eventually she dumps him

Fast forward a couple of months, the heroine gets engaged to a wealthy man and the hero starts to threaten her. He blackmails her into making her find a girl for him which will make him forget her. As that proceeds, he makes her do all the things he once did for her including spending lavishly. Eventually he meets someone and they hit things off

It is here where the heroine realizes that love isn't about money but care and ditches the wealthy man back for the hero who is about to be engaged to this other girl. In the process he teaches her a lesson via public humiliation before a twist in event where he ends up with her.

Morally, the film has a ridiculously stupid content which puts women very low and show how cheap men can behave. When you watch it, they will be alot of hate and frustration feeling. But put that moral value aside and judging the film by the film alone, its not a bad movie actually and it good to have romantic comedy films instead of the usual commercial masala. So in terms of that thumbs of the film

Although I feel at times the film was abit stuck between a romantic comedy and a melodrama but overall the film does well with alot of sequence that will make you laugh and is worthy of an one time entertainer.

Rating: 2.5/5.0

Director Review
It's a good attempt for someone making their directional debut. Would have preferred he shaped his characters slightly more maturely but nevertheless its a good effort. He picked on a subject which will get everyone interested to watch so that was a smart decision. But at times in the story and screenplay you could see some naiveness and rookieness in it. Huge credit for the director for making a film that gave alot of scope for the heroine to perform. It's becoming very much of a rare thing nowdays so it's encouraging to see films with scope for the heroine. I hope Director Lakshman continues to director more films in the future as I would be eager to see what he has next in mind providing he works on his weakness

Rating: 2.3/5.0 

The Cast
Jayam Ravi

Never much a fan of Jayam Ravi but I think now he is slowly finding where he belongs in the hierarchy of Tamil actors and looks like he has found what would be his best strength. I never rated him as a commercial hero or an action hero despite his good physique but he seems to ace it as romantic comedy hero or what is known as The Chocolate Boy.

So this film fits him perfectly like a "T". A helpless romantic who is also a gym instructor. Just the perfect role for the man and he delivers it very well. He seems so convincing as a naive guy and evokes his emotions well. Scenes which involves him being angry was a delight to watch where you will be convinced the guy was piss mad and you don't want to mess with him.

His only weak point in this film was his dancing but well not everyone is natural dancer and I don't see it much of a plus feature for a hero. He justifies his role well and showed why he was the right pick for the film. They can replace him with out hero's like Simbu or Vishal but I don't think they would do justice to the role like how Jayam Ravi did.

 Rating: 3.3/5.0

Hansika Motwani

Perhaps the actress that I despise the most along with Tamanah, so my review on her could be a little bias. Never rated her as an actress and I guess I never will rate her ever. She is just fair and cute but millions of miles behind being called a proper actress like Trisha or Nayanthara. Nevertheless that has nothing to do with her performance in this film

Felt she was ok for the role, someone who looks good physically and who is immature. She carried the character to be a little kiddy and not mature. Not sure if that was intended by the director or is it because that's the only way she knows how to act. Because her character is an orphan from young and she is who she is today because of her effort. Generally that will result in a strong mature character but here it's not

She had her struggles as usual in the scenes which needed her to cry. Never felt the crying was genuine at all. Given a choice I would pick Nayanthara as my lead for this film. I believe she was the director's choice too but had to opt out due to some reasons

 Rating: 2.9/5.0

Poonam Bajwa and VTV Ganesh

This were the other two characters who had any real weight on the film as well as the wealthy mappilai. Both of them did well and it was good to have Poonam back in films after a long time although its not really a role that would suit her. Yet she did well to woo the crowd with her performance and I was rooting Jayam Ravi to end with her instead of Hansika actually. VTV Ganesh had a minimal part to make his presence felt. Had only a couple of real scenes where he could evoke his humor and in those times he did well before his character gradually fades out and you wont feel it.

 Rating: 2.5/5.0

The Music

Loved the opening song of "Dandanaka nakka" but the choreography killed the "Kutuness" of the song and other than that "Thoovanam" was nice to hear. The rest are songs which perhaps I will never remember hearing again. Even the next time it was played, I won't know it's from this film. Rerecording was good and the background score was on point. Not mindblowing but a decent job to get us going with the film

 Rating: 2.7/5.0

Final Verdict: ROMEO JULIET is not the greatest love story of all time but a one men's perception of how today's generation see how love and relationships are

Final Rating: 2.7/5.0

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Kasi Tukar Sikit La JPJ

Today seemed to be like another normal day as I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline. It was then when I came across a Facebook Status from a friend of mine. She seemed to have had a rough day on the road because of some reckless drivers. That got me thinking and prompted me to write this post

Seeing her post got me thinking of the amount of reckless driving I have witness while I am on the road, well I may have been guilty of some too, so have you too I'm sure. There are two types of people causes reckless driving.. People who knows how to drive and those who don't know how to drive.

Yes believe it or not, many of them out there who don't know how to drive, but they are out there driving risking their life and worse thing, risking the life of others. Yet these people all have license. So how isit possible that you have a legit license but you are a poor driver.

Well this comes down to the fundamental of how license are being granted to us. The current system involves us hearing a long lecture about driving before we do a computer test to gain our "L" license. Than we are given hours to practice in a manual car both on road and circuit before doing the practical exam.

So why not introduce a change here. First of all, there are both auto and manual cars out there. Usually those who can drive manual, can also drive auto cars, but those who have been so comfortable using auto cars, find it difficult to drive manual cars (I am one of them) . So why not have two different license. A separate license for auto and manual cars. 

I can't drive manual cars but with my current license I am eligible to drive it. Putting me behind the wheels of a manual car is just going to increase the risk of accident on the roads. Many people who after getting their drivers license never drove for many years and suddenly buys a car (usually) auto and drives them. So its best I feel we have 2 different license for auto and manual. Although I agree it will be hard to regulate this

Second, scrap off that long lecture on driving. No one really even listens to it. Many would sleep or do other stuff. Instead summarize it to an hour length before they can study for their "L" license test. Next once you have "L" license don't allow them to drive a real car just yet for learning in the school

Instead introduce a driving simulation model for them to practice in a simulator. Have both auto and manual mode in it plus different types of car as different car means different length. Make them drive in the simulator first. Learn how to park, learn how to turn, LEARN HOW TO USE INDICATORS and many more real life situation.

You could simulate different weather conditions and see how  to over come it. Have a simulator test and see if they can pass it. Only if they pass this test, than allow them to be in a real car and practice driving in a driving school. With this type of system in place, you can produce more better and responsible drivers.

But this is just the production stage, so how do we ensure they are still good drivers 10 years from now. Simple, every time they were to renew their license, they have to sit back again for the simulator and practical test and they have to pass it to renew their license. Of cause since they are renewing their license that means they don't have to pay anything extra except the license renewing fees.

With this changes being applied by the JPJ, I'm confident we can produce and sustain more careful and responsible drivers on the road. And that means less accidents too. But of cause, all this will be possible if the system is closely followed without any CORRUPTION being involved.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

My Bucket List

In my life, there are many thing I want to do, so the best way for me to keep track of it is to make a list of it and strike it out once I have completed it. I am going to list it down here and once I have achieved it I will highlight it out a sign it is complete.

  1. A vacation at Pangkor Laut Resort
  2. Owning an IPhone
  3. Having a cake topped with M&M's
  4. Watching Arsenal play from a stadium
  5. Go to the Emirates Stadium
  6. Get an Arsenal player to sign my jersey
  7. Buy the red Ferrari Jacket
  8. Get an original Arsenal jersey with original name set
  9. Bring Casey for a proper grooming session
  10. Get a Golden Retriever and Siberian Huskey
  11. Go for go karting
  12. Try laser tag
  13. Try paintball
  14. Travel to Europe
  15. Travel to an amazing beach anywhere around the world
  16. Direct a short film
  17. Paid to do product review and promotion on my blog
  18. Giving a talk at TED
  19. Take up a pilot license
  20. Buy a small drone/helicopter/plane remote toy
  21. Buy a Ferrari control car which can be controlled by a pedal and remote control
  22. Have a collection of superhero Action Figure
  23. Going for a vacation alone
  24. Going for a buffet hotel dinner on a normal day
  25. Going to Universal Studios in Singapore
  26. Going to Legoland in Johor
  27. Watching a movie in Gold Class
  28. Watching a movie in IMAX
  29. Going for a ship cruise
  30. Trying Bens & Jerry Ice Cream
  31. New headphones for phone and laptop
  32. Beanbag seat for the room
  33. Have a mini fridge in the room filled with beers and chocolates
  34. A TV in the room
  35. Go to Aquaria
  36. Try Miniature Golf 
  37. A collection of super hero T-Shirts 
  38. Becoming a motivational Speaker
  39. Becoming an author
  40. Doing Bungee Jumping
  41. Trying out Jumpstreet

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Arsenal 2014-2015 Award Ceremony

Its another season of silverware for The Might Arsenal, something we have not been used to hear in the past 9 years. Success is a habit we are starting to get familiar with now. This post would summarize up over season in terms of award and who we should sign for the coming season to ensure we continue to improve

Best Goalkeeper
It's a tale of two halves for the Arsenal goalkeepers..Beginning of the season is was Szczesny who was the established number 1 keeper, but after his error at Southampton, Ospina became the trusted man between the post and hardly has put a foot wrong till the end of the season. Emiliano Martinez played about 6 games in the season but the award goes to David Ospina for Arsenal's Goalkeeper of The Year

Best Defender
I can narrow down the candidates for Arsenal's Best Defender of The Year to three of them, Hector Bellerin, Laurent Koscielny and Nacho Monreal. But the award for me goes to Laurent Koscielny. Monreal was one of our most improved player of the season while Bellerin was an unexpected success, yet both of this player could be replaced without much worries. What Koscielny brings to the squad game after game cant be replaced with another center back here. Strong, establish and always ready to dive in to cover in defensive partners with quick pace. He makes a huge difference every time he plays

Best Midfielder
The most crowded position in the team, but the easiest  winner to choose. When you score 25 goals in a single season playing from the wing, you are obviously the winner of Arsenal's Best Midfielder Alexis Sanchez. In what would be a close competition actually would see Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazrola come in second and third for me

Best Forward
This is another straightforward competition between Oliver Giroud and Danny Welback with Oliver Giroud bagging the award unchallenged.  Ruled out with an injury for almost 3 months, to come back on a scoring spree including against teams like City, United and Liverpool, Oliver Giroud has move up the grades this season and deserving of the Arsenal's Best Forward of The Season.

Best Signing
Sanchez, Debuchy. Chambers, Ospina, Welbeck and Gabriel. That is 6 signings in a single season, very un Arsene Wenger like. Yet again the is no questions raised on who deserves to be Arsenal's Best Signing of The Season, its Alexis Sanchez

Best Player
When you are the Best Midfielder and the Best signing of the season with 25 goals, its no rocket science to guess who is Arsenal's Best Player of The Season. Yes it's Alexis Sanchez once again

Best Young Player
Usually 23 years old is often considered as a "Young Footballer" and in that case, Francis Coquelin is Arsenal's Best Young Player of The Season. Went out on loan to Charlton only to be recall back to the team due to short of players. Picked up four booking in a row in his first 4 games of the season, and from there onwards there was no looking back for Le Coq. One of the biggest reason for Arsenal's success besides Alexis. Despite only playing half a season, the stats he ranked up was better than Matic, making him the best defensive midfielder in the league

Best Goal
This stunning strike by Ramsey against Galatasaray

Best Win of the Season
I wouldn't picked the FA Cup Quarter Final 1-0 win over United as the best win of the season because that would give them too much credit that they deserve. My pick would be the 2-0 away from home win against Manchester City. It was a perfect performance from all the players on the pitch. Often criticized for not being able to make his team play a different type of football, Wenger proved them wrong. He set his team up defensively solid with Ramsey and Le Coq staying discipline behind holding the line while Alexis and The Ox worked their socks off on the flanks, attacking and providing cover for the fullbacks. A superb display and a superb win

Players to Sign

Sign this 3 lads and we would challenge for the league next season!!!!!