Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Tinder Vazhi Orru Cantippu

It is almost 3.45 p.m. The date was supposed to be at 3.30 p.m. Aadya has been at the coffeehouse waiting for her date to be there since 3.15 p.m. Aadya is a 27 year old strong independent woman. She is a bold and confident woman who has very high self-esteem and a very successful one in the corporate world. Aadya identifies her as a feminist.

How can one not be punctual on a date? I shouldn’t have said yes to the date. This is just a waste of time. If he isn’t here in 5 minutes I am leaving.” Said Aadya in a WhatsApp text to her close friend Varun.

Relax Aadya. He will be there I’m sure. Maybe he ran into some traffic. He seemed like a nice guy over text Aadya. Give him the benefit of the doubt.” Replied Varun to Aadya over Whatsapp.

Whatever Varun. 5 minutes or I am out. Alright 15 more minutes tops and I am out.” Replied Aadya to Varun.

As she replied Varun’s text and kept the phone on the table while taking a sip out of her coffee, a young dashing man approaches her table and speaks to her.

That’s a very nice purple dress Aadya. Hi I’m Aanand, the guy from Tinder.” Said Aanand as he lent his hand to greet her.

There he was Aanand, the young 29 year old guy who is Aadya’s date. He certainly did look dashing in the red shirt tucked into his jeans with his sleeves folded halfway to his arm and with a classic full beard. Upon shacking his hand, Aadya certainly did feel that Aanand was confident man himself. With that her frustration about Aanand begun to subside.

Have a seat Aanand and let me call the waiter for you.” Said Aadya to Aanand.

Sure.” Said Aanand.

Hi sir welcome to Three Little Birds. Here is our menu. What would you like to have?” Greeted the waiter towards Aanand.

I heard your hot chocolate is good. I’ll have one of that please. And Aadya what would you like to have. Ah I see you have ordered your drink.” Said Aanand as he realized Aadya has already had her drink.

You can’t blame a girl for ordering a drink first when her date is late right.” Said Aadya cheekily.

Well first let me apologize for being late. That was bad on me. I had to run to the hospital real quick while I was on the way here.” Said Aanand apologetically.

Hospital? Why what’s wrong? Owh yeah you are a doctor right Aanand?” Said Aadya towards Aanand in hesitation and concern.

Yes Aadya. I am a doctor. Yeap everything is good. I am going on a 10 days leave starting tomorrow and they just needed my opinion on something before I’m on leave.” Said Aanand to Aadya.

That’s nice. On leave huh? Travelling anywhere Aanand?” Asked Aadya.

Yes yes I will be travelling. Actually I am quite much a traveler to be honest. I am flying over for a week long back packing trip across Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Flying off tomorrow.” Said Aanand in excitement towards Aadya.

That’s cool. I don’t really fancy travelling that much though. I don’t know why but I never felt the excitement about travelling. I am always just so occupied with work, I hardly find time to do anything else.” Said Aadya to Aanand.

Owh you should try it Aadya. It is amazing. You should travel solo. It is so liberating. A woman like you will surely love. It will help you rediscover yourself away from work.” Encouraged Aanand towards Aadya.

It does sound interesting Aanand. I guess it something I might consider in the future.” Nodded Aadya.

Hi sir, here is your hot chocolate.” Greeted the waiter while handing over the hot chocolate towards Aanand.

Thank you!” said Aanand to the waiter.

Hot chocolate in a coffeehouse eh Aanand.” Asked Aadya towards Aanand.

Well yeah I am not really a coffee person actually Aadya. Never really liked the taste of it. Despite being a doctor I am very much a sweet tooth person and love chocolates much.” Said Aanand with a smile speaking about chocolates towards Aadya.

Haha you must really love chocolates don’t you Aanand.” Asked Aadya.

Owh yes chocolates is love haha. Chocolate bars, cakes, cookies, drinks or anything. If there is chocolate in it, I am all up for it.” Said Aanand excitedly.

I don’t really like them actually. I am a coffee person. I like it strong and raw. Owh the aroma from the coffee early morning is one of the best smell to wake up. I could go on a coffee spree all day long.” Said Aadya.

That is interesting. I tried it a few times but nah I just can’t haha. So Aadya what brings you Tinder?” Asked Aanand.

There was silence around the coffee table.

Well Aanand, I am not looking for anything to be honest at the moment. Maybe a couple of dates but nothing more. Not into relationships or anything. Actually it was my friend Varun who insisted I got on Tinder so that I would actually meet people and not be stuck in at work." Explained Aadya.

How about you Aanand. Why are you on Tinder?” asked Aadya.

Well my job makes me spend many hours at the hospital, treating people and so on. The only human interaction I get is work and that’s why I came on Tinder. Looking for some dates and companionship.” Said Aanand.

Companionship as in relationship or something physical like a hook up?” Asked Aadya curiously.

Honestly a little of both. With the way things are going on in my life, I am very much open to both. But it should happen on its own not something I would seek for. If it happens, it happens. If not I am fine. It will be nice meeting people always.” Explained Aadya.

Well that’s very honest of bold of you to say that. We are very opposite people Aanand. From beverage to travelling to dating and relationship we are extremely contrasting.” Said Aadya.

Yeah that’s true and I like that Aadya. It is always nice meeting someone different. It challenges your thought process. It is really fun talking to you Aadya but I got to leave now. I have another appointment now. Need to pick up some photography gears before I travel tomorrow.” Said Aanand.

Ah you are into photography as well? Well yeah sure Aanand. You go ahead. Have a safe trip!” Greeted Aadya.

There is a lot more to me Aadya, perhaps on the second date I can tell you more.” Said Aanand with a smile as he stood up to leave.

We shall see if there is a second date Aanand. I will text you alright. Take care Aanand. Bye.” Said Aadya.

The pair of them shacked hands and Aanand walked out of the coffee shop and headed back.

The date is over Varun. He just left.” Said the text from Aadya to Varun as she took a bite of her cookie.

So how did it go? Is there a second date?” Replied Varun.


-To be continued-