Sunday, 25 June 2017

Under The Spot Light: AAA 1D

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Following the hype of Baahubali and Vishawaroopam, Anbanavan Asardhavan Adangadhavan (AAA) will be released in 2 parts, with the first part called AAA 1D, with 1D meaning 1 dimension. Following up on Simbhu success from Idhu Namma Allu and AYM and Adhik’s success of Trish Illana Nayanthara, much things was expected from this duo

Story Review

Usually my story review section will be long and detailed, but this time it is going to be really brief. Well that’s because in a 2 hour 20 minutes film, only 10 minutes of the film has some story to it.

AAA 1D is about how an old man aged 55, who is a Don or paid assassin in his younger days moves from Madurai to Dubai and now resides in Chennai falls in love with a 26 year old girl only to find out she doesn’t love him and someone else instead. He now vows to get his revenge on her in AAA 2D.

The story line is so thin and it doesn’t make sense to run the whole film for 2 hours. The whole Madurai portion seems to have no impact on the film and a waste of time. Hopefully in AAA 2D, they actually show what happens in Dubai.

Rating: 1.5/5.0

Director Review
Adhik Ravichandran

Adhik has to shoulder the responsibility on why AAA 1D is such a poor film. Let it be from the storyline, dialogues and screenplay it was all so horrible. Adhik stated doesn’t want to thought of a director who does films like Trisha Illana Nayanthara, but capable of much more. Well he needs to show he has that.

He also mentioned that AAA 1D is a film for youngster. Well just because it is for youngster, it doesn’t mean it has to have too many adult jokes and double meaning dialogues. The worst part was showing Motte Rajendran being nude. Like seriously why? Does doing a film for youth’s means it is all about sex, kissing and nudity. Certain portion were just too disgusting to watch.

In terms of dialogues, punch dialogues alone doesn’t make it a mass film or scene. It is everything that comes along in the scene that creates that feel. Self-glorifying dialogues alone won’t cut it. I could understand that if the dialogues were to glorify the character, but come on to glorify the real life Simbhu. It was more like it was a marketing campaign to make us think Simbhu is a great person in real life.

It doesn’t only stop with glorifying Simbhu, he even pushes it to glorify T.Rajendran. In terms of character design, once again Adhik’s fails miserably. Let it be the heroines or the supporting character, it was almost to no purpose and meaning to it.

In a time where many young directors are coming up with quality films, Adhik is not one in that list and needs to work extremely hard to be considered a decent director.

Rating: 1.3/5.0

The Cast

While I may not be a fan of Simbhu, personally I think he is a very talented actor. He has bags of talents and needs the right director to discipline him and bring the best out of him. Just like GVM did with VTV and AYM and Pandiraj did with Idhu Namma Allu. At this stage of his career, I would have thought that Simbhu would have figured out what kind of films work for him and what doesn’t.

Yet the boy never seems to learn. He continues to pick films which glorifies him so irrelevantly without contributing to the film. The same thing happens in this film. Simbhu plays the role of a young Madurai Michael and an elderly role of Ashwin Tata. They both are the same character.

I have no issues with his added weight, in fact I think the added weight plays well for his elderly character role. I was hoping Madurai Michael to be more like Thothi Jaya but the character seemed to be very lost and out of sort.

Meanwhile on the Ashwin Tata front, having white hair and wrinkles only does not makes you an old man. He didn’t seem to have any sort of body language resembling an old man. Maybe he could look at how Surya played the elderly role in Varnam Ayiram to be a little more convincing.

On a positive note, I did enjoy his look as Madura Michael. Especially the scene which he comes riding on top the car with and lighting the car up. If only the story with would been a little bit more mass and better dialogues, it could a character many people would have liked it very much.

It is hard to shoulder most of the blame on Simbhu as the story, screenplay and dialogue was designed by the director, and Simbhu was just executing the role assigned to him, unless of cause he influenced the director on that front.

However he needs to held responsible for picking such a poor script especially after doing a couple of good films. He has been on a little positive rise in his last couple of films and this is just going to crush all those hard work he has been doing.

I still rate him highly, but he has to stop doing roles which glorifies himself or his father and focus on doing actual real proper films.

Rating: 2.7/5.0

Shriya Saran & Tamannah

Shriya makes her comeback as a lead character in Tamil film after 6 years with Rowthiram being the last. Well at least on paper it can be considered a lead character, but in reality her role adds almost 0 weight to the film.

She maybe 34, but she surely does looking stunning and lovely. Sadly I couldn’t say the same thing about her performance. It felt very dull and 1 dimension and shows a lack of variety in terms of portraying emotions.

Tamannah on the hand looks like the bomb. Stunning and gorgeous and she has the moves when it comes to dance. Performance wise once again it well a little dull and 1 dimension.

Maybe it wasn’t a lack of talent from the actress but just the way the characters was design by the director. I’ll let you judge that.
Rating: 2.5/5.0

Mahat Raghavendra, VTV Ganesh, Motte Rajendran

Mahat plays the role of Madurai Michael’s best friend. It is a role which could so easily have a much bigger role, but due to poor writing, his character is almost forgettable.

VTV Ganesh is suppose the character that evokes laughter in you but the whole Simbhu-VTV Ganesh combo is so dead it is about time people stop using it. Does he plays any weight in terms of the story? Absolutely no.

Atleast Motte Rajendran’s role does make you laugh in a couple of places and the scene between him and Kovai Sarala reenacting Thali Pogathey was perhaps the best scene in the whole film. This concept of using Motte Rajendran to reenact songs or scenes of other films has been use many times and it is about to get bored very soon.

Rating: 2.0/5.0

The Music
Yuvan Shankar Raja

AAA 1D’s only saving grace has to be Yuvan’s music. The songs in the film doesn’t really create any magic for me and it is far of what Yuvan is truly capable in songs. A good director would have able to commend more out of Yuvan in terms of songs.

Nevertheless the area which Yuvan wins big time and perhaps rescues the film is his strong background score. Let it be more Madurai Michael Ashwin Tata or scenes in between, it is his BGM which creates magic in the film. Without Yuvan, the film would have been too unbearable to watch.

Rating: 3.3/5.0

Final Verdict: Awful, Agonizing, Atrocious

Final Rating: 2.4/5.0

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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Under The Spot Light: Vanamagan

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Festive season is a time of celebration and that is also a great time to release Tamil films. During this festive period we have two big films being released and today I am going to review one of them today. Directed by A.L.Vijay or now known as Vijay, here is the review of Vanamagan.

Story Review

Vanamagan offers a story which you don’t normally see in a Tamil film. The story themes around the indigenous people who has their own way of living and language meets people from the city and what happens after that.

The film can be split into 2 halves. The first half of the film deals with a backdrop of the city. This portion deals mainly with the humor side of the film whereby it shows the lead character who is part of an indigenous tribe deals about fitting into the city society.

Meanwhile the second half of the film deals about how he fights for his tribe people against a corporate company who is trying to take away the land of the people. What helps the story transition from the first half of the film to the second half of the film is the love theme between the lead characters.

The movie does well in the comedy section especially the sequence of scenes from the hero being a real ruckus in the city to the point she tries to tame him. Another highlight scene from the film for me was the scene which shows the police attacking the indigenous tribe people. Although it wasn’t as intense as the climax scene in Aayarithil Oruvan, but it was equally heart wrenching to watch it.

The movie has a good balance of action, emotion and comedy to make it a very good family watch during the festive season. I also enjoyed how the lead cast expressed that they loved each other without saying the words. The actions to protect each other and care for speaks volume

On the downside the length of the film could have been much shorter. Despite having a good core story, the first half city portion of the film could have been much shorter as it doesn’t add much weight to the film. Also I feel more weight could have added to show more details of the indigenous tribe people instead of summarizing it through a song. The story too could do with a couple of songs lesser.

Nevertheless, Vanamagan is indeed a very much welcomed changed in terms of story for the Kollywood industry and looking forward for more bold stories like this.

Rating: 3.5/5.0

Director Review
A. L. Vijay

A. L. Vijay is a director who I always look forward to watching his films. It’s hard to understand why he has had a patch of ups and downs in terms of success in his film making journey. He has now done 10 films and I feel he always succeeds when he does a not so common subject film. Films like Madrasapattinam or Deiva Thirumagal. Vanamagan falls under this category as well.

A. L. Vijay deserves all the credit for the character design for Jayam Ravi’s role. I don’t remember seeing a character like that in a Tamil film and credit to Vijay for being bold in that perspective. Another area which he and his team deserve praises is on the art direction agenda.

The setup of the Andaman Island, the jungle and indigenous tribe village.  Also the costume design for the tribe people was also a good treat. However the C.G.I part of the film felt a little disconnected from the film and I think he could have done much better for the Tiger part.

At the same time, I felt he could have added more story and depth to the film instead of having song fillers and focusing too much on just between the lead cast. This causes the film to feel that it goes on a slow pace and it stretches up to 2 hours plus the film.

Another point which I enjoyed about the director is how he connects the little dots in the film. Some of the scenes showed early in the film comes back later to play an important part of the crux of the story. Credit on his screenplay arrangement.

The camera work deserves a worthy mention for this film. Love the way the scenes were captured in the Andaman backdrop. The peak of the camera work can be scene in the way a single take action sequence was captured in the tribe village. The action happens all over the place and camera moves smoothly allowing you to capture the emotions in the actions. Well done.
On the bright side, I truly enjoyed A. L. Vijay’s vision of giving us a film speaking for the tribe people and the end credit scene which was dedicated to educating us about the other indigenous tribe people around the world.

Rating: 3.5/5.0

The Cast
Jayam Ravi

I have never been a fan of Jayam Ravi. Infact I have been a strong critic of him and felt he never has the quality to be a great actor. Before Vanamagan, I felt he has only gave 2 quality performance for a film, with that being Adhi Bhagavan and Thani Oruvan.

After watching this film, I take back all my criticism against him. I think he was the real star of this film. He plays a role of an indigenous tribe next in line leader who speaks their own language. Which meant his character is not able to speak Tamil or English throughout the film.

He has to fully really on his body language and eyes to portray all kind of emotions throughout the film and manages to captivate you with his performance. Top class acting from the man to bring the role alive on screen.  
Rating: 4.3/5.0

Sayyeshaa Saigal

She is 19 years old and this is only her 3rd film (1st in Tamil), but she showed so much of maturity and calmness in her performance. It is hard to believe that she is still so new in the industry. It a character which had a lot of meat to perform and she was up for the task.

It was a pleasure to see her on screen and loved the way she was able to commend the screen with the right attitude and dominate the scenes. Her dancing ability is a huge plus point, especially the opening song dance movements.

I would rate her performance in this film to be way more ahead of many other heroines in the industry. Her next film is alongside Karthi and Vishal and I hope she has a role with lots of scope to perform. Given the right scripts in a couple more films, she will be a household name in the industry.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Thambi Ramaiah & Prakash Raj

Thambi Ramiah plays the role of a servant to the heroine and is the heart of the comedy sequence of the film. With the 1st half the film lacking in terms of core story, it is his comedy portion which carries the film through.

His ability to evoke humor all by himself playing off reactions of his cast is something to be appreciated in this film.

Meanwhile for Prakash Raj, I felt his role could have been a little bigger in the film to have more impact in the story. He makes a cameo in the first half of the film and goes missing. He comes back again towards the end of the film to play a pivotal role in the film. In terms of performance, he nails it as always. Such a terrific character artist.

Rating: 3.0/5.0

The Music
Harris Jeyaraj

This film marks Harris’s 50th film as a music director. While the songs may not be chart topping blockbuster but it is still a very decent music album. A particular favourite song for me was “Yemma Yea Azhagamma”.

I enjoyed his background music throughout the film especially the music signifying the tribe people. The background music helps carry you through the film and credit to Harris for that.

Rating: 3.0/5.0

Final Verdict: A combination of George Of The Jungle & Avatar with a hint of Indian flavor.

Final Rating: 3.6/5.0

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Happy Birthday Thalapathy: 5 Reasons Why I Love Vijay

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After Super Star Rajinikanth, my next favourite actor in the industry is definitely Thalapathy Vijay. For me it was Minsara Kanna that did the trick for me. I was 9 years old back then and I remember my parents bought a CD of the movie. I remember laughing most parts of the film and it was that moment onward I started adoring Vijay.

18 year later, bar Rajini, Vijay is still my favourite actor despite the rise of many talented actors. Vijay had his share of box office failures but nevertheless I remained a fan of his performance and not his films at that period of time.

2007 to 2011 he had a run of poor films, but ever since Kaavalan, personally I think he has had a fantastic run of good films bar one or two below par films. With the first look poster of Mersal being released, the goosebumps are coming back high again on his next film and I am expecting some magical work (pun intended).

Back then it was hard for me to come up with a reason why I adore Vijay, but today here I am presenting to you 5 Reasons Why I Love Vijay.

1.     Dance

The first thing that comes to the mind of most people when you say Vijay is that his ability to dance. His ability to dance to a song which has a fast beat is a joy to watch. He is currently one of the best dancer among the heroes in Kollywood. I loved his dance in Pokiri and Ghili and I sure we will be in for a treat with Mersal.

2.     Comic Timing

This is reason why I first started liking Vijay when I was young. His expressions and the ability to carry on comical scenes is amazing. You can pair him up with any comedian or let it be even on his own, he never fails to make you laugh.

To me is comedy timing, body language and sense is in the same ranks of both Rajini and Kamal. That laughing scene in Friends with Surya and Vadivelu is perhaps the best comedy scene ever done by a hero.

3.     Screen Presence

Nearly every hero in the industry today wants to be a commercial hero like Rajini. Only a handful of actors want to be like Kamal. Well let’s face it, it is almost impossible to be a performer like Kamal. Yet actors like Surya and Vikram has the potential to follow a similar path like Kamal.

The rest wants to be a commercial hero. The reason why Rajini was successful as a commercial hero was because he had a commending screen presence. 5 seconds of Rajini on screen without any dialogue, just a smile and walk will drive the fans crazy.

After him, the closes actor being to emulate that sense of craze from the audience is Vijay. He has such a good grip in terms of his on screen presence. Combine that with his ability to utter punch dialogues and hold good body language in a scene is what makes Vijay the best commercial hero after Rajini.

4.     Romantic/Student Films

In his early days in the industry, it was both love films and student/youth films which propelled Vijay into an established actor. Then in the early 2000’s he made his transition into a Mass Commercial hero and there was no turning back.

Personally some of Vijay’s finest performance came in the days early in his career. I have always loved his films like Kushi, Friends, Thulladha Maanam Thullam & Once More. That was the Vijay I knew when I was young and I became a fan of.

Despite his rise as a commercial hero, he is still able to pull of these roles with much ease and calmness. Films like Kaavalan, Nanban (a personal favourite), & Sachein shows he still has that in his game. I hope he don’s this type of role one more time in the near future.

5.     Action

And finally, I just love his action sequences in his commercial films. I’ll be the first to admit it that some of them may defy law of science, but somehow I don’t mind it when it is him or Rajini who does it.

I love the way he dishes out his action sequence together with a punch dialogue. His ability to blend in action, sentiment, comedy and romance is what perhaps makes him one of the most successful commercial actors in the industry out there.

Vijay has his haters and I am very much aware of that. I would accept any criticism during the 2007-2011 period, but for the next 6 years he has actually done very well and his criticism is longer justified. He is well aware that he is no Kamal to try don out different roles and characters. He knows what works for him and he works hard on that. Like him or hate him, after Rajini it is Vijay who is the best commercial entertainer in the industry.

Happy Birthday Thalapathy Vijay!

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Kadhal; Kaalam; Kannamoochi: Part 3

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Hey! It’s you. Yes I do remember you. Wow it has been so many years. How have you been doing?” I said.

“I’m good. How have you been? I saw you from a distance just now but wasn’t sure if I should come and talk to you. I don’t know why but I just felt like saying hi to you.” She said.

“Haha come on it’s great that you came on spoke to me. I am doing great. Just wait a moment here, I want to introduce you to someone. I said.

While she took a seat at the bench, I quickly went to the playground and brought my daughter to introduce to here.

“Girl, say hello to this aunty. She is appa’s very good friend for many years.” I said.

“Hi Aunty.” She said while hiding herself near my legs.

My girl becomes a little shy when she meets someone new but when she gets comfortable with you, she will have endless stories to tell you.

“Hi there little one.” She said.

You’ve got a daughter? I think I should get going first. It’s been nice seeing you but I should leave.” She said in a hurry tone.

“Wait why? It’s great seeing you after so many years. Let’s catch up over brunch tomorrow. For old time’s sake? Come on.” I persuaded her.

“I don’t know. I don’t think I should be doing this. Maybe I shouldn’t have come and spoken to you.” She said.

Just one cup of coffee, 30 minutes and if you don’t like you can go. It will be a little nice to talk to you again.” I said.

“Erm, okay. I will see you tomorrow.” She said.

“I will text you the place. Let’s say 11 a.m. tomorrow. Still the same number right. I said.

“Yeah the same number. You still kept my number? She asked.

“It’s no longer in my phone, but I remember it by heart. I’ll text you. See ya tomorrow.” I said.

Once again we parted ways but this time I knew I will see her tomorrow.

After preparing dinner for my girl, I felt a little confused about meeting her tomorrow. My wife knew everything about her before we got into a relationship. Yet somehow seeing her tomorrow made me feel a little guilty in some way I couldn’t understand.

One side it’s me, another side I was worried if she should come and see me. Would her spouse be okay with the fact she is meeting me. Especially because I insisted her to come. I took my phone and texted her the details for tomorrow. As much as I wanted to see her tomorrow, if she would reply me she isn’t coming, I told myself I wouldn’t force it anymore.

“Ok.” She replied.

The next day, I was there 30 minutes earlier then the time I was supposed to meet her up. I’m some who likes to be punctual and knowing it was seeing her, I was there a little earlier.

Dressed in a blue shirt, with my sleeves folded up and black jeans, I waited for her at the cafĂ©. Then she came, 10 minutes earlier as well. She wore a red blouse and with a smile on her and that look hit me hard about how much I’ve missed that smile. She looked as amazing as how the first time I saw her 20 years ago.

“Hey you are early.” I said.

“Yeah I didn’t want to be late. Knew you would come early as well.” She said.

We proceed to order our food and carried on speaking about our good times in university. Reminiscing those beautiful memories made the both of us smile. What was supposed to be a 30 minutes meet up has now dragged on to an hour already.

“So tell me about her. How did you meet your wife?” She asked hesitantly.

“I met her about 3 years after that night in Penang. Got to know her through a mutual friend and she is a doctor. We hit off very well with one another. We got into a relationship within 6 months. I knew she was the one and I proposed to her.” I said.

“Things were great but since the both of us had very odd working hours, we could hardly meet up for dinner or anything, so we decided to move in together. Perhaps that was the best decision we made. We grew to love each other better with that. I said.

7 years ago we tied the knot with the blessing from our families and 2 years later we had our only girl. Life was so complete with the both of them.” I said.

“Wow that really nice. I’m sure she looks amazing. By the way, does she knows about me? Did you tell her today you are seeing me?” She asked.

“Owh yes she knows about you. I told her the full story about me and you. From being in university up to that night in Penang. Yeah kinda knows about today.” I said.

“Kinda?” She questioned.

My wife passed away 3 years ago. She is no longer with us but I somehow feels she knows whatever happens with me. So yeah kinda.” I said.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know. How did it happen? She asked as she hold my hand to console me.

It was an accident. She wasn’t working that night, but she got a call from the hospital saying it was an emergency. She was already tired from a long shift. She barely had any rest and she had to run again when they called. She was sleepy but she drove. It was a hit and run case. We don’t know who it was. She went to save a life, but she lost hers at the end. I said.

While saying that, tears rolled down my cheeks. I have grown to love my wife so much and I still can’t talk about what happened to her without breaking down a little. She was everything you ever needed in a spouse and honestly I am a little lost without her by my side.

“I am sorry about asking it. I never expected that. Seeing you and your daughter yesterday, I had no idea about this. She said.

“It’s Okay.” I said.

“So what about you? Are you married? I asked.

I was.” She said.

“Was? Oh my god I am sorry. Don’t tell me your husband passed away too? I asked.

“Nope.” She said.

“I am sorry but I don’t really get you. I said.

I am divorced. She said.

“I’m sorry. Was it another abusive relationship? I asked, fearing a repeat of her past.

“Nope he was not. In fact he was actually a very nice and sweet guy.” She said.

“Sorry if I am crossing a line here, but why would you guy’s divorce then? I asked.

“After what happened before, I had a little phobia about love, relationships and marriage. I didn’t want to get married, but you know how an Indian family are right. The moment a girl reaches 25 years old they will keep pressuring her to get married. She said.

“My parents kept forcing me into getting married. After a couple of years of emotionally blackmailing me and pressuring, I finally gave in. They set me up with this guy and we got married. He was a nice sweet guy, but he always held a distance from me physically. A year passed by and we never got intimate with one another. She said.

“One night while dinner, he told me he wanted to get a divorce. He said things between us was never going to work out. When I asked him why, he told me that just like me, he too was forced into marrying me. She said.

“The reason he was forced into marrying me was because his parents didn’t like the girl he was in a relationship with. They forced him to leave the girl and marry me. Under the same pressure as I was, he too agreed to it.” She said.

“Although married to me, he still couldn’t stop loving her and they continued seeing each other. That was the reason why he didn’t want to get physical with me. He was in love with her and not me. He could no longer lead this dual life and wanted to get a divorce so that he could be with her.” She said.

“So I said okay. I too didn’t want to get married, and by divorcing both of us would be able to be happy so I did it. Ever since that, I’ve been single and my parents too are no longer forcing me to do it.She said.

“I really don’t know what to say. You are of the most amazing person I know and it hurts to see you go through all this. I said.

“Let’s drop this topic and talk something else happy.” She suggested.

I agreed and we continued speaking about other stuff.

It has been 3 hours already. I told her I’ve got to leave now because my daughter would be waiting for me to pick her up from the baby sitter. Before we left, a crazy idea came through my mind.

“Hey before you go, there is something I wanted to tell you. I said.

“Tell me.” She said while smiling.

“As crazy as this sounds, I want you to be in my life. I’ve lost you twice in the last 20 years and I don’t want to do it again. If only we got together 20 years ago, our life would have been very different. Seeing you yesterday, reminded me about how much I used to love you and now yes I still love you. You were my first real love and I will always love you. I said.

“I’ve got an amazing daughter who will love you as much as I do. 20 years on I am asking you again to be my girl. I love you ma, I love you and want you to be a part of us. It sounds as crazy as it is, but I don’t see any reason why a single dad and a divorcee shouldn’t get together knowing they love each other.” I said.

“You never told me, but I know you love me. I can see it in your eyes. Back then since university to now, I know you love me. You can deny it to me, but deep down you know it. Even yesterday, when I introduced you my daughter, your face changed and you wanted to leave. You came and spoke to me yesterday because you love me.” I said.

“You don’t have to tell me anything now. I will make dinner for the three of us tomorrow night. If you think, things between us are meant to be, then come over tomorrow night and meet my daughter. The 3 of us would make a beautiful family. 20 years of this hide and seek game is enough and we both know how it should end. We are meant to be together. I’ll text you my address and the decision is yours” I said.

She just stood there absorbing everything I said and left without saying a word. I guess she was overwhelmed with everything I had just said. I had no idea how I found the courage to do that, but I knew it was the right thing to do.

The next day, I started preparing for dinner since 4 in the evening for her. I had a list of menu ready for her and my daughter was there to help me out in her own cute little way. During that time I was telling about what happened yesterday and she too liked the idea of having a mom at home again. That was all the more reasons for me to go ahead with it.

I told her to come for dinner at 8 p.m. By 7 everything was almost ready. I just need to add the finishing touch when she arrives and it will be perfect to serve. I texted her my address but she never said if she would come or not.

I was nervous to know if she would come. Twice in my life I missed out on her. Would third time be the charm or will I get strike out. It was 7.30 p.m. and the doorbell rang. I jumped to the door hoping it would be her. I opened the door and it was…..

*The End*

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Bullying: A Cancer To The Society

Remember this date guys, 15th June 2017. It is a date which saw an innocent life died due to some cowardly act of bullying by certain individuals. It is shame that the act of bullying still exist in our society today. Bullying is like the cancer to the society. The longer you let it be without doing anything about it, the worse it becomes. And we all need to play our parts to ensure the cowardly act of bullying or cyber bullying comes to an end. 

I have always wanted to write an article on bullying, but I could never find the right words to pen down my thoughts. You were not my friend, neither were we friends on social media, yet somehow when I heard the news of your passing on, it hit me hard and I felt I just had to pen down these write up to help create awareness against the cruel act of bullying

People have been sharing a lot about this on social media the last couple of days. While many spoke out of emotions, a few of them brought up some very good points regarding this issue. Below here is a screenshot of one such guy whose points made a lot of sense to me.

Note point number 4. “System that does not monitor the mental health of students in any institution.” This point hit me hard. It is true; we don’t really have qualified professional counselors/psychologist located fully in educational institution. Even if we had one, could a bullied victim comfortably speak to them without being judge by the society for seeking professional assistance? 

Here is where I feel we all have to play our role together. Not just by being more open to the concept of seeking professional assistance regarding bullied issues, but also to be more open in understanding that some people are different and you can limit them into a stereotyping box and force them there. There is no rule that a men should behave certain way and women should behave in a certain way. We are all different and unique in our own ways and don’t let people force you into a box.

And bullying doesn’t only stops with being physically assaulted and taunted. Cyber bullying and name shaming also creates the same kind of mental trauma towards the victim just like how a person is physically bullied. Calling for the bullied parents to be name shamed is equally wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Very saddening to see that how a boy who was passionate to be a famous musician died at a tender age of 18 without even having the chance to pursue his passion. I know there are many more bullied victim out there. Don’t give up. There are many ways you could seek assistance to end your misery. I have attached a couple of it here.

Some Helplines and Support Services You Can Contact

Every time if you kid comes and tell you that he/she is being bullied, please don’t ignore it parents. Trust your kids and put in the effort to go and find out what is happening. If you fail to trust them and act on it, that is the first stage a bullied victim stops believing he or she can get help. If they can’t win the trust of their parents, do you think they would seek support from outside? Please listen to your kids; you are supposed to be their best friend.
Even you can play a part in this. If you know a friend your is being bullied by is too afraid to bring this issue up to the right person, please talk to them and comfort then. Maybe you yourself can put in a word to the right people to seek help for your friend. Help them because they need our help.

Nhaveen, I am sorry this happened to you. I hope you would be the last victim to lose their life due to being bullied. I sincerely hope that the criminals that cause this goes through a fair trial and gets punish. Rest in peace Nhaveen and I hope this case becomes a lesson in building a better, bullied free world.