Sunday, 15 March 2015

Random Act of Kindness

There is a lot of good which happens around us in our daily life, but the human mind has somehow been programmed to glorify the negative events that happens and merely ignore any good that we have done or done to us. We often dwell on something negative that happened to us or did by us but how often have we reminded ourselves of the good that we did for others or the good someone has done for us. 

I had a conversation with an important person in my life yesterday and realized how often that person thinks of all the bad things that has happened in their life but  finds it hard to accept the good that happens to them. Thanks for inspiring me to right this

I am going to list down a number of things which I deem as "A random act of kindness". It compromises of things that someone did for me, things that I have done for people and also things which I see someone do for another person

  1. Buying a full meal lunch for an old lady who is seen plain white rice with water
  2. Giving an anonymous note saying "You should smile more" and a piece of chocolate to a friend who is seen often being sad due to recent events
  3. Talking up someone to help improve their self confidence
  4. Borrowing a friend money without even asking why he/she needs it
  5. Having friends who sends you pictures of Emma Watson posted on your Facebook wall and WhatsApp Messenger just because you are a fan of her
  6. Backing up and supporting  a friend of yours despite knowing they are guilty of committing a sin and not judging them
  7. Not taking petrol money from your friend
  8. Baking lots of cakes and cookies for the one's you love
  9. Treating a kid ice cream because he did well in his exams
  10. Seeing random strangers giving money so that you could pursue your dream
  11. Waking up early to bring a sick friend to clinic
  12. Giving someone autographed pictures of footballers because they are a fan of them
  13. Buying someone chocolates on a random to make their day
  14. Having friends who takes time of their busy schedule to ensure you don't quit
  15. Receiving a magical box of chocolates with hand written notes for your birthday
  16. Having a surprised birthday party for the one you love
  17. Being a vegetarian for a day for a person you care about
  18. Giving/receiving a hand written love letter
  19. Cooking food and packing it while going around distributing of stray dogs so that they wont be in hunger
  20. Rescuing animals and adopting them
  21. Giving away free football tickets
  22. Celebrating your birthday at an orphanage home/Tamil school
  23. Having friends who cooks you food in University
  24. Having friends who is willing to pay for your University fees
  25. Receiving a call 3 in the morning to cheer you up after a demise of your loved one
A random act of kindness does not has to be something big, as it helps put a smile on you than its something good. When I started writing this I thought it will be tough to even reach 10,but then with some self reflection it reached 25. I would urge everyone as well to reflect more on the good around us and share it as well

"because positive thoughts attracts positive things"

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