Monday, 11 April 2016

Travels Of A Pau: The People I meet Along The Way To Vietnam

Feels good to be back writing at my blog. Feels like I have once again found a huge part that have been missing. Coming to today's blog post, this blog is actually inspired from the Humans Of New York Concept.
I made it a point to myself from this travelling onwards, I am going to walk up to random people and try to get a quote from them based on something a little philosophical on life.
It is easier said than done actually. It was a huge challenge for myself to actually find the confidence to walk to random people and explain who you are and the purpose you are speaking to them. Some of them will push you down immediately without even letting you finish, while some are just not comfortable about the idea of having a quote about them being posted.
Nevertheless, I managed to meet 4 wonderful individuals who were open to this idea and happily provided me a quote on the question I asked. 
Marco Motta
"Happiness to me is about giving smile to other people. Finding peace in myself, having a good connection between body and mind. And of course, if all the people around me are happy, than I am happy as well"
Junshien Lee
"It is going to sound about cliché, but my favorite thing about travelling is about getting lost in random streets and learning to find myself in the process"
"I used to be an insurance loss adjustor for 10 years. Previously I had actually got my tour guide license but I kept it away in order to spend more time with my family and kids. Once they have grown up a bit, I started to pursue my interest as a tour guide again. Today I am a freelance tour guide. My aim in this job is that when I am doing one of my tours and explanation, I hope to inspire at least one kid a year. That gives me the best satisfaction"
Amanda Melton
"Don't pack too many clothes on your travels. We are on the way to Thailand for our daughter's wedding and our niece has packed up so much. Do a list of what things you need and just pack that. For instance, pack maybe one week worth of clothes instead of 2 weeks. Wash them and use it back again."
A big thank you to those who participated and this! Making a vow to myself every time I travel next, I am going to keep doing this. The thrill, adventure and knowledge gained from this experience is invaluable

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