Monday, 13 June 2016

Simply Rajini!

Rajini Da!!!
The first thing comes to my mind when I hear the name Rajini is Thalaivaa!!!!. I would actually scream with passion "Thalaivaa!!!". And I am sure that it is not only me who would do this. Without a doubt, Thalaivaa is one of the most loved actor in the modern world. It's is not only the people in India who is crazy over him, but people in Malaysia and also Japan are huge fan of him.
Thalaiva Fans in Japan
But what makes this simple man look like a demi god to his followers. I am not surprised if Rajini has the biggest fan base in the world as an actor. A simple smile from him is enough to drive the audience into passionate cheering. He could easily stand in an election and become a Prime Minister of India if he wants to because such is the love and support he has from the people.
If I were to look into what makes Rajini extra ordinary, I can narrow it down into 2 factors.

1. Simplicity and Humble.

Simplicity at it's best
If you going to summarize Rajini in one word, that simplicity. Despite being one of the richest and powerful actor in the industry, off screen he remains one of the most simplest actor you can see. From the place he stands and eats, to the way he dress. The best example of his simplicity can be seen during the shoot of Thalapathy, debutant actor Arvind Samy felt asleep in Rajini's room without knowing it and instead of making a deal about it or waking him up, Rajini told the assistant directors not to wake Arvind Samy up and instead choose to sleep on the floor. A man who was like the most popular actor at that time slept on the floor, allowing a debutant to sleep comfortably on a bed. He never once spoke about that event out, until recently it was Arvind Samy himself who told that story. That is simplicity, that is a huge lesson we all can learn. I can go on and on about his journey from a bus conductor to being a Superstar as that is a super inspiring story, but I'll save it for another

2. Screen Presence.

When comes to on screen, the one thing which comes to mind about Thalaivaa is his screen presence. He doesn't need to do anything on screen. A simple walk, hair flip or even a smile is enough to get the crowd cheering their lungs out. The only time I found myself cheering in the cinema is only for a Rajini film. I just lose all sense when I see Rajini on the big screen. Such is his screen presence. The another aspect he stands out best is his dialogue delivery. When comes to punch dialogue, Rajini is da man!! I've seen many actor's utter punch dialogues, but none comes close to the way Rajini delivers his punch dialogue. His dialogue delivery combined with his on screen presence and his charisma makes him the only and only Superstar.
That gesture is Basha!! Screen Presence at it's peak
I can't wait for Kabali's release and I am already going gaga on the Nerupa Da song just because it has his punch dialogue delivery in it. I am going to make sure I watch Kabali on the big screen and I won't be surprised if I do it a couple of times.
Many actors will come and go, but there will only be one Superstar, One Thalaivaa and that's the Amazing Rajini. And why so?
Because he is SIMPLY RAJINI!!

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