Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Indians & AdHoc Videos

On my drive to work today morning, I heard a discussion that was happening on THR Ragaa today morning. The topic in place was something to do about Indians and making videos and going viral on social issues or something in that line. This topic brought up mainly due to a couple of viral videos which has been going around Facebook and Whatsapp especially on the whole spray and Thaipusam event

Current "Sensation" Issue

This whole topic got my head thinking and wondering why all of this is actually happening. I've have noticed for a long time through my medium of social media that whenever there is a "hot" or "viral" issue going on, you would see a series of video suddenly going viral.

Example of A Video Screen Shot
Generally this videos would be a solo video, mostly being shot in their car and or in their room. They see themselves as "The Voice Of The People". They will go on either condemning the issue or justifying why is it not wrong to do so with full of passion and emotion. This videos would than be shared multiple times before it comes to the hand of our multiple Facebook Moral Police Pages.

These moral police would than share it in a manner to spark more controversy and unhealthy arguments. Try reading the comments on this pages and you can see how degrading some individuals can be. This goes on until the original video poster either comes up with an apology video or until the hype dies of.

Example Of A Facebook Moral Police Page
To date I have never seen anything positive coming out from these videos. Social media is a powerful tool. It could be used in many ways. For example look at the whole Jallikattu issue. Through proper used of social media, they managed to highlight why it shouldn't be banned and rally proper support

Power Of Social Media Used The Right Way
Which got me wondering, if nothing good comes out from this videos, why do people keep doing them for every tom dick and harry issue. First thing hit my mind was simple, cheap publicity. The idea of having your video or name being spread around community can give you a sense of being famous

But remember people can be famous for 2 things, one for the wrong stupid reason and two for the right purposeful reasons. Sadly those adhoc videos only makes you famous for the wrong reasons. You end up being insulted and become a victim of cyber bullying.

Stats On Cyberbullying
What actually allows these videos to have a big reach out is actually all those Facebook Moral Police Pages. I have been following a couple of those pages and all you get from this pages is that it is nothing more than a medium to brew hatred and cyber bullying. Again I have not seen any positive output or changing the community from these pages.

If you have time just go read the type of things being commented over there. It is just a bunch of people waiting to attack you, degrade you and bullying you. Anyone who tries to defend you will be attacked too. Those kind of pages needs to be rid off first. Cut the supply, and these nonsense will reduce and so will all those videos.

I am not telling you that you should never voice your opinions out. I think it is a good thing day by day more Malaysians are being vocal about things which doesn't satisfy them. But you got to do it in the right channel and in a proper manner with the proper tone. Instead of condemning and criticizing another person, try justifying why you are right without having the need to insult or criticize the other person.

Example Of A Proper Channel

Mingle with people in the right organization, ngo or article writers and voice your opinion on in such manner. That will have a larger and more positive impact to yourself and the people around you. Remember there is always two ways to deal with an issue. You can do it negatively with hatred or handle it positively and be wise.

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