Tuesday, 17 October 2017

8 ways how Deepavalli has changed for the 90’s babies

By Sukesh Pandian and Tharanie Rajendran

It’s that time of the year again and we are all excited about Deepavalli. Having born in 1990 (and co-writer on 1995),we have always been proud to say that we are part of the early generation of the 90’s babies. The last born of the 90’s would have turned 18 this year and none of us are in school any longer.

Having said that, over the years we have realized that Deepavalli has changed so much for us and here is 8 ways how it has been different compared to how it used to be.
1.     Deepavalli wishes.

Back when I was a little kid, I always looked forward to Deepaalli because that means I am going to get Deepavalli cards. We would exchange cards in school and relatives all over would post us cards to wish us Deepavalli. 

We would gather all these cards and put it up in our house as part of the Deepavalli decoration. My favourite part of the card would be the witty messages that come along it like “Jangan makan banyak muruku, nanti jadi kiruku.” or “Jangan makan banyak laddu, nanti jadi gundu.”

Good Old Deepavalli Cards

Today, it is almost impossible to see people giving each other Deepavalli cards or having them at homes for decoration. Now nearly all Deepavalli wishes are done through Whatsapp. Well all I can hope for the least is that people actually type out the full “Happy Deepavalli to you.” instead of shortening it like how they do for birthdays (HBU).

2.     Deepavalli Angpau

Owh how much have time changed on this one and perhaps this is the most saddest part for a 90’s baby. From getting Deepavalli Angpau, today we are starting to give them away to kids. Not all can relate to this but I’m sure those who are already working or married would feel on this one.
Show Me The Money!!! Deepavalli Angpau

3.     Muruku and the whole geng.

Wasn’t bonding time amazing with the whole family getting together on the weekend before Deepavali to make some murukku and acchu murukku? But now? Amma says “Ayya, please go to the nearest Indian town to buy two packets of murukku. 

Nothing Beats Homemade Muruku
I am not sure about you, but for me, I miss that time the most where my dad mixes the batter and amma fries and akka and I help around. Good times, when my kitchen was filled with oil stain and my home with laughters.

4.     Deepavalli Trips

Honestly answer me, how many of you still do the whole balik kampung for Deepavalli. Things has changed so much on this part for me. From taking bus back to my dad’s hometown, now when it comes to Deepavalli, I am off packing my bags for a short vacation. I have no idea how this part has changed from me and I am sure I am not the only one doing this.

It's Now Called Vacay Time

5.     Deepavalli Holidays.

Back then I never had the worry about how long Deepavalli holidays are going to be. When you are in school it is almost certain that Deepavalli holidays means 1 full week. It was a wonderful time where you can spend time with your whole extended family.

Deepavalli Is All About Family Time

Heads up, things changes when you enter university and worse when you start working. I am still on a week long leave for Deepavalli, but it is no longer a given thing. Instead I need to plan it in advance and seek for my manager’s approval for it. If leave request gets rejected, you can kiss goodbye to Deepavalli holidays. 
6.     Deepavalli Day Program
90’s babies remember going to every Indian house in the neighbourhood to collect angpaus? Now? We book tickets earlier for a movie and Deepavali in 2017 is all about movies and television programmes. Conveniently, Indian channels like Vijay TV and Vinmeen schedule a really tight television prgorammes to keep us entertained in our houses. So, deepavali ends at home. 

Deepavalli On TV

7.     Kolam

When Sukesh and I discussed this topic to write, this was one of the first ideas that popped up in my head. When I was a kid, my mom and I had an amazing bonding time discussing on what design is for this year and how big it is going to be. Next, we draw the rangoli for the year on a paper and think about the colours to fill in. But now? We stick a pre-coloured kolam and that’s about it! Festivals these days are so much easier, but we definitely are losing the purpose for each and everything we do. 

Drawn Kolam Beats Sticked Kolam All Day Long
8.     Rituals

Last but not least, rituals. From oil bathing before sunrise and leaving to the temple, Deepavali these days are treated like another public holidays where we wake up late and just chill at home. Worst thing is, I have Indian friends who asked me who Naragasura is? Where is the purpose of the Deepavali? 

That Early Morning Oli Bath Moment!

Deepavalli has changed so much for us 90's babies, and if there is more things which you feel have changed do share it with us too!! Anyhow, it is Deepavali, and it is time to celebrate! But do educate yourself on what are these festive season is celebrated for. With this, we would like to wish every a very Happy Deepavali to all our readers, from the entire team of Boggler Blogger!

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