Sunday, 12 November 2017

Rockstar Anirudh Goes Hindi!: Bewajah, India’s 1st Vertical Music Video

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Innovating and trending isn’t something new for Anirudh. After all that was exactly how he rose to fame through “Why This Kolaveri”. He gave us something different, it trended and became viral.

After establishing himself as a household name in Kollywood & Tamil Music, Rockstar Anirudh has decided to venture into Hindi songs. He has set his mind on coming up with something trendy.

Joining hands with Sony Music, Anirudh Ravichander has released a Hindi track titled “Bewajah”. As I don’t speak Hindi, I had to ask my friends what does “Bewajah” means. According to my panel of expert Hindi speaking friends, the term “Bewajah” means “without any reason”.

As amazing as the song turned out to be, what has gotten people talking is the music video. “Bewajah” is India’s very first VERTICAL MUSIC VIDEO. Well to help you understand a little better, below is a comparison of a normal music video and a vertical music video.

Left: Vertical Music Video Viewed From A Laptop; Right: Vertical Music Video Viewed From A Smartphone

A vertical music video when watched on your tablet or smartphone utilizes your whole screen without needing you to turn your device into a horizontal position. It gives the viewers a much more engaging experience.

With statistic showing that smartphone users hold their device vertically 94% of the time, Anirudh & Sony Music might have just unlocked the next big thing in music videos and won massively through “Bewajah”.

As quoted by Anirudh, this is what he has to say about India’s 1st Vertical Video.

Fans of music in general are always looking for exclusive content and for me going vertical was a way of giving them that. The entire concept is very unique and the process of creating the same was also very different. The end product looks good to me, I am sure fans will love it too!

Coming down to the music video itself, being a vertical video isn’t the only unique thing about “Bewajah”. The concept of how the music video itself being done is indeed unique.

If I were to sum it up, the music video uses a theme of classic movie poster coming to life in a 3-D like feel with the song lyrics hovering over just like the movie poster tittle.

The music video felt very colorful and together with the tune of the music keeps you very much engages. And then comes Anirudh during the chorus portion looking ever so classy spotting a white suit, a bow tie and a hat while riding a bicycle, pooping out and singing along the chorus.

It is a music video that has the ability to take you back through time and just feel the beauty and class of the song. Well done once again to Anirudh & Sony Music for coming up with something innovative, creative and engaging. I have no doubts that this song is going to be topping the music charts very soon and go viral among music lovers.

There is also something exciting news Sony Music has to offer to Malaysian music lovers. Sony Music India is going to be working closely with Sony Music Malaysia to ensure that Malaysian Tamil and Hindi music lovers will be getting their favourite contents without any delay.

Stay tuned to Sony Music Malaysia is going to be doing something exciting for all of you through their brand new social media platforms and Boggler Blogger takes immense pride to announce this to you. 

Do follow Boggler Blogger’s Facebook page to find the details of Sony Music Malaysia’s latest social media platform that is set to be launched soon. Check out "Bewajah" Vertical Music Video by playing the video below

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