Monday, 19 March 2018

Group Call: Malaysian Short Film That Will Scale Great Heights

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With every passing moment, the quality of our Malaysian film makers seems to be scaling to newer, greater heights. Most recently Sughamaai Subbulakshmi, directed by our very own Karthik Shamalan has been nominated for the Norway Tamil Film Festival for the best director award and his lead heroine, Punitah Shanmugam, bagged the best actress award.

Another proud milestone to notify is that not only our feature film makers were selected in this film festival, but two of our shortfilm makers, Viknish Lokarag Asokan & Madan who film Thiruvin Mangai and Mudhal Padayal were also award winners in this film festival. This definitely shows how  our film makers are on par with other international film makers out there.

Another short film that caught my eyes recently was Group Call. I was one of the few lucky people who could watch this short film on the big screen during Cinefest 3, before it was released online on YouTube recently

When the film came to an end, I only had one thing to say. Wow!! Just WOW!!!!. This film was a class of its own. Hats off to the director and writer of this film for coming up with something out of the box and very futuristic, in many ways.


This short film is about hypnosis over a telephone call. It answers all the what, why and how that comes in your mind surrounding this core plot of the film and that makes the film more engaging, from the start till the end. 

Big shoutout to the VFX team of the film. It was so well done. Let it be the pen movement, the futuristic tab or brain reader. It was well done and placed in the film in terms of where it was needed. Credit to the VFX team again.

The sound design in the film was another aspect that needs to be applauded. It creates so much curiosity and intensity which keeps you engage throughout the film. The intensity of the phone call or the sound surrounding the character was so well designed. Sound was such a big strength to the film.

Coming to the part which awed about me the most was the writing of the film and how well things were kept. I loved the fact on how the writer and director ensured that on normal calls we could hear both sides of the conversation while if it's a call from Group Call to distract away unwanted people we only hear a one sided conversation Absolutely loved that touch from the writer and director Watch those parts closely and I believe you will get it.

However, one big question remains unanswered for me was the way the film ended. It drove me nuts to try and understand what does this ending means and what happens next. I really hope the director and writer would explain to me this after reading my write up.

Without a doubt Group Call has been one of the best or maybe even the best short film I have watched in a very long time and thank you to the director for bringing in together a team of wonderful talent and extracting everything that was needed to make this short film a huge success!

You can now watch the film in the link below

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