Monday, 8 December 2014

Discovering Me ~ 20 Facts

Before I begin the journey of discovering 20 things about me, I would like to thank Thiban for nominating me to take up this interesting self discovering opportunity. I hope my post before has done enough to keep you interested to read this .

Now are you ready to begin the ride to find out 20 things about me!

* grabs popcorn*
*spoiler alert: You may have already known some of theses facts*

1) I have dedicated half of my life supporting ARSENAL and vow to spend the rest of life supporting them through thick and thin. I do realized the last few months my post on the post Arsenal game have reduced. I will be picking up on that soon enough

2) It would be a dream come true if one day I could direct my very own movie....Some might even know I have already prepared a couple of plot ready
Hint: Vikram and Madhavan could star in one day

3) I always prefer to be the man behind the scenes. I find joy in being the men inspiring you to your success. I am a firm believer that "Its easy for you to be successful, but the real challenge is to make someone else successful."

4) When I was kid, I always believed that the Moon was actually the reflection of the Earth. Use to believe the blue blue things on the Moon represents the seas

5) The most attractive thing on a girl for me is her smile *Million Dollar Smile*

6) What you think is what you get, this has been my life mantra let be good or bad

7) Three superpower of my choice would be the Wolverine's immortality, Magneto's metal field controlling ability and Professor X's mind power. Owh yeah I would be unstoppable

8) I used to be a last class student who was ranked last and now here I am doing my degree at a top level and coming up with innovation. Trust me when I say anybody can be successful. All you have to do is have some faith in your self and never ever let failure stop you from reaching to the stars.

9) Always felt I never had what it takes to be a blogger and write long interesting stuff. I am gonna make that change

10) I felt in love with a girl when I was 5, and now she turned out to be my better half. Sometimes kindie love can turn out to be a beautiful love story

11) One of my biggest dream is to be able to live in London for a couple of years, get an Arsenal season ticket and attend every single match home and away screaming at the top of my lungs

12) I like isolating myself and a large group of friends and just hang out with one or two people maybe.

13) No vacation is better than a beach side vacation. Got to thank my dad for cultivating this in me

14) Believe that everyone should be well versed with the art of manipulation. If you don't know how to manipulate people than trust me you gonna have a tough long life. Good or bad that's your call. 

15) I am a factual person so that puts me far off when it comes to religion. I believe more in power of the mind and will power rather than any other way of gaining belief

16) I have a long list of jobs I would like to work as
  • Engineer
  • Manager
  • Business Owner
  • Counselor
  • Head of a NGO
  • Politician
  • Investor
And I have got the perfect plan to make all of this happen.

17) Two book's have changed my life forever: The Secret & Tough Time Never Last But Tough People Do! If you have time give it a read, might save your life too.


18) I realized that somehow even new people find it very easy to open up to me and share their worries.

19) I was once told that I am a failure and I will not be successful from an educator of high rank. I hope I am starting to prove you wrong

20) Give me an opportunity if I could meet anyone person dead or alive for a day, I would pick to see my dad without giving second thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed the ride of getting to me a little better than you already do. Thanks again Thiban for give me this chance to discover my self a little better. To those who read this blog to the end, I want you guys too to write a Facebook post or a blog post regarding 20 facts about yourself. You might be surprised  on how much you will learn about yourself when you start writing them down.

Thanks for the read and lets end the year with a bang!

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