Thursday, 4 December 2014

Unlocking The Little Boy's Dream

      Pittsburgh! That has now became one of my calling name ever since being blessed with the opportunity to travel to the United States of America. It was no ordinary vacation but a life time dream coming through at what seem impossible at moment.

     Ever since being a kid, one thing that has always fascinated me was airplanes. I remember the time on how I use to run out to open space whenever I heard the sound of a plane flying over my house. In fact its a habit I still practice. I guess the idea of being able to fly freely at the top of the world brings joy to me. Yet after 24 years the only time I was being able to board a plane was a flight from Subang-Tioman Island- Subang. A total of 110 flying minutes. That was 110 minutes where I was having big wide smile. Yet it has never fully satisfied my passion to fly.

     As I tend to grow older, the idea of travelling around the world tend to grow along with me. One of the destination I have always wanted to visit was U.S.A. It was beyond my wildest dream that it was going to come through. This adventure started back in April this year where an a project of mine was selected to participate in an upcoming competition in U.S.A. I remember jumping in joy when I got the letter and thanking my guardian angel for making this happen. Never did I imagine that this will bring one of the toughest moment of year. As much it feels great to be selected for the competition, I totally ignored the fact I will need to raise the necessary funds.

   As the date of the competition came closer was where I realized I was no where close to having the necessary amount need to make 2 of my wildest dream come true-  Flying in a plane to U.S.A. When it comes to money, trust me it will never come easy. I may forget many things in life, but I will never forget the journey I had to face to raise the necessary  amount. I don't know if its by sheer luck or effort my situation started to viral around Facebook. At the beginning it kinda felt good gaining the publicity, but it was only a matter of time when this same publicity started to bring responsibility. The fact that I was hardly getting enough sleep because I had to go round and round and round to try to raise the necessary fund. Even if that meant coming home around 3 am after meeting with people. At a point I felt like quitting everything and going back to be a normal student and stay on low. Thanks to the support of my loved, it kept me going and that turned out to be one of the best thing that happened to me. From being a nobody to being interviewed, this has to be the greatest thing I have achieved in my life. Soon the funds were raised, the passport was ready and the visa is approved. All that is left is to book a flight and fly to achieve my dreams. Yet as they say nothing comes without difficulties. Many hurdles had to be faced just days before flying off even if that meant putting my future in question mark. Yet I took the leap and faith and grab the opportunity in front of me and flew to my dreams

    Soon enough there I was at Pittsburgh. After a 23 hours flight, I was there in the land where dreams come true. A 24 year old Malaysian, with a project which could change the world of smartphone travelling to U.S.A to showcase his project. I instantly fell in love with the place. It was just like how I dream off. The cold breeze, the friendly people and an opportunity to succeed. Here I am living the dream. I might travel to many places in the world as I grow, but this adventure will be one I will always cherish as it was filled with many challenges where a  normal would have quite but I did not. It was the achievement of the little boy's dream in me.

   I can now say,I, SUKESH PANDIAN, flew in an airplane to the amazing U.S.A

   It may not be the biggest achievement in mankind history, but it will always be my biggest personal achievement as it is a dream travelling back to the kid in me.

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