Monday, 29 June 2015

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT): Do You Support or Against It.

Today, when I logged in to my Facebook, it was dominated by one news and one news only. It was all about how the supreme court has legalized all same sex marriages in America. It's surely a great victory for the LGBT community who has been fighting for this all these years. And yes, it's America, so there was a huge rippling effect of this news sensation and it has reached our lands too

My Facebook was divided to 3 types of people upon this issue. The first are the one's who are showing support and solidarity over this court decision and supporting the fact that anyone deserves to be with anyone. The second type of people are the one who do not support this decision because of their religious and moral believes. They feel its wrong to allow this decision but they conduct themselves in a proper manner. 

The final group of people are the one I would like to call people with pea brain size.  This is not because they don't support same sex marriage, but the fact they ridicule and insult you because you support the LGBT community. Their thinking is so shallow that they think that if you support LGBT that means you are one of them and you are not straight. Some of the things they say are "Animals are better than humans because they are not homosexual", well hello!!! there are homosexual animals too you idiot! No I am not saying its ok to be homosexual because animals are but showing that how baseless and ridiculous their points are.

The other points raised by them who Malaysians are, "U.S.A legalize same sex marriage, why the hell you celebrating it here in Malaysia for." Again another ridiculous comment. The people who says this are the same people who were demanding for justice for the massacre that is happening in Palestine and Sri Lanka. It's the same people who are demanding for justice on the Yulin Dog eating festival, the same people who were mourning during the 9/11 attacks and earth quakes in China. 

None of these happen in Malaysia too but you were showing your support strongly as well. If that is not wrong, how is it that Malaysian changing their Facebook profile picture to the rainbow coloured picture considered wrong. It's a sign of support and a sense of celebration

Moving on from my ranting about the knucklehead people, I will come the main part of my post, isit ok or not ok to support LGBT. The point I see raised by people who supports the LGBT community are usually saying that it is ok to allow same sex marriage because we should not stop two people who loves each other from getting married. Some are them are born that way and only feel attracted to the same sex. Stopping them from doing so will only cause more physiological damage to them and lead them to have an unhappy depressed life.

They mention that it's not like these people are committing a crime for them to be stopped or punished. It's just two beautiful souls who wants to spend their life together. In the U.S.A we have seen so many high profile same sex couple who are raising children without having an effect on their child's sexual preferences, so why stop them from being happy. After all love conquers all.

Meanwhile those who are against the decision to allow same sex marriage, usually cites religion as their main point to reject this notion. According to them, their religion and holy book does not allow same sex marriages and that should change now. I saw post on saying that Jesus did die on the cross for this and how God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. God intended man to marry woman and woman to marry man only and we should not divert from that.

Another point raised by them is that since now same sex marriage is legal, what happens next when people fight to legalize incest and pedophile. Before this all this 3 were seen under the same light and wrong, but now same sex marriage is allowed, what happens if people wants this two to be legal as well or will they be hypocrites to be against it as previously they said LOVE WINS.

On another note, the link below was shared by someone who has strong religious believes of Christianity and I think if Jesus could communicate with his followers today, these are what he would say. 

If you asked me, I would say both sides makes sense and its a fine line to decide what is wrong and what is right. What maybe right for me does not mean its right for you. There are points which I agree on both sides as well as some which I reject as well. But one thing which I am totally against is the knucklehead type. Overall I am ok with same sex marriage and I don't see it a problem as they are happy being with each other. They can always seek for a divorce if they are unhappy in their relationship like other married couples. Plus with them, there wont be baby dumping cases and adoption rate will rise, so cheers to that.

What are you take on this issue, do you support same sex marriage, are you against it or are you part of the knucklehead.


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