Saturday, 13 June 2015

My Bucket List

In my life, there are many thing I want to do, so the best way for me to keep track of it is to make a list of it and strike it out once I have completed it. I am going to list it down here and once I have achieved it I will highlight it out a sign it is complete.

  1. A vacation at Pangkor Laut Resort
  2. Owning an IPhone
  3. Having a cake topped with M&M's
  4. Watching Arsenal play from a stadium
  5. Go to the Emirates Stadium
  6. Get an Arsenal player to sign my jersey
  7. Buy the red Ferrari Jacket
  8. Get an original Arsenal jersey with original name set
  9. Bring Casey for a proper grooming session
  10. Get a Golden Retriever and Siberian Huskey
  11. Go for go karting
  12. Try laser tag
  13. Try paintball
  14. Travel to Europe
  15. Travel to an amazing beach anywhere around the world
  16. Direct a short film
  17. Paid to do product review and promotion on my blog
  18. Giving a talk at TED
  19. Take up a pilot license
  20. Buy a small drone/helicopter/plane remote toy
  21. Buy a Ferrari control car which can be controlled by a pedal and remote control
  22. Have a collection of superhero Action Figure
  23. Going for a vacation alone
  24. Going for a buffet hotel dinner on a normal day
  25. Going to Universal Studios in Singapore
  26. Going to Legoland in Johor
  27. Watching a movie in Gold Class
  28. Watching a movie in IMAX
  29. Going for a ship cruise
  30. Trying Bens & Jerry Ice Cream
  31. New headphones for phone and laptop
  32. Beanbag seat for the room
  33. Have a mini fridge in the room filled with beers and chocolates
  34. A TV in the room
  35. Go to Aquaria
  36. Try Miniature Golf 
  37. A collection of super hero T-Shirts 
  38. Becoming a motivational Speaker
  39. Becoming an author
  40. Doing Bungee Jumping
  41. Trying out Jumpstreet