Sunday, 29 November 2015

Dreams: Follow Your Passion

Have you ever looked upon yourself and ponder what is the purpose of your life. Do you ask yourself, why are you given this life and what must you accomplish. It's usually hard for us to answer this question. This is part of what we call "Soul Searching". To understand why we are given this life.

I firmly believe that each one of us has a very unique purpose in this life which differs us from one another. To know your purpose is to your DREAM. Now ask yourselves again, what is your dream? Now I believe it is easier to answer this question.

And how can we make our dreams a reality. That my friend is what I call, finding your passion. Because your dream is something you like doing and that in a way is your passion. At an early age, identify your passion and follow it. As we grow our passion may change so is our dreams, but they all would serve the same purpose in our life, so never be afraid to make that change.

Sometimes that change may sound crazy, something an ordinary person would never do. It may force you to leave your comfort zone, sacrifice something which people won't understand, but do it because that is your passion. Follow it and believe it and trust me you would be successful. 

The first step is always difficult. The step to stop your routine practices and give up what comfort you have to follow your passion. Trust me I know it to well and I know the challenge in it. It is not easy I won't lie to you. But if you do so, you will start to see how your life starts to change in front of you and you would understand the true meaning of happiness and self satisfaction..

Follow your passion, your dreams would be a reality and you will understand the meaning of your life.

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