Sunday, 10 January 2016

Selective Humanity: A form of racism

*Warning: The content of this post maybe a little sensitive. If you are someone not able to handle it I suggest you do not proceed and read it*

I am sure we all know what humanity is. Just for the purpose of this post I will share with you the definition

So we have establish what humanity is, but what I want to talk about here today is about another term I would like to call as "Selective Humanity". It means the same as the mentioned above, but with just one difference. The difference is when an individual practices Humanity at selective moments only. It can be two similar scenarios which begs for humanity but the individual professes humanity act in only one of the situation.

The break it down to further detail in manner more understandable I will use examples which I have observed based on social media reaction towards certain events.

The first situation I will like to speak upon is about the War Crimes that has been in Palestine. I am very sure everyone reading here today are fully aware of the events that is taking place there. Many innocent Islam brother and sisters have died helplessly. If you observe well the reaction of people on social media and perhaps on the international political level, there is one common thing you will be able to spot.

Majority of individual who are raged and angered towards this situation and demanding for something to be done are fellow Islam. They condemn the actions of Israel and any nations which supports such act. In Malaysia, many protest has been conducted to highlight the plight of Palestine people. There were even talks of boycotting Israel based business and technologies. Donation drive and aid support were send to Palestine by our Malaysian Government.

Again all this actions were initiated and carried by a majority of Islam based individual. Of cause there are other individual who are not Islam who has also fought hard to ensure something that is right being done for the people of Palestine. My point in this post is to support the majority religion based people who fights for humanity for those who are suffering from this event

Next I would like to highlight on the war crimes in Sri Lanka that happened a few years ago. I am not sure if those who are reading this post today are aware of this situation. Many Tamilians were brutally murder under the name of war by Sri Lanka's Army. Again when you look at the reaction in social media, the majority outburst of individual who are seeking for humanity and justice are fellow Hindus and Tamils.

I have noticed a couple of my friends on Facebook who are Hindu has been strongly posting and writing about the war crimes that happened in Sri Lanka. If you look at a national level, I don't see the same amount of effort done in terms of donation and aid support as of for the Palestine people.

Both situation shows innocent people suffering due to war crimes. Both situation begs for humanity and support of people, but why does the people who raise their voice for the suffering for the Palestine people do not do the same for those who suffered in the war crimes at Sri Lanka.

Doesn't both situation calls for equality in humanity actions by the same individual. Yet why they don't do so. They only cry for humanity when they can find themselves related to the victims in terms of religious. That is why the majority of people who fights for justice for Palestine are Islam and the majority people who fights for justice for the crimes in Sri Lanka are Hindus/Tamilan. They need a sense of belonging or connection.

The sad thing is that these people fail to see the biggest link of all, that we are all humans are each scenarios deserves our utmost attention and help. It is when we fail to do so is what I call Selective Humanity. It doesn't make you a good person if you help one situation and totally ignore the other situation. It only shows that you are heartless.

The day we let go this Selective Humanity, that is the day we will eventually gain unity. With a unity driven by the power of humanity, nothing will be able to stop us

One World, One Love, One Humanity Spirit

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