Monday, 25 July 2016

Compilation of "Under The Spot Light"

The Kabali review post marks my 8th film review post on my blog and I felt its time I made a post compiling all my film review post under one article and rank it from its lowest ranking to the highest ranking
At the same time I would like to say a big thank you to those who reads my films reviews and has constantly ask me to write a film review whenever a film comes up. It's your support that has help me kept going writing reviews despite many people on social media mocks people who writes reviews. Thank you so much guys
I will post links to each film review I have written  at the beginning of the post and do a short paragraph about the film again

8th. Romeo Juliet (2.7/5.0)
What was meant to be a romantic comedy film turned out to be one of the film I will always despise. The film had nothing special and was sent out to show how woman are after money and looks in a relationship. The climax of the film was perhaps one of the worse I've seen including very degrading towards the female gender. 2.7/5.0 seems to be a higher score for a film of such quality
7th. Mass (2.96/5.0)
Surya is a fantastic actor no doubt but after Varnam Ayiram, his director selection has been extremely bad.. Films like Singam and Anjaan would serve well with the commercial audience but the film was just agonizingly painful to watch. Things never got better with Mass as well. Venkat Prabhu is a director I rate so poorly and Mass justified why I feel so. The director seemed more lost than the audience in the film. How on Earth Surya was convinced to act in a Venkat Prabhu film is perhaps one of the greatest magic trick I've seen
6th. Theri (3.4/5.0)

One of the biggest blockbuster of 2016, surprisingly ranks a low 6th on my review list. When I saw the film I absolutely loved it especially because it is a Vijay film. Vijay is an actor I rate very highly and there is more to him than just commercial films. Everything seem right in the film except one thing, the story it self. Despite the directors best effort to make the film racy and entertaining, it was nothing more different than you average commercial film plot. Things were predictable from the moment go and that is what pulled down my rating for the film. A particular highlight of the film was the father-daughter scenes.
5th.  Uthama Villain (3.65/5.0)
Honestly if I were to writen a review for Uthama Villain today, I would rate it much higher. It took me a couple of months to truly understand what this film is all about. It is indeed a great masterstroke by Kamal in terms of the story. Original when I wrote the film, I rated the "Uthama Villain" portion extremely lowly. Boy I was wrong and it surely deserves a much higher rating. This film will go down as one of Kamal's under appreciated film in years to come just like Hey Ram and Anbe Sivam
4th. Idhu Namma Allu (4.1/5.0)
The first of 4 films to hit the 4.0 above rating in my review. Idhu Namma Allu was perhaps one of my favorite movies of the year due to it's light hearted and easy going content of the film. I was never a fan of Simbu except for his film in VTV, but in this film he shows that there is a quality performer in him. The only downside of the film was the unnecessary extension of film in the second half after Nayanthara, Simbu, Andrea and Jai meets up. If the film were to have ended there I would have given it a much higher rating. Everything else from that point onwards was painful on the eye to watch
3rd  OK Kanmani (4.4/5.0)
OK Kanmani was the 1st film review post I wrote on my blog and it was due to the good feedback from that post that got me going on writing film reviews. Mani Rathnam is a genius and he shows it why in this fil.m. He captures the essence of today's youths relationship touch on a taboo topic on in living relationship. Both bold and genius Mani Rathnam is. His ability to bring the best of his cast is why this movie was rated highly by me. It's an extension of Mouna Ragam and Alaipayuthey.
1st. Papanasam (4.5/5.0)
       Kabali (4.5/5.0)
Joint first are both Papanasam and Kabali with the highest rating of 4.5. It is no surprise that it is the movies of two of India's biggest actors, Kamal Hassan and Superstar Rajinikanth. Papanasam was a remake of a Malayalee film which touches around how a simple family deals with the prospect of murder and how far would a father go to defend his family realistically. Kamal and Gauthami was immense in the film. The plot and pace was fantastic and keeps you glued to the screen
Kabali was Thalaivaa's latest film and it will always be one that stays close to my heart as it honestly captures the struggles of the Malaysian Indian Community. Although it was expected to be a out and out gangster film, Kabali was actually the story of a man who had lost 25 years of his life in prison, comes up to reconcile with his family and at the same time protect the welfare of Malaysian Indians. I will always call it as a mature version of Baasha. It was Thalaiva's best performance in many years as an actor
That wraps up my post. If you feel that I should write a review about any past films, please do comment and I will do my best to watch the film again and write a review even if it is an old film.. Thank you for support guys, you people have been amazing readers

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