Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Short Story Series: Episode 3: After When James Meet Amanda

This is a day I will never forget in my life. The day I learnt that I will never have Amanda in my life anymore. She has moved on and found someone better in life. Why did I bump into her today? My life was good until the moment I saw her today.
Seeing her today gave me a glimpse of hope that maybe we could make up for lost time and work out a relationship, only to know at the end that she is with Mike. It hurts, it hurts so bad than the time we actually broke up before.
As she left I immediately left the mall to go back home. I wasn't able to think straight and felt I just needed to sleep things off and hope this never happened. As I reach home trying to put my thoughts aside to get some sleep, hoping I will just forget that I met Amanda today, I somehow just couldn't do it. Her smile, her eyes, her warmth and her voice was all lingering in my mind.

I grab my car keys and drove to the nearest pub downtown. I thought maybe with a couple of drinks, I would be able to get some sleep tonight and not think about Amanda. I had my usual Jack Daniel's on the rocks sitting on the counter pondering on how things could have turned out for me.

After having one too many drinks, I was starting to feel the world around me being a little light. I knew I already had enough to drink and would call it a day to go home and sleep. As I was about to enter my car, I begin to hear some sound coming towards my right, a couple of meters away from me.

Initially I wanted to ignore it, but than I heard a lady shouting "I have had enough of you David! I can't take this anymore" followed by the guy screaming "You know what Jessica, get the fuck out of my place tonight! That's it I am leaving you! We are over!" and goes on to slap her!

Usually I would just ignore this situations when it happens. Being an introvert that I am, I hardly would bother to interfere into another person's personal issue. After all scenes like this is normal at a pub. So much so no one at the pub even bothers to get themselves involved in it.

Yet on that day, for reason I don't even know, I had the urge to step in and do something about it. I don't know who this girl was or what is the issue between them, but I just had the feel I should protect her. And so that is what I did.

"Dude back off man, don't you go hitting a woman" I said, in to which he replied "Who the fuck are you, are you sleeping with my girl. This is my girl, I'll slap her or I'll kiss her it's none of your business so back off!" Honestly I was stunned, I felt stupid getting into their problem. He was right, who am I to get into their problem. So I thought it was best I just left the scene.

"What do you mean your girl? Seconds ago you just broke up with me and chased me out of the house and now you are saying I am your girl? No way David. I am fucking done with you and your bullshit. I am leaving" She said and she continued to me, "Would you mind giving me a lift away from this place. I just need to get out of here." "My pleasure. I will drop you where you need to go" I said.

"You know what Jessica, go ahead, go with any random guy you see. You can sleep with him for fucks sake. We are done" he screamed as he stormed off in his car". I was amazed with the way he dealt with his girlfriend, well in this case now who his ex girlfriend.

To break the awkward silence, I introduced my self to her, "Hi I am James, I live around the neighborhood. I am going to grab a quick bite. Do you want to follow me for a bite else I will drop you where you want to go."

She said, "Since he wants me out of the house so that means as of this point I am actually homeless haha. Yeah sure lets grab a bite and I'll figure something on the way. By the way I am Jessica and thank you so much for stepping in just now or else I don't know how it would have gone down tonight. Thank you for liberating me from his clutches James."

We drove towards a nearby cozy cafe which I usually go for my supper bites. It was a little late but since I was a regular, the shop owner entertained us although he was preparing to call it a night. He took our orders and went off to prepare our meals.

Me and Jessica begun talking and I felt an instant connection towards her. It was as if I knew her for many years and it was very easy to open up to her. We finished our meals and the shop owner told to just pulled the shutter down when I am leaving before leaving. Well it is not the first time he has done this, since I am a regular here he often asks me to close the shop up for him as I come in for my late suppers so that he can head home first.

With the place for ourselves we went on talking and talking without realizing the clock was running away. I started to open up to her about my relationship with Amanda and my encounter with her today morning. Meanwhile Jessica spoke about the struggles in her relationship and why it didn't work out.

Just like that, an amazing bond was born between us. Up to few hours ago we were total strangers and now we are talking about our relationships in a cafe up to 2 a.m. Realizing it was getting late, we decided to leave the place as I closed the shutters down and made our way towards to car.

Jessica asked me if I could drop her a couple of blocks along the way to a friends place for her to put a night before she plans about her next decision. I was happy to do so and drove her there. I dropped her off and she leaned in to give me a peck on my cheeks and thanked me for everything today

With that she made her into her friends place and disappeared into the house. I drop off there to my place with such light and happy feeling in me. It was something I never felt since I was with Amanda. I knew I had develop a crush over Jessica. It is true they say, food bonds people.

It was only at that point I realized that I never asked Jessica for her number to call her out on a real date. How could I be so stupid and forgotten date. Well I wasn't the smartest person in the dating world and this sums it up. I knew it will look very weird if I were to drive back to her friends place just to ask for her number so I couldn't do that.

But something told me that this wouldn't be the last time I meet Jessica. I know for a fact that somehow I will bump into her soon and that time I will take her number. After all, thought becomes things and that's the law of attraction.

For the first time in a very long time, I went do bed with such happy feeling  and fell into such deep sleep. Why? Because I knew tonight was going to be the beginning of a beautiful story called "When James Meets Jessica".

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