Friday, 10 February 2017

The Short Story Series: Episode 4: When James Meets Jessica

Link to Episode 1, 2 & 3 of my short story series :) Have fun reading!

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As I drove off after dropping Jessica at her friend's place, I couldn't help but to have a huge smile on my face on the drive back. The last time I felt this way when I was with Amanda. I am in love with Jessica?

I don't know. I honestly don't know. There is no way I could be in love with her. I have had just met her a couple hours ago only. In fact earlier today when I ran into Amanda, I was hoping to get another shot with her to work things out.

Was it even possible for me to switch from wanting to be with one girl in the morning to wanting to be with another in the evening. I don't know. Maybe I was never in love with either one of them today, but just the feeling of longing to be with someone. I don't know.

Nevertheless I was reached home a happy man knowing I met Jessica. I did not get her number today but I was sure sooner or later I will bump into her again and this time I will get her number.

A couple of days had passed by since the day I met Jessica and I am yet to met her around. After all this is a large city and what are the odds of me bumping into the one specific girl I want to see. Day by day, the feeling of me wanting to see Jessica kept growing and I still have no idea am I feeling this way.

It's been exactly a week since I met Jessica, and I decided to head to the bar which I met Jessica last week. I told myself I was only heading there to get a couple of drinks but when I was there I knew I was lying to myself. All I kept doing there while sipping my drink was to look out at every woman there hoping that Jessica would also be there.

Than it seemed like the moment was finally here. From far there seemed to be a woman who looked like Jessica but I couldn't get a proper look at her as she seemed to be in the middle of a group of woman. I couldn't have a clear view of her.

From far it surely does look like Jessica, Average looking height with straight brown her up to the shoulder length. So I braved myself up and walked up and her and said, "Hey Jessica, how are you.. Remember me, I'm James.". She turned around and said "Hey sorry, I am not Jessica. I think you got the wrong person" and her friends burst out laughing.

I can't explain the amount of embarrassment I felt. I am not the type of guy who walks up to a random girl in bar and tries to talk up to them and here I am today in bar looking to find these one specific girl and ends up humiliating myself to a group of ladies who I don't even know. All of this for a girl who I only met for a few hours a week ago.

With every passing minute in the bar I kept on thinking why am I here waiting for this girl who I only met once. As times goes on, I begun thinking maybe Jessica has forgotten about me. Maybe she isn't looking for me as how I have been looking for her. After all the night I met her was the same night she had broken up and it was an ugly scene. Perhaps she is just moving on from that guy and the last thing she would be thinking would me.

I had enough of waiting and was convinced that I was never going to met this girl anymore and I should just get going with my life. I left the bar and drove down to the my favorite cafe for supper just like I did last week. I went in and order the usual I always have and the shop owner Julio, in his thick Italian accent said "Yo James, that girl you came with here last week came by the next day looking for you and I told you here you only come here once a week and you will be here today at this time. There she is in the corner booth waiting for you. Go over and talk to her man. She looks like a very sweet girl."

I was shocked, I was speechless. I was at a point where I had given up of waiting for this girl. I thought this very girl was not interested in me. Here I am going around a week finding for this girl without realizing that this girl was also out there looking out for me in that whole week. I was left with a huge smile on my face.

I carried my plate and walked towards her and said "Hi I am James. Do you mind if I join in here with you." She giggled and said "Yeah sure why not James. I am Jessica by the way.". I said, "So I heard you been looking for me". She sat quietly didn't know what to say. I guess she was hoping I did not find out that she was actually looking for me,

"Hey actually ever since I dropped the other day I been wanting to see you again. I should have taken your number that day but I don't know how I didn't do that. I am so glad that I saw you today. I told myself that the next time I see you, I am going to get your number. If you don't mind can I get your number?" I said

"Well if you wanted to see me, why didn't you just come over to my friend's place. I've been there the whole week. I was hoping you would drop by actually." she said that with a small smile. God she had that amazing smile on her and just like that I am hooked on the her again. "Well James, here is my number." as she passed me a piece of paper with her number on it. "I've got to go now James, call me when you are free and lets meet over dinner." she said.

As she left, I found myself smiling beyond my control. There was something about Jessica that makes me want to see her more, be around her presence and just talk to her. Maybe it's her smile. She had that amazing smile that can light your day up in an instance.

I knew for a fact that I shouldn't let go of this girl, I took up my phone within minutes of she leaving and asked her out for our first official dinner date for the next night. And that's how I met Jessica, someone who would grow on to change my life forever

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