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Under The Spot Light: Singam 3

When Singam 1 was released, I felt it a good one time watch and felt the film should have left to be ended there and than. And than come something called Singam 2 which cost me 2 1/2 hours of my life which was so damn poor, justified why there shouldn't be a sequal to the film.

I believed Singam 2 was so damn poor, there is no way in a sane mind would they come up with another Singam film. Owh boy I was so wrong and here now is Singam 3. Maybe they thought they set the bar freaking low in Singam 2, maybe the could salvage something in Singam 3. Get ready for another round of unnecessary shouting and screaming

Story Review

In a nut shell, if you change a couple of the cast in Singam 2 and make minor adjustment to the story, you will get Singam 3. It is almost the same crap from Singam 2 except the cast selection was an upgrade. Below is a comparison between Singam 2 and 3, you see if for yourself the striking resemblance.

Singam 2
Singam 3
Politicians orders Duraisingam to take up a case within South India
Politician orders Duraisingam to take up a case in Andra
Duraisingam goes undercover as a school teacher before the moment is right to strike
Duraisingam replicates a poor very of Vikram’s Sammy character by so cool supporting the goons but hits when they are harsh to him
The case was about who runs the criminal ring locally and who controls the harbor
The case is about who murdered the commissioner of police  
The moment is right he reveals himself as a police officer and starts hunting them down
The moment is right he reveals himself as an honest policemen and starts hunting the criminals down
Only to realize that there is a bigger mastermind behind
Only to realize that there is a bigger mastermind behind
The chase to the bigger villain leads to climax of the film
The chase to the bigger villain leads to climax of the film

Again here there was 2 heroine one being Anushka and another being Shurthi Hassan who replaces the void left by Hanshika where she plays the hyperactive, annoying second heroine who falls in love with Duraisingam again. The film was so empty whereby the had to fill in with so many empty and poor plots just to ensure the film reaches a run time of 2 1/2 hours

Empty plots such as the false journalism article which practically has no impact to the film, the whole scenes of Radhika was not needed, the so call investigation in "Australia" and the length to investigate the initial case. Thanks to these empty fillers the film successful reaches a run time of 2 hours plus

Rating: 1.8/5.0

Director Review

Without a doubt, Hari is one the director I rate so poorly and maybe is next to worse after Venkat Prabhu. His only proper film for me was Saamy, staring Vikram. Apart of them it has be the same poor repeated formula in his films.

For Singam 3, it was so obvious that he has ran out of ideas on how to continue to sequel. With nothing new in his mind, he basically recycled Singam 2 with a better cast selection but as usual fail to utilize the best of them.

Radhika has almost to 0 relevance to the film so much so if you edit her scenes out you wouldn't realize you have missed out anything in the film. Such a shame that such top class actress was so poorly utilized.

The director seemed to be using Anushka nothing more that an added baggage weight in the film. It is almost like he can't end her character and is left with no choice but to keep her in the film. I still don't understand why the so call Universal Cop is so afraid to live together properly with is wife and fear for the criminals. Shouldn't the Universal Cop be able to protect her well and secure.

I don't get the need of why Hari needs to keep forcing on a second heroine in the film and insist she falls in love with Duraisingam. In Singam 2, Hanshika role was so empty so much so I can accept that, but here Shurthi Hassan could be used so much better in a much more mature way and influence the plot with much conviction. Yet Hari decides to play it poorly

Nithin Sathya as the Robin Hood of hacking is displayed as some sort of zombie/ robotic machine. He almost doesn't blink his eyes when he is hacking. He seemed to be so stiff and look so unhuman when he does his hacking. Don't get why Hari doesn't actually plays him like a normal human been who is smart and hacks well.

Under the name of graphics we were shown something kiddish. Those hacking scenes, phone signals, helicopter and plane flying and sudden appearance would make you laugh rather than wow you.

When comes down to editing, although it is not something he does but I am sure it his something
worked under his influence. Changing the frame of the shot every 2-5 seconds will cost your audiences eyes to hurt and makes it so hard to follow what you are trying to show on screen.

Finally the cinematography was nothing more than disastrous. The amount of shakiness in the shots and movement made it look like some cheap work. Some of the angels of the shot being taken makes no sense and was ever so poor. Not the mention the some of the visibility of the shots looked so damn blur. Perhaps that is his idea of creating a racy feel to the audience by changing the frame every 2-5 seconds with this time of cinematography.

My humble request would be please don't come up with Singam 4. Don't challenge yourself to come up with something poorer than Singam 2 & 3. It is not something to be proud about Hari

Rating: 1.5/5.0  
The Cast

The only saving grace in the film is Surya screen presence. Perhaps that is the only pulling factor in the film because everything else in the film is poor. Unfortunately for him, the design of the character was already fixed in Singam 1 & 2 and there is nothing much he could change and explore in this film.

His portrayal here hardly taps into 10% of what he is truly capable of. As much as I enjoy watching Surya's film, I never felt he was one who fits into a commercial mass role. He has tried it in Singam, Anjaan and Mass but it never seemed to suit him. Hope he does less of that and more which brings the actor in him out.

In this film he carries the role of Duraisingam with so much ease and conviction. Within one scene he makes you believe that he is such a tough and smart cop. That is where Surya is at his best. Convincing the audience about the naturalness of his character

 Rating: 2.9/5.0

Anushka & Shurthi Hassan

It is sad to see a brilliant actress like Anushka being kept in the film nothing more than a burden in the film instead of giving her a scope in the film. Yet again here the director wrote her character to be staying away from her husband but still be his pillar of strength. Despite her limited number of screen time and a formality song sequence she gives her best and is convincing in her role of a sincere policemen's wife and a successful businesswoman

The scope of Shurthi Hassan was one of the many let down of the film. She basically repeated nearly the same thing what Hanshika did in Singam 2. Here she plays the role of an investigative journalist. It is a character which could be developed into so much more importance to the film but the director decides against it to keep the focus on Duraisingam. She looked extremely beautiful in all her scenes and was a welcome addition to the film and worked her comedy timing well with Soori in the film which was a little saving grace to the film

 Rating: 2.5/5.0
The Music
Harris Jeyaraj

The melodious king fails miserably with his album in Singam 3. None of the songs worth to be remembered or neither will it be talked about as a classic in years to come. The songs felt more like  a compulsory to the film rather than it flowed naturally with the film. The bgm also didn't stand out particularly to well for me. A below average performance at best

 Rating: 2.0/5.0

Final Verdict: Change a couple of things from Singam 2 and you get Singam 3

Final Rating: 2.14/5.0

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