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Un Azhagiya Punnagai: Part 3

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A new day, a new start. Two days ago, I met this lady who has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. I had an immediate affection towards her and sent her a bouquet to ask her out on a date. Yesterday I got to know that this amazing lady was already engaged and today I have to move on from her thoughts and hope for something amazing to happen soon.

A year and half has passed on from the time I found out that Thila was engaged. There has been a lot of ups and downs that took place in the last 18 months. 10 months ago, my dad passed away due to heart attack. I hit an all-time low after his loss.

Staying alone in KL away from my family did no favors to help me move on from the loss of my dad. I was slowly slipping into depression without me realizing it. I had trouble sleeping at night, loss of appetite and I started avoiding people as much as possible. I would go to office, get my job done without talking to people much and then return home to be alone.

One morning when I came to office, there was a bar of Snickers on my table with a note that says,




I don't know why, but something about that note made me smile. It was perhaps the first time I smiled in the last few months. Thank you Ms. X, thank you for making me smile after a long time. I got curious wanting to know who Ms. X could be. The first person came to mind was Ms. Nisha. She has always been very caring towards me.

"Boss, are you Ms .X?" I asked. "Ms what? What are you talking about Varun?" questioned Ms Nisha. "No boss, there was a chocolate on my table this morning with a note which says it was from Ms. X. I just thought that it was from you boss." I said. "Haha Varun dear, I am way too old to be sending you chocolates under a mysterious name. That wasn't me. Maybe you should ask Vaishnavi" said Ms. Nisha

"Vaishnavi? But why her? I haven't really spoke to her that much." I said curiously. "Haha how naive are you Varun? Just try asking if it was her Varun." said Ms. Nisha calmly. I was curious to know, so I approached Vaishnavi at her table.

She sits about three tables away from me on my right. It was a Friday and Vaishnavi usually wears punjabi suits on Friday. Today she wore a sweet pink punjabi suit, with a little pottu on forehead and a light pink lipstick. I've got to admit she is one of the most beautiful person in the office.

I approached her and asked in a little serious tone "Hi Vaishnavi, was this note and chocolate bar from you?" she hesitated a little for a while, I guess she was taken aback by my sudden approach. "Yes Varun,it was from me. You haven't been smiling much lately and I understand why. You look good when you smile Varun, maybe it's time you start doing that more." she said.

I liked the way she answered me and I smiled while saying "Haha thanks Vaishnavi. Thanks for reminding me to smile again. It worked. I am smiling now. Thank you once again. Do you have any plans today after work Vaishnavi? Would like to go for a cup of coffee after work?" I asked.

"Sure Varun. Let's do coffee after work today. Got to admit, it is a little surprising that this is coming from you after months of shunning all of us away. This is good Varun, more smiles like this moving on." said Vaishnavi with a smile.

We met up that evening and soon enough it started becoming a regular thing. We started doing lunch together during weekdays and would spend time on the weekend going for movies and hanging out together at cafes or some fun activities.

Two months later, on a Saturday we were having lunch at Burger King in Sunway Pyramid right after watching Star Wars: Rogue One. "There is no better villain than Darth Vader. He is the bomb! I had goosebumps watching those final scenes. So much joy watching Vader on the big screen!" I said clearly being in awe over Lord Vader.

"Ya ya you and your Darth Vader la. Never ending story. I don't know why you love these villains so much Varun." she said in annoyance. "Varun, I've got something to ask you. Do you mind me asking?" she asked. "Yeah of course Vaishu, you know you can ask me anything" I said while getting a bite of my favorite French Chicken Burger.

"Where do you see this going Varun? Are we just good friends or are we dating? I am at a stage in my life where I would like to have more clarity about my future Varun." she asked. "

Erm Vaishnavi, I don't really have an answer for you. You are really a nice person. I like you very much and I am so comfortable around you. Are we good friends? Yes of course we are. Are we dating? I don't know Vaishu. Maybe we are, maybe we aren't. I don't have a label to it" I said.

"Well Varun, why don't you take some time to think about it? Let me know where you want this to head. If friends it is, I am very much happy to be an excellent friend to you. But to me, I would love to walk beside you in a path where we are dating and there is a future to it. Take a couple of days Varun to think about it. I am not pressuring you, I just need some clarity on my future. I've got to go now Varun. I'll call you later at night OK? You have a birthday function to attend tonight right? I'll call you once you are done Varun." she said and with that she took her handbag, gave me a hug and started to head back home.

After she left, I finished up my meal and started heading home too. I wanted to get a quick nap before heading out for my friend's son fifth year birthday function. During the drive back I couldn't help to think about the questions Vaishnavi asked.

I do like her very much. I am so at ease with her. Dating her wouldn't really change much from where we are today, because we are kind of practically dating each other now but not exclusively. Do I want to pursue a relationship just yet? I don't know yet, but if I do, she would make an amazing partner. With that thought coming to an end, I reached home and brushed away that question.

It was 8.00 p.m. when I reached the birthday function. Hidayu and I have been friends since university days and today she was celebrating her son, Mohammad Daniel's birthday. I had to go or else she wouldn't forgive me. It was a very noisy party filled with lots of kids and I am not someone who likes to hang out in a noisy environment. I passed the present to Daniel and wished him, while Hidayu was happy that I was able to make it to the function. She directed me to the place where the food was served.

I told myself let's call this an early night, it was a kid's party rather than one for adults. I took a couple of the dishes from the place where the food was served and sat down at a nearby table. As I was halfway into my meal, someone from the back asked me "Hi you are Varun right, remember me?"

I turned to see who it was and I just froze for a moment. "Thila? Thila what are you doing here? I am shocked." I said. "Haha yeah it is me. The birthday boy's dad is my manager actually. That is why I am here. It is so good to see you Varun. How are you doing? Let me grab my dinner and join you if that's ok" she asked.

"Erm yeah I'm doing good. Sure sure go ahead take your meal and join me here." I answered. We didn't speak much while eating with me mainly still in a state of shock after seeing Thila. It has been more than a year since the whole bouquet incident took place. Yet I couldn't help myself from catching glimpse of her smile. When I look into her eyes and sees her smile, it is such a magical feeling.

"Varun, the party seems a little boring for adults and noisy too. Do you wanna go for coffee or maybe a drive to somewhere? I feeling like bumming this party but don't want to head home just yet." she asked. "Yeah sure, I am a little bored here too." I answered. "Do you mind if you drive and send me home later? I didn't drive today Varun." Thila asked. "Sure thing, I'll drop you home." I said.

The next couple of hours was perhaps the most beautiful moment I've ever experienced in my life. We drove to a cafe nearby to have cakes and hot chocolates. We played some board games while having our dessert. That was followed by a drive down to the Morib Beach, whereby we spoke and spoke and spoke under the moonlight while walking at the beach.

For once I forgot about everything that was happening around me and I was living in the moment with Thila beside me, yet the thought of her being engaged bugged me a lot and spending time with her late night. I didn't want to ask if her fiancee was OK with it. I just didn't want to ruin this beautiful memory, because I may never get this opportunity again. I was truly happy in the moment.

It was getting late and I told Thila that it's time I send her back and call it a day. As much as I didn't want this moment to end, I knew it was getting late and I had to send her home. I drove her home and parked in front of her house and walked her to her doorstep. "Thank you Varun. It was really wonderful spending time with you. Had a really good time Varun." she said. "Pleasure is mine Thila, I had a great time too. You should go in, it's getting late." I said.

"Yeah, before I go in Varun, there is something I would like tell you. Been wanting to say it to you all night but I don't know why I didn't so I am doing it now. I know you've been wondering why am I spending time with you tonight after telling you last year that I was engaged and wouldn't be contacting you again. Actually Varun, Khartick and I broke up about a year ago. Khartick was going through a rough patch and called the engagement off. I didn't want it to end Varun. I told him that we can work it out together as a team if he allowed me in. He refused it and wanted to call off the engagement. We were supposed to get married eight months ago. Both our families didn't take the news well and things turned very ugly and ended on a sour note between our parents." she said

"I was heartbroken Varun. I was very sure he was the one for me. Ever since that happened, I have been trying to pick up the broken pieces and build myself again. It has been really tough. I haven't dated anyone since the engagement was called off. Today when I saw you, I remembered about the whole bouquet thing. You are a nice guy Varun. I wasn't sure if I should come and speak to you or not today or just hide away. I didn't know why I actually came and spoke to you, but I am glad that I did it. You made me smile genuinely for the first in over a year. Thank you so much Varun. We should do this again Varun. I still have your number, I will give you a call one of these days and maybe we can meet up over dinner. Thank you Varun for today. It was really good to be out there again." said Thila, and she hugged me before going inside

And there I was frozen, not knowing what has just hit me. Was I dreaming, or did that really just happened? I didn't know how to react to that. I was happy that she is single now but at the same time I was sad because she lost the love of her life. What did she mean when she said lets meet up for dinner? Does she wants to go out with me because I am a good friend or is it a date? Oh my god I am so confused right now. Bottom line is she is single and that is good news. Looks like I will be seeing her over dinner in a couple of days and that's fantastic.

Never had I thought that this would be a possibility. I had almost deleted the whole chapter of me sending her bouquet of out my mind and now this happened. Maybe, just maybe things might turn out well between us, but I also need to remember that she is still not fully over her ex fiancee. I have no idea how to approach this yet but I'll figure something out.

As I was walking back to my car filled with joy and smiles, I received a text message. "That's fast, I just dropped her home, and she is already texting me. That's a good sign." I thought to myself. The messaged reads "I guess you are not home yet Varun. Must be a fun party. I am going to sleep now, Sweet dreams Varun. Drop me a text once you are safely home." it was from Vaishnavi. Then it hit me. There is Thila & Vaishnavi. One of them is my first real crush and the other is someone who I am so comfortable with. What do I do now guys!?

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