Saturday, 11 March 2017

Un Azhagiya Punnagai: Part 4 The Finale

If you are lost in a jungle and there was 2 paths in front of you which path would you pick? You don't know where both paths would end. The path on the left looks more built and stable while the path on the right seems to be a little more dangerous. Which would you pick? This is where I am today. The path on the left represents Vaishnavi and on the right represents Thila. Now I have to make a decision and pick a path.

A lot of things has been running on my mind ever since meeting Thila again. Couple of months ago I wasn't looking forward to be dating anyone, let alone think about having a relationship. To quote a line from Forrest Gump "Mama said life was like a box of chocolate. You never know what you're gonna get" would be perfect to sum how things has changed so much in my life.

For the next one week I couldn't be my usual self with the both of them. I tried not to speak much to both of them and avoiding going out with them citing work as a reason. In all honesty it was the guilt that was killing me. By going out with both of them, I felt as if I was cheating on them. I felt I was the bad guy here, but I just couldn't decide who should be the one I pick to date and pursue something beautiful.

Eventually I made my decision. I took the whole week to think it through and I listened to my heart. I picked her. I know she would be the right person for me. They both are amazing in their own way but I picked her and now I need to think of a way of telling it to her. I want it to be in a way she will always remember it

The next morning I called Thila, "Hi Thila. Good morning." "Hi Varun, morning. Been a couple of days since you called. Is everything ok there with you?" she asked. "Yes Thila, I have been good. Yeah everything is fine, was a little tied down with work but that's normal." I said. "That's good to hear. Aren't you working today Varun?" she asked.

"Yeah I am. Actually I called to ask you out this weekend. Do you have any plans this Saturday? Could we do brunch?" I asked nervously. "Hmm Saturday? Yeah I am free. Sure, we can meet for brunch. Where do you have in mind and what time shall I be there?" she asked. "Cool! I'll text you the location and time later. I got to go now. Have a good day ma." I said and canceled the call.

I felt like it was forever for Saturday to arrive. Time felt like it was intentionally ticking slowly to lengthen my anxiety in telling her I would like to date her officially. Finally Saturday arrived and I had no idea how many different shirts and hair styles I tried that morning. I was trying to look at my best when I tell it to her. I got ready and headed to the cafe to meet Thila for brunch. I was very nervous indeed.

I reached the cafe and Thila was already seated there while reading her book. She was wearing a white sleeveless blouse and a blue jeans. Her hair was tied to a bun. She saw me and greeted me with a smile. She just looks so amazing when she smiles. Her smiles and her eyes and she looks is something shoots me to a different reality.

"Hi Varun! How was the drive here? Was the traffic back?" she asked. I smiled "No Thila traffic was good. Have you ordered Thila?" I asked. "Not yet, was waiting for you. Jom lets order now." she said. I was going through the menu anxiously. I didn't want to order anything. I was just trying to buy some time. I had a surprised for her planned and was waiting for it to arrive.

"Are you okey Varun? You seem very edgy. Are you going to order anything? I think I am going to get the pancakes." She said. "Yeah sure go ahead. Just give me a couple more minutes Thila." I said while looking over my shoulders.

"Are you waiting for someone Varun?" asked Thila. "Yeah kinda Thila, just give me a couple more minutes." I said. There was an awkward silence between us. She was confused with the way I was today while I was waiting for the surprise to arrive.

Moments later, the surprise came. A guy dressed in a black shirt tucked into his jeans holding a bouquet walked towards our table. "Hi Thila, how are you?" said a familiar voice to Thila. "Khartick? What are you doing here? What is going on here Varun?" she said in an angry tone. So many emotions and thoughts was running through Thila's mind. She was shocked, confused and angry all at the same time.

"Thila let me explain." I said. "I met Khartick a couple of days ago. We spoke about many things and in the process he told me about the circumstances surrounding him leading to him calling off the engagement. I think you should hear him out Thila. You guys clearly make a good pair and I hope things can go back to how it used to be between you both." I explained.

Thila just sat in silence. Too many things for her to process in such a short time. "Thila, I know all of these comes as a shock to you, but if you give me once chance to explain everything and then you can decide." said Khartick. "Fine." she said.

It was during time that Vaishnavi walked in towards us. "Ah Vaishnavi you are just on time." I greeted here. "Vaishanavi, this are my friends, Thila and Khartick. Guys this is Vaishnavi, the girl I am dating." I introduced them to each other.

Vaishnavi's faced glowed immediately. This is the first time I am introducing her as my date. She understood that this was my way of telling her that I want to date her exclusively. She just smiled and said "Nice to meet you. So Varun shall we leave now then? We have a movie to catch." The pair just greeted her with a smile as there was a lot of tension in the air among the pair.

"So guys I am going to leave you guys here and I hope you guys do talk things out and work it. Would love to see you guys together. Take care Thila and good luck Khartick. You are going to need lots of that." I said that and started walking away from them while holding Vaishnavi's hand. She had an amazing smile on her knowing now that we are officially dating each other

~The End~

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