Thursday, 20 April 2017

A Letter To My Unborn Daughter

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Dear Janani,

I can't wait to meet you, I can't wait to carry your tiny self in my arms and try to look you in the eyes when you can barely open them. You are a beautiful addition to our little family. How I wish my dad was here to see you. He always wanted a daughter. I think he would actually loved you more than I ever would and I would've been very jealous to see your relationship.

Throughout my life, I have been afraid to carry a newborn, but Janani, although you are few years away from me, never a day goes by without me looking forward carrying you the moment you are born. It will be one of the most beautiful moment in my life and I want to seize the moment in my head till my last breath on this planet.

Janani, it is a beautiful world out there which you are coming to, but remember babygirl, it is not an ideal world. The world I live today has seen many young strong women being broken with societal stereotypes. Dad don't want to see you suffer from any of this, so you grow, my lovely daughter. Be whoever you want to be, and I'll always be your cheerleader.

I live in a world where when a woman gets raped, she is being blamed for the rape instead of the man who rapes her. What scares me the most we have people who thinks it is right for a woman who is raped to actually marry their rapist.

Don't let these imbeciles stop you from who you really want to be, Janani. I know you are going to grow up to be an amazing lady. You are going to be an inspiration to many people out there, my little pumpkin. I will do everything I can as your father to ensure you be the best version of yourself, I'll be a ladder for you to get there.

The world would always try to fit you in a box; a "female" for example, and later by your grades, by your profession, by the boys or girls you choose to hang out with, by your sexual orientation and many many more. But you're daddy's little princess, and don't fall for any of the boxes. You make a box for yourself, and name it Janani. Live your life in your own terms and dad's here to pick you up if you ever fall.

Dear Janani be bold, be brave, daddy is always going to be by your side to guide you. I don't want to lead you princess, I want you to live your life the way you want it to be. Follow your heart and do what you are passionate about baby girl and speak your thoughts out, boldly.

I will always love you for who you'll become in the later days of your life. With every passing moment, more successful independent women are emerging and baby I know by the time you grow up, the world is going to be a better place for you to succeed.

Awaiting For You With Much Love,
Your Daddy                  

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