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Oru Deivam Thantha Athisiyam: Part 3 The Finale





The call gave me a shocked. It just turned my whole day upside down in a split second. One moment I was reminiscing beautiful memories from my childhood and here am I now rushing to the hospital to see my loved one.

A lot of things were running through my mind and it wasn't pleasant thoughts. With my thoughts distracted, I was still driving fast with the hazard signal switch on my car. I have to admit, driving with your mind distracted is such a dangerous thing to do. I could have landed in an accident easily because my thoughts wasn't on the road but what was happening on the road.

I reached the hospital within 15 minutes, which usually would have taken me 25 minutes. I parked my car at first sight of a parking and dashed to the emergency section to speak to the nurse on call. Just before I could speak to the nurse, I heard a voice saying "Sanjay over here. Come here quick."

It was my dad's voice. He was there already in the hospital before I reached and seeing him gave me a great sense of strength, knowing he is going to be by my side during this tough time. "What happened pa? Is she okey? Can I see her?  Tell me what's going on." I kept asking questions anxiously.

"Calm down Sanjay. She is in the operation theater. Follow me I'll bring you there. I need you to stay positive Sanjay. Everything is going to be okey." said Appa. I followed him to the waiting area near the operation theater.

"Pa, how did it happened? Is Priya okey?" I asked Appa. "Her water bag broke Sanjay. We were watching TV in the hall and then we woke up to go the dining table to have lunch. Suddenly she was in distress and her water bag broke. We panic and drove her immediately to the hospital." said Appa

"We brought her to the emergency ward and Dr. Aziz was here today. He brought her straight to the operation theater. Got to wait for Dr. Aziz to know what is happening. I'll inform his nurse that you are here." said Appa.

Priya and I have now been married for 3 years and we are now expecting our first born. Priya is someone who is so bubbly and lively and it is so hard for me to see her in pain now. It breaks my heart to know she is in pain and I am helpless about it.

As I entered the waiting area, my mum came and hugged me. Clearly she was worried about her daughter in law. I had to calm my mother down while trying to compose myself. After 15 minutes of anxiously waiting, a nurse came out from the operation theater.

"Congratulations Mr. Sanjay, you are now a father for a beautiful baby girl. Although she was born one week before due but she weighs fine and is healthy. Congratulations Mr. Sanjay." said the nurse. "Thank you, thank you so much. How is my wife doing? Can I see her?" I asked.

"Mr. Sanjay, I'm afraid I can't let you in. Your wife started bleeding after giving birth and Dr. Aziz is trying to stop that. We will let you in once we managed the situation. I am sorry sir but you'll need to wait. In the meantime once we have cleaned the baby up, you can visit her." said the nurse.

All my joy disappeared in a split second. From celebrating the birth of my daughter, my whole mood changed towards worrying for my wife. "It is ok nurse. I will wait for my wife first." I said. I didn't know how to feel at that point. To be happy for my first born or to be worried of my wife. I was devastated. Seconds felt like hours as I waiting to hear about my wife.

During the whole time my dad was trying to console me but I could hardly listen to him as my mind seemed to have blanked out. "I want to see you again Priya. I want to tell you how much I love you. We promise to never leave each other so stop scaring me Priya. Our daughter is waiting for us. I need you Priya." were some of things running through my mind during this ordeal.

After what felt like years of waiting, finally Dr. Aziz came out. "Mr. Sanjay, you wife is alright now. She started to bleed after giving birth. An artery of hers gave way during the delivery process and she started to lose blood. We were able to find the artery and stitch her up before it could get worse. She is unconscious at the moment because she lost a lot of blood but don't worry she is going to be fine. Congratulations on being a father." said Dr Aziz.

"Thank you Dr! Thanks for everything!" I said while embracing him with a hug. With that I breathe a sigh of relief. Finally I could be truly happy that I have been a father now. I hugged my parents and there was tears of joy in both mine and my mum's eyes.

"Let's go see the baby" said Amma. "You guys go ahead first. I am going to wait for Priya to wake up and then we will both see the baby together. You go first ma with Appa." I told her. "Sayang you go first, I'll join you in a bit." said Appa to Amma.

"Sanjay, I wanted to talk to you a bit and I think now is the best moment." Appa said. "Sure pa what is it?" I asked. "Sanjay, being a father is going to change your life and it is for the better. You have been a wonderful son to us and a husband to Priya. Now it's time you step up and be an amazing father to your daughter." said Appa.

"Be there for her Sanjay. It is a dog eating dog world now. She is going to need you to be her strength and support. Raise her well Sanjay and inspire her to be a wonderful person like how you are, she is going to need the both of you more than you think. Be the best kind of parents there can be. I know you guys would be, I just felt like telling you. She is the jewel of your like. Your daughter is god's given miracle to you and be the same for her." said Appa.

"Sure pa, we will do all we can to raise her well. Thanks pa. You go ahead and see her first. I'll go wait by Priya's side." I said. With that Appa left me to go see his granddaughter while I entered the ward where Priya is now resting.

There was Priya, looking as beautiful as ever although she was unconscious. This is the lady I fell crazily in love with and seeing what she has gone through today made me love her more than I thought I could. I kissed her forehead and held her hands while sitting beside her.

While waiting for her to regain conscious. I could hear Amma saying, my daughter has Priya's eyes and she looks so beautiful. I was so eager to see my daughter but I want to do it with Priya. By that time many of our relatives had come to visit the baby and Priya and they all kept saying the same thing that she has Priya's eyes.

After sometime, Priya seem to move a little and gained conscious. The first thing she did when she opened her eyes was to smile at me God that was the smile I fell in love years ago and I am still crazy over. I gave her a kiss and told her that we are now parents to a baby girl. She told me she wanted to see our daughter and thus I informed the nurse to bring our daughter to us.

The nurse brought her and laid her on Priya's arm. There she was, my first born, my daughter. I never thought something so small could be so amazing. Priya was overwhelmed with emotions as she started to tear looking at our daughter. I embraced her and sat beside Priya as we continued admiring our daughter.

"Priya, they were right. She has your eyes. My god she is so beautiful Priya. I love you both so much." I said. "Haha, yeah she has my eyes. I can't believe it Sanjay. I am a mother now. We did it Sanjay. Have you thought of a name for her yet?" she asked.

I smiled. "I know that smile Sanjay. You have a name figured out right?" she asked. "Yes ma, I want to name her Janani. Janani Pandian to be exact. What do you think?" I asked. "Hmm, Janani, it sounds really beautiful. She surely does look like a Janani." said Priya.

"You rest first Priya, let me take her back to the nurse. Amma and Appa is waiting to see you as well. Shall I send them in now or later?" I asked. "Send them in pa, they must be worried about me. Ask them to come in." said Priya.

I went and call my parents in to see Priya and proceeded to take Janani back to the nurse. While bring to the nurse, I looked into my little princess eye and said, "Janani baby, I want to promise you one thing. I would do all I can to be the best father for you. I want to be the type of father like how my father was to me. If I can be half the men he was, I would make a very a good father to you Janani. This is my promise to you." I said to Janani.

Dedicated to my father, Mr. Soundara Pandian & all super fathers out there

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