Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Arsenal 2016-2017 Award Ceremony

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The recent record breaking 13th FA Cup success will not mask what a disappointing season it has been for us. It was the same cycle again for the Gunners. Defeat on the opening day, followed by a run of good form which sees them go top of the league, before a suicidal few months and a last minute surge back into the top form.

13 Times FA Cup Champions!

Sadly this time, we missed out of the top 4. Despite what was a poor season, here is my list of awards for the players over the course of the season, followed by my suggestion who we should sell and bring in next season (realistically)

Best Goalkeeper

It was a straight forward battle for this award between Cech and Ospina for the Best Goalkeeper Award this season. Despite Ospina’s FA Cup final performance, it was very obvious to me that Petr Cech who deserves the nod as he started 37 of Arsenal’s match between the posts compared to 13 for Ospina. 

Despite age beginning to catch up with Cech, I still see him as the number 1 goalkeeper for the club for the next 2 season at least.

Best Defender

We used up to 9 defenders over the course of the season. Koscielny, Mustafi, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Holding, Bellerin, Debuchy, Monreal & Gibbs. In what I would say winner by a narrow margin, Shokdran Mustafi claims the Best Defender Award, just ahead of Koscielny, with Bellerin rounding off the top 3.

The partnership between Mustafi and Koscielny has been very much welcomed by the fans and this pair can only get better. Mustafi has been absolutely solid for the team and has hardly put a foot wrong when he plays. The type of center back we have been screaming for a long time.

Best Midfielder

The most crowded position in the team, but the easiest winner to choose. 30 goals in a single season and 15 assist in 50 matches this season, Alexis Sanchez bags the award miles ahead of the rest. Coming in 2nd would be Mesut Ozil who has worked up on the number of goals he scored and in 3rd comes Granit Xhaka.

Best Forward

It becomes a little tougher to pick a winner here considering Alexis Sanchez played nearly half a season upfront before reverting back into a left wing role. Apart from Alexis, we had 3 lads playing the upfront role in Giroud, Welbeck and Lucas Perez. With Perez having played only a handful of game, it becomes a straight forward competition between Giroud on Welbeck.

With Welbeck missing most of the season through injury and Giroud hitting in 16 goals this season, Giroud does just enough to nick the award ahead of Danny Welbeck. Welbeck showed a lot of promise when he returned back from injury and he can stay injury free next season, things could be very different.

Best Signing

Granit Xhaka, Shokdran Mustafi, Rob Holding, Lucas Perez. 4 signing this season and they have all done well do justify their move except Perez who was hardly given much game time. There is no doubt that Mustafi has been our signing of the season as he has been such an important player at the heart of defense for us.

Best Player

Once again, 30 goals from upfront and the wing with 15 assist in 50 games, it is easy as it gets to pick our best player this season. It is Alexis Sanchez. Mustafi takes second place and Ozil comes home 3rd.

Best Young Player

Signed from the League One this season, many raised an eyebrow why did Arsene Wenger sign him. 10 months later he won the FA Cup with Diego Costa tucked into his pocket comfortably. Without a doubt, we have discovered a gem in Rob Holding.

At a tender age of 21, he has showed that he has what it takes to play at the highest level and he will get better. With a back 3 formation tucked in place, I hope Holding gets more game time next season.

Best Goal

This was really a tough decision in choosing between Mesut Ozil’s brilliant goal against Ludgorets or Oliver Giroud’s amazing Scorpian Goal vs Crystal Palace. My pick would be Ozil, but for the sake of entertainment, let’s watch both the goals here in the link below

Best Win of the Season

It has to be the FA Cup final isn’t it. Up against the league champions who are high on confidence and we were the underdogs, low on confidence after missing out on the top 4. We went into the match without our best 2 defenders and saw Per Mertesacker making his first start of the season.

The odds were stacked very much against us and yet we came home winners 2-1. The fact that it was a record breaking 13th FA Cup for the club and 7th for Arsene Wenger, which makes him the most successful manager in the FA Cup, made this win the best win of the season.

In 2nd comes the 3-0 win against Chelsea in the Emirates early of the season where we completely played Chelsea of the park and in 3rd is the extra time win in the FA Cup semifinal against Manchester City.

Players should leave

Ospina, Gibbs, Debuchy, Theo Walcott, Lucas Perez.

Players We Should Sign

Sead Kolsanic & Gareth Bale shall he become available or a pacey center forward. Another decent center back and another left wing back (and let Monreal go) would be a welcome addition too.

Next Season formation


Mustafi/Chambers           Mertesacker/Holding      Koscielny/Gabriel

Chamberlain/Bellerin                                                                      Kolsanic/Monreal

Xhaka/Coquelin                Cazrola/Ramsey

Ozil/Wilshere      Sanchez/Welbeck


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  1. Bale is very prone to injury, as a Barca fan, I hope we are not buying Bellerin and with Sanchez looking to move to City, what's your take on his replacement?

  2. Yeah Bale has been a little injury prone the last couple of seasons. But when he was playing in the English Premier League he was fit most of the time and what a player he was. He has only gotten better.

    Well for Bellerin, I agree he shouldn't move to Barca just yet. He will play eventually for Barca one day but not next season. He should get his head down and work harder to improve on his game. Currently he is behind Chamberlain in the starting 11. If you are not starting for Arsenal, I don't think you should even think of moving to Barca.

    On Sanchez, well it is the number one priority that we should get him to sign a new deal along with Ozil. That should be our number 1 signing of the season.

    But if he were to leave, I would love to see Bale and Kyllian Mbappe brought in. Two powerful and explosive players which will suit in our style well. Or we could even try to put in a bid for Griezmann but that's unlikely

    1. Nah man,I want Mbappe at Barça!�� And I hope Jose doesn't bring in Griezmann, not the kind of player we need at United.

      But idk, with Wenger extending another 2 years, Arsenal looks like to have another 2 mediocre seasons. No offence, used to love that man's philosophy but it's about time he moved on, imo.

      Let's see, football have been frustrating, at least for me, recently. See how it goes.

    2. The worst thing Mbappe can do right now is to move to Barca. With the Suarez-Messi-Neymar trio there he wouldn't break into the first team just yet. He should go elsewhere for a couple of years before making the switch to Barca. Arsenal would be an ideal place for him for the next couple of years as he can lead the line.

      Haha I am actually pleased with Arsene Wenger staying to be honest. I've always liked the man and he has been let down by his players. With the right couple of signings I am sure he will be there at the top again.

    3. Nah, with Mess I dropping deeper this season if you've observed he's taking up Xavi's position, it'll be good to have Mbappe back his position. Sadly the "world isn't a wish granting factory" & that guy is a fan of Real Madrid *cringe* so he says he'll go nowhere except Madrid. So, I'll stop dreaming right there and enjoy his individual brilliance.

      Haha, so you're the Wenger In fan. All the best. ��

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