Thursday, 22 June 2017

Happy Birthday Thalapathy: 5 Reasons Why I Love Vijay

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After Super Star Rajinikanth, my next favourite actor in the industry is definitely Thalapathy Vijay. For me it was Minsara Kanna that did the trick for me. I was 9 years old back then and I remember my parents bought a CD of the movie. I remember laughing most parts of the film and it was that moment onward I started adoring Vijay.

18 year later, bar Rajini, Vijay is still my favourite actor despite the rise of many talented actors. Vijay had his share of box office failures but nevertheless I remained a fan of his performance and not his films at that period of time.

2007 to 2011 he had a run of poor films, but ever since Kaavalan, personally I think he has had a fantastic run of good films bar one or two below par films. With the first look poster of Mersal being released, the goosebumps are coming back high again on his next film and I am expecting some magical work (pun intended).

Back then it was hard for me to come up with a reason why I adore Vijay, but today here I am presenting to you 5 Reasons Why I Love Vijay.

1.     Dance

The first thing that comes to the mind of most people when you say Vijay is that his ability to dance. His ability to dance to a song which has a fast beat is a joy to watch. He is currently one of the best dancer among the heroes in Kollywood. I loved his dance in Pokiri and Ghili and I sure we will be in for a treat with Mersal.

2.     Comic Timing

This is reason why I first started liking Vijay when I was young. His expressions and the ability to carry on comical scenes is amazing. You can pair him up with any comedian or let it be even on his own, he never fails to make you laugh.

To me is comedy timing, body language and sense is in the same ranks of both Rajini and Kamal. That laughing scene in Friends with Surya and Vadivelu is perhaps the best comedy scene ever done by a hero.

3.     Screen Presence

Nearly every hero in the industry today wants to be a commercial hero like Rajini. Only a handful of actors want to be like Kamal. Well let’s face it, it is almost impossible to be a performer like Kamal. Yet actors like Surya and Vikram has the potential to follow a similar path like Kamal.

The rest wants to be a commercial hero. The reason why Rajini was successful as a commercial hero was because he had a commending screen presence. 5 seconds of Rajini on screen without any dialogue, just a smile and walk will drive the fans crazy.

After him, the closes actor being to emulate that sense of craze from the audience is Vijay. He has such a good grip in terms of his on screen presence. Combine that with his ability to utter punch dialogues and hold good body language in a scene is what makes Vijay the best commercial hero after Rajini.

4.     Romantic/Student Films

In his early days in the industry, it was both love films and student/youth films which propelled Vijay into an established actor. Then in the early 2000’s he made his transition into a Mass Commercial hero and there was no turning back.

Personally some of Vijay’s finest performance came in the days early in his career. I have always loved his films like Kushi, Friends, Thulladha Maanam Thullam & Once More. That was the Vijay I knew when I was young and I became a fan of.

Despite his rise as a commercial hero, he is still able to pull of these roles with much ease and calmness. Films like Kaavalan, Nanban (a personal favourite), & Sachein shows he still has that in his game. I hope he don’s this type of role one more time in the near future.

5.     Action

And finally, I just love his action sequences in his commercial films. I’ll be the first to admit it that some of them may defy law of science, but somehow I don’t mind it when it is him or Rajini who does it.

I love the way he dishes out his action sequence together with a punch dialogue. His ability to blend in action, sentiment, comedy and romance is what perhaps makes him one of the most successful commercial actors in the industry out there.

Vijay has his haters and I am very much aware of that. I would accept any criticism during the 2007-2011 period, but for the next 6 years he has actually done very well and his criticism is longer justified. He is well aware that he is no Kamal to try don out different roles and characters. He knows what works for him and he works hard on that. Like him or hate him, after Rajini it is Vijay who is the best commercial entertainer in the industry.

Happy Birthday Thalapathy Vijay!

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