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In The Limelight: Kavithraa Baskaran

Next on "In The Limelight" we have the beautiful and mature friend of mine I made during my time in UTP. Introducing to you the elegant Kavithraa Baskaran
*Start Interview*

Question 1
Everyone who knows you, knows that you are Actress Trisha's number one fan. So why Trisha? What is it about her that you love so much and how does she inspires you?

Well yeah I'm a great fan of Trisha since the film "Laysa Laysa" and "Samy". Coming from a normal family background and venturing this field successfully is hard. I love the way she acts. A bonus point of cause being drop dead gorgeous till now, even thought she's aging, she maintains her looks and never looked old. 

Besides, she keeps herself healthy by exercising and make sure she keeps herself updated with the current trend of clothing's and all, love her dressing sense. She looks beautiful in all outfits. What does inspire me most about Trisha is being herself, I could see how independent and strong she is. 

I was really impressed with her effort in taking care of homeless dogs and her cares towards the environment; it's very rare to see an actress to get involved with social responsibilities. Really love her confidence and bold character, where she stood up for her rights and supports her family and friends no matter what happens. In all I love everything about her, being beautiful in and out.

Question 2
Now I can see why you are indeed Trisha's number one fan. Moving on, if you could pick one thing that makes you stand out of the crowd, what quality or character of yours would that be that makes you different and why?

One character that would make me stand out of the crowd would be that I'm not afraid of saying "I don't know". Well I'm not ashamed of asking questions, as a matter of fact, I would consider it as knowledge because no one can personally know everything. 

Besides, I would say I'm able to start up conversation easily face to face; also I have a habit of smiling towards people and thanking for everything. In addition, I would say I'm able to identify people's mood (adapt to their mood) and also towards any situation.

I always make myself look presentable, and carry respect towards others. Ohh yeah one funny thing, that I have a really loud voice :D

Question 3
Recently you voiced out an issue about poor drivers on the road. If you were to be in a position of power and influential, what would you do to solve this issue?

Firstly, I would say that everyone on the road should know how to respect others, because they share the road. Why when others can wait but now you? It all depends on the individual; they can make changes if they're concern enough. 

On the other hand, if I was given a position on this, I would think of having separate roads for bikers and cars, because most of the accidents results in death to the bikers. So I guess they have the rights to have their own space as well. 

In addition, policeman should make rounds during peak hours to avoid traffic and to take action against those who don't obey the rules, such as using emergency lanes and cutting the line, this would definitely reduce traffic.

Question 4
If you could wake up in the body of someone else tomorrow, who would you pick and what will you do 

If I could wake up in the body of someone, I would choose Angeline Jolie. Besides being beautiful on the outside, she is the most synonymous names when it comes to supporting causes and empowering communities. 

She was one of the first celebrities to adopt a child and this became a big trend and also her long term relationship. She's a very tough woman I would say, she fought over her breast cancer ans started an AIDS & Tuberculosis clinic in Ethiopia. She also opened a school in Afghanistan because she discovered that girls there did not have adequate educational opportunities. 

You may want to read the article in this link "How Angelina Jolie Became An Inspiration" to know all about her good deeds.

Question 5
The final question would be something a little personal. What quality and character do you see in a man before you decide to date him?

Hahaha, well I don;t expect anything but if I wish, I could have someone that is easy going and also a spontaneous person since I make plans all of a sudden. Outgoing and loves traveling of cause. They should exercise personal responsibilities, the person doesn't have to be on the exact same life path as you, but your trails should converge in enough places so that you can both reach your final destination together. Respect both families, have a life outside the relation.

The person shouldn't expect you to spend every waking moment with them, because I have hopes and dreams beyond the scope of your relationship. And besides, two people can only spend so much time together before getting fed up with each other, so a little bit of space will be good for both of us.

Teaches me something new and of cause trust me. Maintain a healthy relationship with socializing. Last but not least, love me unconditionally. Well it's just  wish to get a man like that and I don't expect it though, happens in movies but not real life. Will be grateful with what I'm going to have.

Thank you very much Kavithraa Baskaran for that wonderful interview. I must admit that I really did enjoy your interview and hope the readers would love it to. Without a doubt you are the most mature and broad thinking junior I have come across in UTP.

*End Of Interview*
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