Monday, 3 August 2015

An Idea To Cultivate Innovation In School

I have always believed that an individual needs to have two things in order to be successful in today's world. First being they need to attain a positive mindset. A positive mindset improves your confidence and betters your thought process. In the way of the law of attraction, a positive mind attracts positive things to themselves and thus being successful. This is something many people are being aware of already.

The second thing is an individual need to possess innovative thinking. Now this is something which most people are not aware of. When you tell someone, you need to have innovative thinking, they will usually reject your idea by claiming that they are not going to be some innovator and they don't need this.

Well humans are always afraid of what they don't know thus they reject this kind of ideas. Innovative thinking is something very important to every individual to have. Why is it important? Well I will be sharing that in my TEDx UTP talk soon, so you got to wait for it to find out. Trust me you will than understand it's importance.

I believe innovation should start from school itself. The earlier the younger mind are thought this the better they will become. I was introduced to the world of innovation at the age of 23. My idea now is to give students at the age of 13 the taste of innovation. To make them be a part of it. The earlier they start, the more time they have to develop their skills and by the time they hit their final year of degree, you will never know what they will be able to achieve

The idea here is that to start up an innovation competition in high schools. For those who are from UTP reading this, the concept is going to be abit similar to how SEDEX OIC is conducted but of course on a lighter scale. The idea is to have five different category for students. Which means all form 1 students will compete against each other, all form 2 competes against each other and so on until form 5 students.

The point of the competition here is not to actually make the create a new invention or a working innovative prototype. That could involve cost and maybe schools are not able to sponsor their students with such budget. That is something they could keep in mind for future plans. The idea here is to have students come up with conceptual innovative idea

What I want to see them do is work in a group of 5, brainstorm of things which can be innovated or maybe a new invention. Once they have the idea, I want them to spend months gathering information via any means possible for them and come up with a 5-10 page report about it and do a power point presentation. They don't have to do a demonstration.

The school teachers can evaluate them and pick winners for each category and also award the best group in terms of presentation. What happens here is that you are developing 3 things. First is innovative thinking by making them come up with idea. Second is improving their presentation skills which is going to be a handy tool throughout their life and third is report writing, which is important in both universities and working life.

This all important tools for students to sharpen before they enter univerisities and could make a huge difference to them. For a start, the all the school needs to do is get at least one group from each class. Let say you have 5 form 1 classes, that means you have 5 groups participating in category 1. You can award the best group with a medal. If you have more groups, you can award the top 3. Similar for all levels.

You can conduct this the whole year. For example from January to March, you let students form their own group of 5 and survey about possible ideas. In April they have to register their group with the topic and perhaps in September they can conduct the presentation. It gives them sufficient time to complete their work.

I really hope schools will allow me to approach them with this idea and I would love to be help them establish

this kind of competition in their school. I can do by giving talks about innovation, how to be an innovative thinker, a presentation workshop on how to conduct a proper presentation and so on. I have many idea and I would love to work with schools regarding this

School Students Innovation of A Mouse Trap

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