Wednesday, 19 August 2015

TEDx UTP: An Annual Event Maybe

August 15th 2015, will always be one of the greatest day of my life. I have never found myself in such a positive atmosphere before this. Imagine this scenario, you are in this hall filled with over 150 people, and you have over 10 amazing inspiring people walking up the stage and giving the speech of life inspiring you. Positive thoughts and energy resonating around the room. Everyone was so pumped up, motivated and ready to go! Well that was what exactly going on at TEDx UTP.

As I left the hall that day, there was only one thing running through my mind. I want to come back next year to UTP for another TEDx event and give a talk in front of a thunderous audience cheering on at the Chancellor Hall. This is my vision, this is my dream. As I spoke to many other people who attended TEDx UTP that day, I realised this is was just now my dream, but it was many people's dream as well. And here is 5 reasons why I feel that TEDx UTP should be back next year bigger than ever and UTP should make it the top of their priority list

1. It's Life Changing

"Sukesh, all those talks were life changing and inspiring." This was one of the many feedback I got
from the audience at TEdx UTP. Such was the impact the event it had on those who attended. Many of them left the hall inspired wanted to make a change in their life and those around them. So many of them were poised to follow their passion and find their Chemical X and make it big. Above all many of them vowed that when TEDx UTP returns next year, they are going to be there, as a speaker not as an audience.

2. Eye Opener on Dark Topics

One of my favorite talk of the day was done by Walla, which spoke to us about Depression. She enlighten our views about depression and made us travel into a journey which showed us how depression starts to creep in and what it can do to us. She brought us close that life and made us realize why is it so important not to be judgmental and be supportive. It was such a strong and powerful talk. And this is what we need more in universities. We need to know about this kind of dark issues and how to deal with it. It's not only enough we talk about being successful but it is equally important for students to know how to deal with depression. With TEDx UTP being done again next year, we can tap into more darker topics and enlighten students to be aware of.

3. Excellant Platform For Students

Being a TEDx Speaker is perhaps the pinnacle of success every public speaker dream of and what I call as a brilliant move by the organizers this year was to allocate certain speakers slots to UTP students. It a brilliant move which is going to go on and change their career. To be a TEDx Speaker while you are studying is a huge success and it is going to inspire them more for greater success and I am thankful to them for this opportunity. Next year with this event bigger than ever, more UTP students are going to        have an opportunity to be a speaker and that again is life changing

4. Bringing a Global Event to Students

Tedx is world known global event, and if more support from UTP we can bring this global event to our students on an annual basis. Many people have "Going for a TEDx event" in their bucket list. Most importantly TEDx represent a global change and now you can bring this to our students and inspire them to make that change. We are going to create a much for better and positive minded UTP graduates when this event becomes an annual basis.

5. Event Management.

As mentioned TEDx is a global event, and with the success of TEDx UTP this year, our students has proofed that they have got what it takes to manage an event of this scale with grand success. In fact looking back at my 4 years here in UTP where I have been involved with a couple of event management and also attending numerous event, I would say that TEDx UTP was the best event conducted in terms of it's event management. They have set a whole new benchmark on how an event should be conducted in UTP. With the event being conducted again next year, a new set of students is going to have this experience and it is a huge learning curve in being a well rounded graduate

It is my dream and vision that next year, UTP will once again organize this marvelous event and I would be there again to give a more inspiring talk. UTP, you now have an amazing platform to change students lives and I hope this becomes an annual event from here on.


  1. Thanks Bro, yeah will try our best to make it an annual event. Really Happy to know you and chit chat with you. ^_^

    1. I'm already looking forward to TEDx UTP 2016 live from Chancellor Hall!!! I wanna be there once again