Sunday, 23 August 2015

A dedication to the person who made me a blogger

This post today marks my 50th blog post. Over time I have done many different types of post. Ranging from personal stories (A letter to a 16 year old me) to short story attempt (The Prequel: When James Meets Amanda) up to social issues (Counseling), I've kept testing myself to see which type of writing suits me best.

At one point, I never knew that I could actually write a blog. I've loved writing for a long time. I used to use Facebook to convey my thoughts and opinions but I never felt satisfied about it. Than came along this guy who changed it all for me

The Guy Who Inspired Me To Blog
This is Kugarubaan. He was my roommate and one of my best friend. More importantly he was the guy who inspired me to write my first ever blog post. He gave me the confidence that even I could be a blogger.

I remember that night, we were talking about writings and how much I admire his blog posts. I told him I would love to write like that too but I don't think I have the ability to write things that long nor have the idea to do it. All he did was simple. He helped me created my blog page and told me to write a post that day. It can be anything but just write, just express your thoughts. There is no write or wrong to it

I've always kept that close to heart and up to today, I don't know if I am a good blogger or writer. I don't know if people enjoy what I write or not, but it is never important because I've learn to blog to express and not to impress. A big thank you to Bear Boy for teaching me that and giving me that confidence.

I would like to dedicate this 50th post to you brother for giving me the self confidence to be a blogger. Thank you for changing a part of my life!

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