Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Letter For A 16 Year Old Me

Dear 16 Year Old Sukesh,

This may seem as your toughest year of your life at the moment. You just got your PMR results and yes it is not the best results out there. You are now distanced from your friends. You are in the last class in your school. You let your parents down big time and you are isolating yourself. Take a moment to read that again Sukesh. Look at the amount of negativity there is in those 3 lines. Is this how you going to let your life shape up to be. Let me tell you a secret, 9 years from now you are going to be one of the most positive minded guy people are going to meet. You are going to carry so much of confidence at the world is going to be at your feet.

It does sound all amazing and beautiful right. But for all of this to happen Sukesh, you are going to need to start from somewhere. And let that somewhere be now. This is the most negative phase of your life now and yes this is the best place to start changing your mindset. Being a positive or negative person is something that is within you and only you can change yourself. Don't let the struggles of your life define who you are limit what you can do. You are better than what you think you are doing at the moment and its time you start making that change. Remember the golden rule of life: 

Everyone fails at a point of life! But not everyone bounces back to be successful again

Don't let your failures become your identity. Show the world you are a winner. You have got two years now to prove to the world that you are going to be a very very successful kid. Work silent in your failures and the sound of success do the talking for you. Set your SPM as your redemption point. Take this two years do grow up and be a men. Don't isolate yourself. Staying away from people and being a nerd is not going to do the trick. Yes you would eventually score well for your SPM, but trust me boy you would not grow up neither would you learn anything about dealing with failures. Because what you did is just faking yourself and once you become successful you would go back to square one. Instead learn how to handle your failures, learn how to put a brave face on and meet the world. Yes people are going to question you about your failures. Acknowledge them as your failures and show the world you are ready to move on. That is maturity, the ability to accept failures and use that as your spring board. Once you learn to that, nothing in the world can stop you.

Don't be afraid to fall in love. People may say that you are only 16 and its too young to fall in love. I would tell you it's nonsense. You are never too young to fall in love. Take risk, fall in love, break up, get yourself hurt and start it all over again. As odd as it may sound, that is one of the best thing that can happen you. You should fall in love and break up at least once in your life. It will bring you to a low point in your life and that's when you will grow up again. So yes fall in love and life will turn beautiful Sukesh. 

Keep this things close to your heart during the next two years and when you look back later you will see that you have grown from being a failure boy to a successful men. Thought becomes things Sukesh, so keep a positive mind and success is going to come your way.

25 Year Old Sukesh


  1. Its been long years, without success my friend, but here you are, walking out with your scroll soon

  2. Definitely my source of motivation :) Anytime! You're ahead of things that you could ever possibly imagine. Way to go, all the best :D