Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Short Story Series: Episode 1: When James Meets Amanda

Finally its my off day after a long week of work. Woke up to the beautiful sight of sun rise on a Saturday morning. Having so used to wake up early for work, I seem unable to sleep late on my weekends now. Made my self a good cup of coffee and decided to take a swim in the morning as the sun continues to rise brightly and I thought to myself today is going to be a beautiful day take spend my day outside my house. I had my favorite breakfast and ate it with sips of orange juice in the balcony of my apartment while enjoying the beautiful view of my city

So I thought to my self, it has been some time since I went to the mall downtown and it's looking like a beautiful to do so. After getting ready I took my car and took a slow drive to the mall which is about a half an hour drive away. I still had no idea what was I going to be doing there but I decide I am not going to spend my off day just lazing at home. With growing office politics and work pressure, I need a breath of fresh air and I just needed to get out today. I reached to the mall, parked my and made my way to the ground mall. It has been a couple of months since I came here and I could hardly recall which shops were located where at the mall. Thus I had to go to the directory board to find out what was there available at this mall. As I was going through, I heard a young, sweet lady voice calling me out. "Hey James, what are you doing here? Its been ages since I saw you". It was Amanda after all who called me out. We have been friends all the way from our university days and this was the first time we ran to each other since the day we graduate. Over the years after graduation, I have tend to keep things more to myself resulting in me losing touch with much of my friends. I was obviously shocked when I saw her and greeted her back, "Hey Amanda, I am doing good. What a pleasant surprise seeing you here.". This was the first time I actually felt genuinely happy running into someone I know and I was glad that it was Amanda among all of them

Amanda was no ordinary girl neither was she just my university buddy. Actually me and Amanda go way back than just being friends. She was the girl I dated for 3 years when we were studying together. Those three years were the most happiest moments of my life. She was the sunshine of  my life and the spark of brightness on my smile. 

It still surprises me how Amanda choose me over all those other guys who were in for her. They say love is blind, I guess it was true here. I was this quite guy who loves keeping things to himself and pretty much an  introvert. I did not have much friends during my university days because I was not one of the cool guys or the type of guy you would want to spend your Saturday night partying with. While Amanda was the gorgeous looking girl. They type of girl who will make your eyes follow her when she walks past you. They type of girl that would freeze your mind when she gives you a warm hug. There was a charm about her and her smile could make you feel like it was heaven. She was indeed very mature and knew how to carry herself and someone who was much respected among her peers. Despite the contrast in characters among us she was with me. She likes a mysterious men and that was something I could offer instead of the other guys. 

Yet there was only so much she could take being with a guy like. It was clear I was not doing enough for her and appreciating the little things she was doing for me. I am guy who has temperament issues, combine that with my introvert nature, it is a recipe for  disaster. I often lash out at her when she does something cute for me in public and never in return bought her flowers nor hold her hand. She loved dancing but I never danced with her. Eventually I drove her away and that perhaps would have been the best thing that could have happened to her. My life was never the same since that day and I never felt that happy again until today I ran into her in the mall. Maybe in mind secretly I was hoping that some day I would have a second chance to do it all right with the Amanda and never let her go.

We spent the time talking over lunch at her favorite restaurant in the mall. I remember the place well because it was here where I brought her on our first date and ever since than it has became her favorite spot. We spend hours reminiscing on old times and all those beautiful memories together in university. With every passing second, I became more confident that maybe, just maybe she was still single and we could try to work things all over again. She seemed so happy to see me and she was genuinely smiling. It was her idea to spend time together instead of parting ways after bumping into me. Maybe she is just waiting for me to pop the question.Yet something was still holding me back. It was the fear of rejection. What if maybe she just sees me as a friend. Especially after what I have done to her, why would she even want to be with me again. After lunch we decided to go for a movie together and end it with ice cream. It was just like old times again when we used to go for dates.

While we were having our desert, it finally hit my mind that I should speak up now before she says she wants to leave. She has been with me now for a couple of ours now and of cause she would want to be leaving some time soon. I know it's now or never. So finally I brave my self up and and said, "Hey Amanda, there is something I need to ask you?". Before I could complete my question, her phone rang and she said, "It's Mike, I got to take this call, excuse me James" and than she said, "Hey love, sorry I've been out so long, I bumped into James and spend the time with him. It has been a couple of years since I saw him and time just flew as we speak." after a short pause. "Yes love I will be there sharp at 6 and we will have dinner together, love you Mike.Bye". My heart shattered when I heard the conversation and my face turned pale when I knew that the guy she just spoke to was either her boyfriend, her fiancee or maybe her husband. I never felt so cold before. Than she kept her phone and said, "Sorry James, that was Mike, my fiancee. I totally forgot to tell you about him. Was so caught up talking to you.I have to leave now to go see Mike now. So sorry James but lets keep in touch alright. By the way what is it that you wanted to ask me James?". I sum up all the strength I had and put it into a smile and said, "Nothing Amanda we shall talk about it next time. It's getting late you should leave now before the traffic gets worse". She stood up gave me a hug and she walked away. As she was walking away, I knew this would be the last time I would be meeting her because it's best I stay away from her. I told my self that she surely deserves better and maybe Mike was the guy. Mike is going to give her everything she deserves and all the happiness I should have given her along time ago. I let her slip away before and it is only right she found the right guy to spend her life with. With a teary eyed this lines came to mind.

Too young, too dumb to realize
That I should've bought you flowers
And held your hand
Should've gave you all my hours
When I had the chance
Take you to every party
'Cause all you wanted to do was dance
Now my baby's dancing
But she's dancing with another man

My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways
Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life
Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made, ohh…
And it haunts me every time I close my eyes


  1. Awesome bang!!...Very smooth and the description of Amanda was very nice... like "freeze your mind when she gives you a warm hug" & "very mature and knew how to carry herself and someone who was much respected among her peers"...Gempak!...Short film perhaps ?.. ;)

    1. Haha the idea is to make it like a 4 chapters story in a novel like that..Its a new attempt. Lets see how it goes

  2. This is so good! Got me captivated the whole time Sukesh! Keep it up! Cant wait for episode 2!

    1. Thank you so much Mavinia. Actually Episode 2 is already up in my blog. Currently drafting up Episode 3