Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Short Story Series: Episode 2: When James Actually Meets Amanda

The following post serves as a prequel to my previous post titled "When James Meets Amanda" with this story setting about 4 years before the events of "When James Meets Amanda". The link to that story is available below. Read that before you proceed with this post to help you understand better about the characters

Time has been moving slowly the last couple of days. Summer is coming to an end but my worries are growing. I am approaching the end of August and University starts in early September, but I am yet to be accepted into University of Michigan.

I have always aspired to be a chemical engineer and the University of Michigan has always been the place I wanted to go. Days come and go as I eagerly await by the post for my letter of acceptance in to University of Michigan. Hi, my name is James and this is my story

As days goes past and my hopes goes away, I started to prepare for what life has to offer to me if I failed to get into university. It was a scary world and I was not prepared for it. And then I heard a voice, "Good Afternoon, is there a Mr.James. I have a registered post for you."

 I dropped everything I was doing and ran across the front door. Yes! My dream was about to come true. I, James Charles Morrison have been accepted to into University of Michigan to pursue my degree in chemical

Time start to fly fast then. I had only two weeks to pack my things and move into my campus in Michigan to start a new adventure. It was scary times as well as I am guy knows in my town for not being a friendly and charming

As soon as you know it, here I am on my first day at University of Michigan, registering myself to start a new life here for the next four years. I was placed in the North Campus as there is where the engineering school is. New place to stay, new surrounding and I was eager to start my classes

It's been a month here and I have started to adapt myself to the new environment. It was autumn so the days where shorter while the nights were colder and I was doing what I do best, which was keeping things for myself. I haven't made many friends and tend to things on my own without depending on people

A year passed on and I have completed first year of school. Nothing has changed much for me except I tend to be quieter and of cause very few friends. I have always liked my privacy and enjoyed being by myself. With the start of second year, I move to a single room and everything seemed perfect for me

Then came the day the whole university was excited about. It was the NCAA Football Championship Final and The Wolverines who are University of Michigan football team are playing to secure their 11th Championship crown. I went for the match and was part of the crowd who witnessed The Wolverines making history that with their 11th tittle. It was a night to remember, not because we won, but because I saw her

There was this girl, she was part of the cheer leading. There was something about her that caught my attention. Was she gorgeous? Yes of cause she was perhaps the most beautiful girl in the world to me. She had this beautiful eyes and a smile to die for me. Honestly I did not see the winning touchdown, my eyes were carried away with her every moment.

"Who is this girl? She must be the most beautiful girl in the world" My heart kept telling me this. "I don't know who you are, but I am going to find out and take you on a date one day". "You are the girl with the million dollar smile". That was what I called her, the girl with the million dollar smile.

A couple of weeks passed by and it still feels like yesterday I saw the girl with the million dollar smile. Everywhere in I walked in the campus, my eyes would search for her, hoping the corner of my eye will catch the million dollar smile one more time as that would make my day again.

One day, I was in the library borrowing a couple of books as finals were looming around the corner, I saw this girl flaunting her hair. My heart was racing,"Could this be the girl with the million dollar smile?". And then she turned and smiled. "Yes that's her, the girl with the million dollar smile". 

It was mixed feelings for me, I was happy yet nervous. I wanted to speak to her but I did not know how to do it. It was than when I saw David, my roommate during first year finished speaking to her and walking out of the library.

I initiated a casual conversation with David to find out who that girl was. I had to endure the dreadful catching up session with David which I had no interest of before I could pop the question,"Hey David, who's that girl over there, she seems beautiful?". "Which girl James?"  

I pointed to her and David said, "Owh her, that's Amanda. She joined the same time as us. She is majoring in Literature, Science and Arts. By the way James, she is also the only single girl in the cheer leading team. Heard lots of guys in school are after her"

"Amanda, Literature, Science and Arts and single". These were the only things registered in my mind and that put a smile on me which was rarely seen by people here. With that I said goodbye to David and told myself I have to go and speak to her now or I might not get another chance.

I summed up all my courage and walked towards her. There was a smile on my face but my legs were trembling and my heart was beating fast. I was no longer thinking with my head but reacting with my heart. I walked towards her and stop in front of her and said, "Hey, can I have a minute of your time?".

"Hi Amanda, I'm James and I want to take you out for dinner tonight. Since you are majoring in Literature, Science and Arts that means you live off the Central Campus and be ready by 7, I'll come pick you up. We will talk more over dinner. Alright Amanda?"

She was stunned. She stood there a couple of seconds without blinking an eye. Clearly I caught her off her feet and she was speechless. Finally she spoke and said, "Well this is interesting. It's James right? I like your guts in asking me out. Be punctual James, I don't like having to wait for people". She turned and walked away and my heart was doing somersaults in joy hearing her say yes

She turned back to me with a smile and said, "Hey James, you are different. You are not like other guys. I like that. See you at 7." Those words sounded like a Shakespeare poem to me. Perhaps that was one of the most beautiful thing a girl has ever told me.

I was there in front of her block at 6.45 p.m. dressed in black suit with a bouquet in my hand and sharp at 7, she stepped out of her block in fine red dress with her hair blown and untied and she smiled towards me. She was the most beautiful woman I have seen in my entire life and life felt so completed. I picked her up and drove her to our dinner reservation.

We spend most of our time during dinner talking and getting to know each other. It all felt like a fairytale and we hit off quickly. We shared many interest and passion while having similar ideology of life. We were both people with big dreams who want to make it big in life yet are missing the companionship of a love one. 

Time flew as we spoke and we realised the restaurant was going to close for the night when the waiter came and informed us. We left the restaurant and I drove her back but parked a couple of block before her place. I walked her home while we held hands and she told me this, "James, I like you, you are different and mysterious and I like that. Thank you for this beautiful night".

As we reached her block, she told me she had to go but I could see in her eyes that she did not want to leave just yet. In a moment of instinct, I pulled her closer to me and kissed her deep before she left. She smiled and left while saying, "Thank you James, this is a very special night for me. Call me tomorrow. I would love to see you again James. Good night James". 

Indeed it was a special day for me too, because this is the day when James actually meets Amanda.


  1. "Hi Amanda, I'm James and I want to take you out for dinner tonight. Since you are majoring in Literature, Science and Arts that means you live off the Central Campus and be ready by 7, I'll come pick you up. We will talk more over dinner. Alright Amanda?"...this part made me laugh...very straightforward...waiting for the sequel ;)

    1. Haha thanks Ivan. Sure thing will come up with a sequel soon :)