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Arsenal! Its More Than Just A football club

"Oooh to, oooh to be, oooh to be a Gooner,
Oooh to, oooh to be, oooh to be a Gooner,
Oooh to, oooh to be, oooh to be a Gooner,
Oooh to, oooh to be, oooh to be a Gooner"
This song springs to mind when you meet someone who is also a fellow Gooner. Arsenal, its more than just a football club to those who supports us. It gives us the sense of bonding and belonging around the world. It is our identify of who a part of us are and we are hell sure proud of it.

It's More than A Football Club
Everyone has their own reasons why they start supporting a certain club. Some could be because they were scoring lots goals or maybe they were winning a lot of games or maybe they were joining the bandwagon because everyone was supporting that particular team. I too have my reason on how I became a Gooner. It is not as what you think it is. No it was not because of the brand of football, or the quality players they has. I begin supporting Arsenal at a tender age of 8 or 9 where I hardly know much about football. I started supporting Arsenal was because I was one of Wenger post game interview and on the screen it was written "Arsene Wenger, Arsenal Manager". I found that super cool on how the club's name and the manager's name was so similar. Maybe it was his club that's why.

Because it's destiny
Over time as I watch them play on a regular basis, I fell in love with the brand of football they played. It was quick and devastating. I found it to be very much different than any other clubs in England and with that I finally became a true Gunner.

Every club has their good and bad times and a true fan stands by their club at their lowest point and always gives a 110% support every time they play. My worst moment as an Arsenal Fan came in 2006. Arsenal recovering from the lost of Vieira to Juventus that season, was already struggling in the league that season. On the final day of the season we clinched 4th spot. It was also the final season at Highbury. It was one of the most emotional season for a Gunner. Despite the league struggles, Arsenal were on a magical Champions League run. They have qualified to the Champions League Final to be played at Paris against Ronaldhino's Barcelona. Along the way Arsenal knocked Real Madrid of their ground with a stunning solo goal at the Santiago Bernabeu and went on to win 1-0 over the two legs.

The Night King Henry Ruled Santiago Bernabeu
Up next was Vieria and Juventus. Up step Cesc Fabregas and Juventus was sent packing. It was a night where Cesc Fabregas made his mark and showed that there was life after Vieira at Arsenal. Having beaten the Galatico's, now the Old Lady has also fallen to Arsenal's feet.
There is new maestro at Highbury now
 Into the semi final was another Spanish opponent in the form of Villareal. Kolo Toure goal at Highbury gave Arsenal a 1-0 lead into the semi final. In the dying minutes of the second league, Villareal was awarded a penalty and up step Riquelme to send this tie to extra time. But Jens Lehmann had other plans in mind. He brilliantly saved the penalty and ensured Arsenal are through to their first ever Champions League Final without having a goal conceded in the knockout round.

Lehmann Sends Arsenal To The Champions League Final
Luck was not on over side in the Final, when the referee decided not to allow Eto'o goal to stand after judging Lehmann has foulded Eto'o outside the box and he was red carded.. Pires was taken out and in came Almunia. Arsenal had all to do it now with ten minutes and most of the game still to play for. Yet we took the lead thanks to a towering header from Sol Campbell. But it was too much to ask for to contain Barcelona with ten men and we eventually fall with too late goals. I broke down to tears, weaping over the defeat. Because I knew that was the best chance we ever had to win the Champions League and now it is all over. I still feel if the referee were to have played on and allowed Eto'o goal to stand, we would have beaten Barcelona 11 vs 11.
So near yet so far
 It was so heartbreaking for a 16 year old me to see my beloved team lose on the big day but that never stop me from supporting the club. Because its not about supporting your club when they only win and turn your back on their bad day. As I've said, this is Arsenal and its more than just a football club. It like a family to me and you never turn your back on your family

Ooohh To Be A Gooner
And of cause being an Arsenal fan has brought me lots of joy as well with the greatest highlight being the only English Premier League team to win the league with out having lost a single game. No manager in the modern game at that point of time was able to do what Arsenal was doing. Over the years both Juventus and Bayern Munich was able to do so but they never had the same class of fooball as the Invincibles had nor had they been in a competitive league as Arsenal was. Arsenal was not only winning at that point, but they were winning with style and elegance, playing some really sexy football. You just cant hate the Invincibles. You can be a neutral fan and yet you will still be at awe looking at some of the things they pull off during that season. The could score, creates chances after chances, grind out results, defend resolutely and of cause turning games on the verge of losing to wins. And they did all this without spending mega millions but on pure tactical and philosophy guidance of Arsene Wenger. They went on to stretch the unbeaten run to a total of 49 consecutive games without a defeat. A record which still stands to this very second.

The Unbeaten Run
Cast of The Invincibles

Captain Vieira Lifting The Only Golden Premier League Trophy

Im proud to say I have stuck by club during it's hard times and during its glorious time. Its never easy being an Arsenal fan as you have to face with constant heart breaks, especially during this last 10 years. We have lost so many quality players to close rivals, a trophy drought of nine years and some very poor performance. It is always tough to take when your team plays bad and it will always hurt. But they joy when they win is something you can express with words. And makes it more sweater is that Arsenal wins by playing the Arsenal way. Quick beautiful football. The amount of happiness Ramsey's Fa Cup winner brought it almost made me go berserk that night because I have Arsenal in my veins. I leave you now with a link of the famous Arsenal chants.

Arsenal! Its more than just a football club

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