Wednesday, 27 May 2015

10 Things That Makes Me Happy

We all have somethings in our lives that can make us happy no matter what our mood is. This are the little joys in our lives which also serves as a mood breaker. I believe it is something we all should have because at the end of the day we are responsible for our own happiness. There will be times where life can be hard on us and it will be up to us to cheer ourselves up. Here is what I feel are the 10 things that makes me happy starting with number 10

10. Movies & Series

One of my favorite things to do when I bored or down is usually to watch series or movies. I am huge movie buff and you can already see through some of the movie reviews I have written here. Watching movies and series gives me a temporary escape from reality

           My preferred series are usually comedy based series and to top the list would be FRIENDS and THE BIG BANG THEORY. Meanwhile I am a person who is a very story orientated movie watcher. I am not one for the commercial elements or mass films. I enjoy a movie which is realistic and relate-able. I like to travel along the film and escape reality. It helps to make me happy

9. Blogging

This is a new hobby I picked up in the last 6 months. One of the reason why I love blogging because it serves a release method. If I have something on mind, I can now easily share it to people through blogging. I am able to channel across my opinion in a positive and healthy manner.

8. Food

This is surely something that makes everyone happy. How can food not make anyone happy. A full tummy is
a happy tummy. I have actually gone for vacations when I was really stressed just for the sake of eating good food. No matter how upset or angry you are, when you get served banana leaf food, everything goes away.

7. Family, Casey & Mr. Fallen

Home is where the heart is and there is where happiness is. Having to stay away from home throughout my tertiary education, going back home could be one of the happiest moment I anticipate. It's when you are away from home, you realize how much you miss it and it is good enough to put a huge smile on my face everytime especially when you have a sister in law who bakes for you

6. The Boys & The Bunny

The boys are actually my close friends, going all the way back to my high school time. After high school, I have met so many different people and been close friends to the, but it will never be the same as the boys I hanged out during school. Every lepak tea session or futsal ends up with laughter. These are the people you treasure in life. While The Bunny is actually my best friend's girlfriend. She is not only one of my best friend but also my very good teammate :D

5. Sanjiv
This brat here is my neighbour's kid and he is only 7 years old, but we all see him as part of the family perhaps the youngest son of the family. He has been close to us since the day he was born and shares a loving bond with us all. A day without him is dead boring. He can get very naughty at times and annoy you till you get angry but he surely can put a smile on your face any day, any time.

                    4. Emma Watson

Those around me knows how big of a fan am I of Emma Watson. She is just simply Emmazing!!!!. Been a huge fan of her since her Harry Potter days and now looking forward to her performance as Belle. She just has the smile that makes you go wow and lose your mind!! All I need when I am down is just look at her pictures and boom!!! I am all smiling again.

3. Chocolate

My best anti depressant medicine surely. I have an obsession over chocolates, until my mum is worried I may get diabetes. Well chocolate is happiness, so there is no harm in me eating chocolates, I just want to be happy lol. This has to be god's greatest creation ever. M&M's is my favorite chocolate of them all and I go finish a bag of it in a blink of an eye.

2. Harsharan Kaur

The Girl With The Million Dollar Smile!!!! I am proud to say that I am her boyfriend. This girl is the spark of brightness in my life and the source of my joy. A simple good morning text from her is enough to make my day and everytime I am down, she is the person I turn too and she never fails to make my day. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. Love you much

 1. Arsenal

Without a doubt Arsenal is definitely the one thing that makes me most happiest. Ever since I was 9, I have been in love with this football club. I am just so passionate and crazy over this club to the point I tear for them both in joy and failure. I lose my mind everytime they score a goal and my heart hurts whenever they concede. Arsenal is more than just a football club, it's like a family to me, it runs in my blood. It's my dream one day to be a season ticket holder at The Emirates

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