Thursday, 14 May 2015

Chocoholics And Their True Love

Chocolates are one of the most essential things in my life. It is something I need on a daily basis. A day without a bite of chocolate can drive me nuts and make me so edgy. I know that I am one big chocoholic. But I cant be the only one around here who is a chocoholic.

Thus I have taken the liberty to identify my fellow chocoholic around me because I believe every chocoholic has their one true love chocolate which is their favorite above other chocolates and ask them what is their favorite chocolate and why do they love them so much and below is their answers.

1. Kavithraa Baskaran
First up we have the beautiful Kavithraa who is my junior in university and is currently doing her internship. She was one of the first person who came to mind when I wanted to write about chocolates. Here is her answers

"KITKAT-  chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar instead just chocolates. So it's a bit filling i would say. It's not too sweet. It's not bad in calories either. On of the best waffle chocolate bar

Ferrero Rocher - At its center is a whole hazelnut which is my favorite and surrounded by a chocolate hazelnut paste filling which is inside with chocolate wafer sphere and covered in more chocolate and crushed nuts.These are nice and also have this aroma smell that gets me attracted to it haha. MY FAVOURITE OF NUTS AND GREAT CHOCOLATE TASTE 

M&M - The taste is damn good doesn't taste like a candy corn. trust me the color are attractive. Remember once they had this M&M Mc Flurry in MCD omg it was heaven, i wish they could have it back now. I want it so badly it taste so good and the white ice cream tend to be colorful after adding on M&M Hee"

2. Lakesh Waran
" My favorite chocolate would be Pepero which comes under the brand of Lotte. The reason why I love pepero is because Pepero has its own outstanding milk chocolate taste with a crunchiness of almond . The stick which is covered with the chocolate is soft and blends well with the taste . I can easily finish 2 packs in a go .

3. Buvana Paidithally Rao 

" My favorite is dark chocolate especially from Ghirardelli, the best ever, its been my favorite since I am young, Its not sweet thou but the relaxation I get after each  piece in my mouth is so speechless... moreover its healthy as well, so no weight gain and i also get to eat my favorite chocolate with no restriction"

3. Dinesh Thulasidass
"I love Hershey’s Kisses Almond Chocolate because it gives me the taste which keeps me stay fueled and hyper. It helped me to stay confident and focus through my exams and football tournaments.

Kirthana savoring the moment with her chocolate
4. Kirthana @ Kim Jong Dae
"Favorite Chocolate: Kinder Bueno and Cadbury

Reason: The coco n milk is very rich in both of these chocolate and their texture is great... They don't melt easily even when its hot.. They make me forget who I am for a moment. These r non alcohol chocolate and very milky n chocolaty.not to forget...their reasonable price.

5. Sukesh Pandian
Being a chocoholic, this post wouldn't be complete without my view on what is my favorite chocolate and why

 " I have had the luxury to try many different kinds of chocolates including both chocolates available in foreign land and locally available. Out of all these chocolates I have tried my number pick will

always be M&M. To be precise its the milky chocolate M&M that comes in the dark brown packet.

It is hard for me to describe why I love this chocolate a lot. To me, it's God's greatest creation lol. Its so chocolaty and perfect. I have tried the NIPS MILK CHOCOLATE and it turned out to be a disaster.

I could eat all my desserts with M&M let be biscuits, cakes and even ice-cream. Nothing beats M&M for me. Owh yeah I also have a friend who will only eat the red colored M&M only lol"

I am sure that there are more chocoholics out there than the person who featured in this post. If you are a huge fan of chocolates, do comment your thoughts on your favorite chocolate here as well. Because there is no better thing in the world than chocolate.

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