Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Phew! After 7 Years, I'm An Engineer

Yes as the tittle of the post itself says, after a long 7 year years, I am now official an engineer. To be more specific a chemical engineer... For the rest, it usually takes a mere 5 years to be an engineer (1 year foundation + 4 years undergraduate) but no, I took the road less taken. A diploma for 2 1/2 years followed by spending 7 months at home before joining an university for 3 months only to quit for another university which I end up spending the next 3 1/2 years there to finally complete my undergraduate program.

I have had to face all sort of things during the last 7 years en route to be an engineer. So many challenges were thrown on my path and some brought me so close to the verge of quitting. From things as simple having difficulties from bonding with a new group of friends, to being told that I should quit engineering because I don't fit to be one to the point I lost my dad, I have seen it all and yet I am so pleased I have crossed the finishing line.

The most defining moment came during 2008, when back then I was on a scholarship for my diploma. I took life easily and was only focusing on having fun instead of putting an effort on my studies. One of the semester I did so badly (GPA: 2.12) and I came on the verge on losing my scholarship. It was only than I realised how much I have strayed away from my goals.

I was called up to the dean office that day and I thought the dean was going to give me some words of motivation to get back on track. I was in for a harsh beating because no that only happens in an ideal world. Reality is not a very comforting place. My dean called me in to tell me I should quit engineering all together. I remember the exact words, "Sukesh, what made you think you deserve to be an engineer? Who even told you that you can be one? Look, in your SPM you are bad at maths. You should just quit engineering and go do something your level like mass comm." 

It hit me so hard and actually convinced me that I should quit because I am not good enough. But life has a way to show you support when you least expected it and without my best friend Eugene, I would not have continued my diploma. I remember we having a deep conversation one of the days and that changed me forever. I realigned my goals and my attitude and I never looked back again.

I manage to rescue my pointer during my diploma, but it was no where close to land me another scholarship or even qualify to a merit based university like UTP. In May 2011 I came for the edu camp, attended the interview, was kept on the pending list and finally was rejected. It was my dream since I was 16 to enter UTP and when I got rejected I thought my dream was over.

Dejected, I joined a different university which in my opinion was so poor in quality. I was so depressed an homesick where I started behaving differently. I isolated myself, slept for a couple of hours, hardly mingled with anyone and was always waiting to go back home. I would cry to sleep and dread to go back to my hostel.

When all seemed lost, I was rescued again in the form of another friend, Franzeene Nadia. She told me that UTP was having an intake in September for the first time and encouraged me to re apply again. She told me I had nothing to lost even if I was not selected and that it was worth a shot.I applied, was shortlisted, was kept on the pending list and than was rejected. 

Suddenly the system should I was accepted. When I called them, they told me no I am not selected. The following day I has an offer letter issued to me that I was accepted. After an intense clarifying session with many parties, I managed to force my way through to enter UTP.

Ever since I entered here, there was no turning back from me. This was my second chance at life and I intended to make the very best of it. From a student who once scored a mere 2.12 GPA, I managed to pull my self up to score continuous Dean's List in UTP. Once of the major reason why I managed so was because of my good friend Mohanan Rooparn.

Without him, I have no idea how would I have even completed my undergraduate program. He has been an amazing friend to me and a huge support as well. Always ready to help me academically and would be patient enough to explain me things despite my stupid doubts. Yes Oopen, I owe a big part of my degree to you.

7 years of university life is not something easy to endure, you will meet many different types of challenges and obstacles. The only way to survive is to be mature, mentally strong, be a positive person and yes have wonderful friends who will never quit on you. I am blessed to have them all. I hope my story here can inspire those who are struggling to do well, because I was once in your shoes as well and need someone to inspire me. I hope I can inspire you now

Trust Me, I'm An Engineer!!


  1. that comment there tho
    "Your level like mass comm"

    1. Well that was what my dean said.. I don't believe that some course are easier than another or certain people only deserve to do such course. Everything is challenging in their own way. It takes passion and interest to do well..