Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Peak Into The Modelling Journey (Part 1)

When the word "Model" is mentioned, quickly a matrix is formed in our mind that "this is how a model should look and this is what they do". Society has a certain impression about models and the modelling career. Many of us like models but not every one of us would encourage our children to be a model. Such is the perception formed in most people.

At the same time. many people today thinks that, if a picture of them is taken, than they too are considered as a model. Well I am no model and I am in no position to tell you what is model and modelling all about. So each week, I will get one friend of mine, who has been an active model to shed us light on the whole modelling industry.

For the first week, we have the amazing, gorgeous and talented Nisha Kumar on here to give us an insight  about the entire modelling journey. Special thanks to Nisha Kumar for spending some time of her busy schedule to be able to feature on my blog

Nisha Kumar

1. What is a model and how you define it.

A model to me is a person who displays and outfit or any kind of subject matter on or around them with an intention to display and eventually sell it, ie: runway models do that, by wearing an apparel and walking on a ramp we display the movement and the beauty of that clothing piece with the intention to sell it for the designer..It's the same in product photoshoots.. 

Photography models, are models in the sense of that they are the subject of that artwork, photography to me is very much like modern day electronic painting to me.. And the subject of that art is also known as a model.. I strongly disagree people who use usherettes as a branch out under the model label, I strongly disagree! That's not what models do, I take pride in my profession as one and I've personally never done ushering and I'd never do because that is really not what models do

2. How much difference there is between society's perception about model and the real thing about models. 
I've noticed that in today's Facebook likes defined media world, more and more girls are becoming "models" what more with the fast mushrooming owners of DSLR, who call their ownership of having that camera as photographers.. Lol. You are only a legit model when a) you're with an agency and you HAVE DONE OR APPEARED ON newspaper, magazine, TV or billboard .. Or b) when you are on a recognized fashion show showcasing an established or upcoming qualified fashion designer It is really sad to see the word "model" be thrown around and used by anyone and everyone! 

Modeling is HARDWORK, we stand on 6 inch heels and walk down a 30 feet long runway carrying effortlessly whatever we are to wear without a flinch on our face for a good 2-4 hours.. A photoshoot or shoot lasts from sometimes 6 to 12 hours! And I can't even begin to tell you the places we have to shoot and look not only comfortable but beautiful in it! The amount of retakes they have for a commercial and we have to look on point on every take, it's work not only with the body, but mind and heart as well

3. Your achievements as a model. 

I've been working on my modeling journey since I was 19, but i only started calling myself a model after I appeared on various magazines, TV ads and billboards.. Working on being a model and being a model is to me two distinct things, I have great love and respect to my profession and that is why I only started addressing myself as one when I felt I fulfilled its criterion.

 Achievements as a model,
 - seventeen magazine cover girl top two 2012 
- Cleo magazine cover girl top ten 2013 
- female magazine cover girl top 5 2014 These are standard modeling competitions,
- Besides that my involvement in beauty pageants helped me to build my portfolio as a model and it also gave me an opening into runway modeling .. I have since then appeared on 7 runway shows, 10 magazine spreads.. 2 billboards, and 5 TV commercials and of course I have been the photography model for countless photoshoots (I have one every week)

4. The challenges you had to face in your career.

The challenges I had to face was the field itself, modeling is a very competitive industry and to standout in it you have to really find your unique look, I believe everyone has something unique about them and once you discover that strength and bank on it, you can make it far in this, my biggest challenge as a runway model was that I'm short and petite, but I learn as I said earlier to play up my strength and overshadow that I'm vertically challenged

See with the growth of numbers of models, so are growth of agencies in proportion.. But often times some of these agencies are scams targeting young amateur models, some of them operate by urgent job calls and ask them to send sexy and inappropriate selfies

If the models are unsure they should always check with a senior model to avoid being victimize and they should know professionally NO agency or agent will ever request for such pictures

5. Your advice to those who want to be a professional model
My advice to those who wants to make it as a model would be to understand that with any other job, this one too takes hard work and dedication , it will show through in your pictures and in your walk on stage.. But all good things take time, perseverance is key.. 

And passion added to dreams can surpass any difficulties. Times have changed where people have become more receptive to being a model and thus more and more training schools for models have started up, making the whole journey so much more easier . So go for it if that's what you want!

Next week, we have Karishma Krishnasamy on board with us to share with us about her modelling life

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