Saturday, 16 May 2015

If Casey Could Speak

Casey on her first day home
Casey has been with us now for over a year. She came to us as a little pup, so small and cute and now she is all grown up. Over the year, Casey has tried communicating to us with her barking. So I decided to have a chat with her recently and this was the 5 things I learned from our chat.

Casey Seeking To Get In The House
1. "Why is Mr. Fallen always get to stay inside the house and I have to be outside?"

Well Mr. Fallen is our beloved cat, and he stays in the house while Casey is our protector, taking care of the house. She always looks for opportunity to run into the house and live the life Mr. Fallen is living

Excited Casey Asking Me To Carry her
2. "Why don't you carry me anymore like you used and only Mr. Fallen gets carried?"

Well when Casey was a little pup, we could easily lift her with one arm high up. But now she is all grown up and big which makes her heavy. So yeah it gets difficult to carry her but that does not mean we don't love you anymore Casey.

Casey Welcoming Me Home
3. I asked Casey, "What do you when I am away?" and she answered through her barking saying "Waiting for you to come home and cuddle me."

Every time when we get back to home, Casey would race to the gate and stand up with her front paws on the gate just like this. She gets super excited when she hears our car engine and starts jumping over celebrating our arrival

4. "Scold me all you want but please don't pour water and soap on me, pleaseeeeeeee!!!"

Fearing The Water, Casey Hides Her Cage
This is her exact reaction, every time I want to giver her a bath. She would run around avoiding me and even try to hide in her cage. She would do anything to escape the bath. After having force her to take her bath, she would sulk with me and avoid me the whole day. She would not even want me to cuddle her. But she would be okey the next day.

Casey Marking Her Territory

5. "You are never going to enter in this house!!!!!!!!"

There is this stray cat outside my house which my brother feeds everyday and whenever Casey sees her, she will go on barking and barking until the stray cat is gone. She does not bark to Mr. Fallen but only to this stray cat.  Maybe she feels that by having one cat in Mr. Fallen, he is already hogging all the limelight, things will only get worse for her if she allows this stray cat in too. I guess that's why she is becomes so strict when she sees this stray

Having Casey is one the greatest blessing in my life. She loves me like crazy and is always loving and excited to see me. This little chat today surely did help us get closer to each other. I'm sure there are more things on Casey mind and once I find out more I would share it here once again.

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