Friday, 29 May 2015

5 Type of People You Meet On Facebook

I've been a Facebook user for more than 8 years now, and during these 8 years I have seen many different type of people on Facebook. After doing some observation recently, I have deduced that, these are the 5 types of people you will come across Facebook


This are the type people who are the first to post any news regarding the country's political current issues or economic state. They have all the access to tabloid news stream and mainstream media. Using this information they have, they share the current political  news to their friends. Most of us hardly even know them, but we keep them in our friend list just so that we get the latest news


The Ninja, or also known as The Lurker is the type of people who will always remain invincible. They will never appear online on chat, neither will they share any post nor comment in it. Heck it, even you wont even remember having them in your friend list, but they know everything about you and whatever you post.


Perhaps the most annoying people on your Facebook. This people has specially equipped skills where by they can take any post or issue and whine about it. They would go on complaining and complaining about everything. The it be love, life, politics maybe even sports and films, these people has the talent to complain about it. You usually would not unfriend them, because you know you will miss their drama if they are gone


#These #are #the #people #who #totally #don't #understand #the #function #of #hashtag #and #decide #to #use #them. #Most #likely #they #have #never #been #on #Twitter #before #to #know #how #it #works. #So #they #would #basically #hashtag #everything #on #their #post, #literally #every #single #word #on #their #post.


This are the one's who actually thinks Facebook is a real book and they have decided to make it their diary. So much so that some of their post would actually be just " Is Feeling Sad :( " or " Is Feeling Hungry " without even saying anything else. They would post everything they do or everywhere they go. Not to forget how depressing their life is without a girlfriend or boyfriend, or how wonderful their life is with their girlfriend and boyfriend. You could know everything about their life by just checking out their profile


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